Somebody Save Us

Chapter 3

Clint, Bob, Scott, and Dave were tossed in the back of the van with Hanson. Little did Hanson know what a big surprise they would get when they awoke from their sleep.
The girl watched as Bob, Clint, Dave and Scott slept. Then kept turning to Isaac, Taylor, and Zac checking on them and making sure they were okay. The girl watched as the guys slept knowing to well that if she loosened their restraints that she would have a first taught class of kicking and pain so she stayed away from them.

Taylor opened his eyes and saw nothing but darkness. He tried to speak but the cloth was too tightly tied around his mouth. All that came out was a muffled sound. Giving up and feeling off center he laid his head back down on the pillow.
"Where am I?" Taylor asked himself. Confused he made an attempt to sit up but quickly failed as he layed back down.
"MMMM!" He yelled but with little success. It only came out as a muffle. The girl immediately looked his way and stepped over the Moffatts to get to him. When she got to him she leaned down and took the gag from around his mouth.
"Where am I?" Taylor asked. His voice raspy every time he spoke. The girl placed two fingers on his mouth and got a glass of cool water and put it to his lips. Taylor drank the water slowly until he had had enough, then he turned his head away from the glass.
"Where am I?" Taylor re asked the question. The girl looked at him but did not reply.
"Please will you tell me who you are? I swear I won’t tell nobody or nothing please."
The girl looked down at him and put her hand on his for head checking for a fever. Luckily there was none.
Taylor jumped a little wondering why the person had checked his temperature.
Suddenly the loud speaker came on and Will spoke, ”Well one of the MMMBOP brats is awake how about that. Well Taylor I’m sorry to say that you’ll get no response out of her. You see Taylor the girl in the back that gave you the water she’s mute and she’s been that way for like six years now. So it’s no use trying to talk to her. Oh and if your wondering how I know she gave you the water, well if you look to your right you can see a video camera there. That’s how we know what you're doing."
Taylor asked, ”Sir can this blindfold come off my eyes? It’s very uncomfortable and very tight."
Will replied, ”You would like that wouldn’t you MMMBOP brat? Well sorry... no can do. We still have nine hours of traveling to do before we even rest. So your best bet is to go to sleep or do you have to meet my gun’s butt again? Or there’s always a sendative. Take your pick bitch."
Taylor shuttered at those words but layed his head on the pillow and concentrated on falling asleep.
The girl looked at him and said to herself, ”Man I want to talk to him. He is so scared I can sense that in him. Once we're out of range with the camera I’ll speak to him."
Suddenly the loud speaker came on it was Jon.
”Girl we are crossing the border like we came in. Put the cloth back on his mouth and make sure it’s tight. We can’t have no 17 year old ruining this for us. This means no talking. Now do it you fucking bitch or do I have to slap you in the face to prove I’m not playing around?"
With no second thoughts the girl approached Taylor and tied the cloth tight around his mouth. It was tighter than it had been before so there was no way he could call out for help. The van came to a stop as the police checked around the van, but didn’t see anything so they gave the go ahead. In the back the girl watched as Taylor squirmed from side to side trying to get up but to no avail he could not. Taylor getting very exhausted gave up and layed his head on the pillow and went back to sleep.

Mean while back in Tulsa…
"Oh walker... I’m worried about them. They’ve been gone for over five hours now and it’s getting dark." Diane stated with worry in her voice.
"Don’t worry honey they’ll be back any time now I promise." Walker said hoping he was right. But if he knew how wrong he was because right at that moment there was a knock at the door.
Walker answered the door. It was Fred their mailman. Walker gave a smile as Fred handed him an envelope and a brown movie square size brown package. Walker opened the envelope and saw Taylor’s necklaces inside followed by a note. He picked the note up and read it…it said:

Dear Hanson’s parents,
We got your boys. If you ever want to see them again then you’ll do exactly what I say. Okay first off watch the tape and I’ll explain everything to you.

Walker’s face drained of all color as he slipped the tape into the VCR and pressed play. When he did a tall man with a ski mask came on and said, ”Hey guys like I said in the letter I got your sons and in case you don’t believe me see for yourself."
The camera then went to their sons and back to him.
"For your sons back... the price of there lives will be five million dollars. Refuse and their all dead…all three of them. So listen for further instructions. You will receive a phone call in two days letting you know what to do. Till then see ya or kill your sons."
Diane’s face drained of all color as she fainted. Walker caught her and set her down on the couch. He could not believe this was happening to them, his own family

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