Somebody Save Us

Chapter 1

It was late one afternoon in Tulsa Oklahoma Taylor, Isaac and Zac where out in the front yard tossing around a basketball.
"Hey guys what do you want to do?" Asked Taylor.
"Well how about a round of one on one?" Isaac replied taking the ball from Taylor’s hands and throwing it into the hoop.
Zac said, ”Sounds like a plan to me."
As he grabbed the ball from Isaac and made an attempt to put it through the hoop but failed.
"HA!" Taylor replied, "Can’t even throw it into the hoop and I thought you were suppose to be perfect." Zac rolled his eyes and threw the ball to him not saying anything and walked away. As he turned to leave four guys with ski masks approached them. Taylor, Isaac, and Zac backed up against their house when the tallest one of the guys pulled out a machine gun.
"Whoa there!" Taylor yelled when the guy pulled the handle on the gun.
"Shut up Hanson or do you want to fucken die today?" The oldest man asked.
Taylor and his brothers quickly nodded their heads no.
"Good! Now if you will please follow us we will take you…well you’ll find out soon enough I promise you that."
Taylor said, ”We aren’t going with you or those other assholes there either so forget it."
The man on the other side of him said, ”Don’t and Zac here gets it in the head and I am so damn serious. So start walking you little punk."
Taylor replied, ”NO! One more step and I’ll scream my head off."
Isaac said, ”Tay come on. Lets just do what they say before somebody gets hurt and more than likely it will be Zac. So come on."
With that said Isaac walked slowly over to where the guys were standing. The shortest guy of the group yanked Isaac up to the front of them and continued to walk. Taylor was then yanked up where Isaac was as all three of them followed the men. Zac was in the back with the short guy as he had the gun to his head. They walked for what seemed to be eternity finally they came to a near by forest where the men then led them to a near by tree and said.
"Okay Hanson... are you going to cooperate or are we going to have to play it rough on you guys?"
Taylor looked him straight in the eyes and replied, ”We will never cooperate with you jackass!"
Zac gave Taylor a panicked look and said, ”Tay please. Our lives are a stake here! Please let's do whatever they say! I’m begging you."
The tallest guy said, ”Yeah Taylor I would do what your little brother says. I mean we don’t want no one to get hurt. Do we guys?"
Isaac, and Taylor bowed their heads and said in union.
”No sir."
The shortest guy said, ”Good now where is the rope and cloth?"
Taylor and Isaac put their heads straight up and asked in union, ”What!?"
The tallest guy said, ”Well we can’t have you running away now can we? You see we have big plans for you guys and those fucking moffatts."
Taylor, Ike, and Zac looked at them but none would ask.
Taylor being the bold one right now asked, "Why do you want to use the cloth? It’s not like the rope will snap or anything."
The middle gut who hasn’t said much just replied, ”Because we want to take the damn masks off and we are not about to show you what we look like you damn girl."
Taylor said, ”I’m not a girl you asshole I’m a boy. Always was a boy, always will be. So don’t you dare call me that again you jacked up asshole."
The tallest guy approached Taylor and replied, ”Don’t you ever get out of order again or I will blow your head off."
With that said the guy turned around to walk back to the other men but quickly turned around and hit Taylor with the butt of his gun.
The last thing Taylor remembered was the gun coming at him and then darkness.
Isaac looked at the guy with hate in his eyes and said, ”You had no right…"
Before he could finish the gun was hit across his face and then darkness for him as well. Zac being the smart and only one thinking straight he had decided to keep his mouth shut after what happened with his brothers.
The tallest man asked, ”Hey Hanson are you going to be the next to say hello to my gun?"
Zac shook his head no and kept silent. Zac looked at his brothers and noticed Taylor was starting to wake up but Isaac layed motionless on the ground.
"Hey!" The tallest one yelled, "He’s starting to wake up. Man you didn’t hit him hard enough or he would have stayed asleep. Now what?"
The shortest guy replied, ”Give him a sedative and make him fall back to sleep. We don’t need to cross the border and him trying to yell out for help and do the same with Zac."
Zac’s eyes got wide as he backed up against the tree but all he was awarded with was hands pinning him against it. Zac tried to get away but he was no use for the guy holding his hands to the tree. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his left arm and began to feel dizzy. His vision became a blur and the last image he saw was his arms being tied and duck taped behind him.
"There he and that brother of his is out." The tall man stated. The other three nodded and got to work on tying up Isaac.
When they were finished the short man asked, ”Hey guys this is just a question, but do we use tape or cloth for their mouths?"
The tallest man replied, ”Let’s use the cloth. It’s more effective than the tape. Instead of in the mouth make it over it’s more effective that way."
After that was done the heavy guy that pinned Zac’s hands behind him said, ”Now let’s go get those fucking Moffatts."
The four men lifted Isaac, Taylor, and Zac off the ground and carried them to a green van and gently layed them down on the floor.
The tall man known as Will said, ”Hey girl! Make sure you keep them tied up and if they wake up make sure you give them a sendative. Understand?"
The girl nodded fearfully and backed up against her seat out of fear. Will closed the van door and locked it. The girl looked down at the one they call Taylor and thought, ”Why is this happening to them? They don’t deserve my fate. I remember the kidnappers coming near me and taking me away just like they did them. Luckily they think I’m a mute person and can’t talk, so lucky for me I don’t have to worry about. I remember coming home from school and setting my bag down and going into the kitchen and discovering my parents neck’s have been slashed and a look of horror my mom had glued on her face as she was killed. My tears fell silently as I walked near them praying it wasn’t real, but in my heart I knew it was. Suddenly out of no where four men came behind me and took me away, never to see another soul again and now here I am back in Tulsa Oklahoma. My once happy home."
The girl leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes. Shortly she fell asleep.

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