Somebody Save Us

Chapter 18

Will performed an underhand toss and the duct tape flew to Mac's waiting hands. He observed the trembling body of the pop star below him and felt rage flow through his veins thick as molten lava. He grabbed the thick latch of hair, lifted the boy's head up, and slammed it into the ground. This elicited a groan and caused the shaking to stop as Taylor sank into the blackness of his mind. Smiling to himself, Mac finished taping the boy's hands up and threw the tape to Jon and Jamie who finished with the rest of the band.
"What're ya gonna do with gimpy over there?" Will wondered to Jon.
"Let's leave Barbie under the hedge near the side of the house for a night. He wanted out so bad, so we leave him out. Mac? Slap some tape over his mouth so he can't make noise." Jon ordered.
"Yes sir!" Mac shouted gleefully. He picked the prostrate young man up and slid him under the hedges on the south side of the house and pulled out some more tape.
"Hey, should we be mean and wrap his eyes up too? Scare the livin shit outta him wouldn't it?" Mac grinned.
Jon nodded sharply and added that his feet should be taped also. All was finished as the two other brothers were marched back towards the porch, but Ike wasn't going quietly.
"Why the hell are you gonna let him freeze? Mom and dad aren't gonna wanna pay for damaged goods!" Ike yelled sarcastically, fear thickening his voice. The only response was a slap in the back of the head and an order to keep moving.
"It was worth a try." Ike thought lamely. He shot a glance at his little brother to see a puzzling sight indeed. Zac looked calm; like he had the winning cards in a championship poker game or something. When Zac looked into Isaac's eyes, the oldest brother raised his brows in curiosity. Zac sniffled hard and shook his head as shadows fell across his eyes like a veil.
"Stay away from the doors till we come getcha, you're moving to a new room." And Jon shoved Ike into his room and Zac to his a moment later.


"Are the rooms ready?" Jon asked.
"Metal doors and key card locks?"
"Yup yup." Jamie said with a grin, which was shot down by a glower from his partner.
"Alright, here's the roster incase you guys are as dumb as ya look." Will stated, "Scott Moffatt and Isaac Hanson. The two oldest,… duh. Clint and Bob Moffatt and Taylor Hanson. Once frosty's done with his punishment he'll join the twins. Lastly, Dave Moffatt and Zachery Hanson." He finished.
"Why'd ya put three of em in the same room?" Jamie asked stupidly.
"Because boy wonder, if we didn't then there'd be a left over." Jon snapped.
"Yeah, but why not the other triplet, Dave?"
Will rolled his eyes and gritted his teeth and began to explain, "The triplets were all born on the same day, yes. But Clint was born first and then Bob and Dave last, making Clint and Bob the middle children of the group. Dave's the youngest so he goes with the youngest from the other group. Clear?" He growled.
"Crystal." Came Jamie's meek reply.
"Goody. Are we all done now children? Lets go then." Mac stood up from his chair.
Scott jumped out of his skin when his door slammed open and stood up as quick as gravity allowed.
"Come on Moffatt, time for your new room." Will stated gruffly.
Scott scrambled out the door quickly and stood obediently next to the large man with the hunting knife. When their eyes met, Scott gave him the "Where to boss?" look and hoped he'd get an answer. When Will started walking off, Scott pouted and followed behind looking like an over grown two year old.
The walk was a long one, down many halls, a couple flights of stairs, through a dimly lit hallway, and finally up another short flight of stairs to a hallway filled with many, many metal doors. Walking by one of these, Scott reached out and tapped lightly on the nearest one and put his sore knuckle in his mouth.
"These doors are solid!!" He thought, surprised.
They continued to walk in silence when Will turned to a door on the left, slid a key card through the lock, and slowly pulled the heavy door open and ushered Scott in.
Turning to the right, Will said, "Bathroom's here; shower, shampoo, soap. You'll take a shower every morning hear me?"
Leading him out of the bathroom, he went to the main room that was empty of furniture except for a low table, perhaps a foot off the floor, and two beds side by side. Walking over to the beds, Scott mashed his hand into the mattress and grimaced when he felt straw through the fabric. The chamber was the size of a class room in a school but Scott remained puzzled as to why it had so little in it. The bathroom looked like it came out of a fairy tale, but this room looked like a prison cell. He paled.
"How long are we gonna be down here?" Scott whimpered hesitantly.
"Six months or until your parents pay up." His captor stated coldly. "I'll be back with your room mate soon, make sure to show him around when I get here." And he was gone.
Scott was beaming. "Yes! I get to see my brothers soon!"
He would be in for a surprise in a mere fifteen minutes when Isaac Hanson showed up at the door instead.

Isaac was sitting with his back leaning against his door, eyes closed day dreaming about holding baby Zoë in his arms and being with his parents when he was suddenly flat on his back looking into Will's startled eyes. Ike just kind of giggled then hauled himself up to look the man in the eyes.
"Are you letting Tay in soon?" He asked.
"Incase ya didn't hear us he's staying the night with the hedge. Move it, we're getting to your new room now." A knife flashed by his face and Ike instantly hopped to it. They followed the same path Will took Scott on and reached the door soon after.
Will swiped the key card and shoved Isaac through the door roughly, sending the man sprawling onto the concrete floor. The door flew shut with a muffled bang and the two young men were left alone. They eyed each other out of shock for a moment, neither expecting to see the other.
"I'm Scott." Scott stuck his hand out dumbly.
"Hi, I'm Isaac. Ike." Both shook hands and didn't know where else to go with this exciting conversation.
"So uhm, you…you play guitar?" Isaac asked quickly.
"Yeah. Les Paul Gibson. Cherry red." Scott beamed.
"No way! I have a Les Paul. Smokey red though." Ike smiled back.
"This might not be so bad." He thought.
"Well, Will told me to show my "room mate" around. Just lemme warn ya! It's gonna be really exciting ok?" Scott acted overly enthused.
"Oh joy!" Isaac cried.
Scott led him to the bathroom and he watched the older guy's jaw drop in astonishment.
"I know. You'd think this place'd be a crap hole like upstairs wouldn'tcha?" Scott asked.
"Ya know, I've been to so many hotels in the last few years and none of them have had a bathroom this sweet!" Ike stated.
The tiles were a bright shining gold that matched the bathroom fixtures perfectly. The toilet was a jet black highly polished affair that Isaac was scared to touch, let alone use. The bathtub blew Ike right out of the sky. Off white with little gray paws for support on the bottom and the shower...whoa. It was entirely glass, reinforced for safety, with black tiles with scratchy foot pads to prevent slipping. The walls were an off burgundy not unlike the carpeting Scott had studied upstairs.
"Man, this place is…wow. This is great! Wanna move our blankets in here to sleep instead?" Isaac quipped.
"Ya know, I think I might do just that." Scott stated in all seriousness.
Both shook their heads and walked quietly out of the bathroom to settle on the beds for a nap or just for time to think.

Bob's eyes snapped shut as his hands flew to cover his eyes when the lights to his room were abruptly turned on and the door opened slowly. Nothing was said as Bob sat trying to get used to the bright light. A habit he'd picked up in the past eight hours or so surfaced as he ran his tongue along the cut in his lip and looked up to see a blurry image of Jon in front of him.
He smirked and asked, "Are we gonna try and break down anymore doors while we're staying here? *Laughter*…didn't think so. Come on, you're going to see your twin now." Jon stated.
"Wha...what?" He spat out.
"Lets go dumb ass or you can spend the night with Taylor under the hedge!" He shouted.
Bob had no idea what he meant about Taylor, but he guessed it wasn't good so he stood up and walked out into the hallway with the big man. They stepped onto a small lift and rode up about four floors to Clint's room just as Jamie was shoving Dave and Zac into the hallway.
"Hang on Jamie, lemme get Clint and we can do all this in one second." Jon demanded.
"Sure." Came the peaceful answer.
Jon marched up to Clint and yanked him to his feet and shoved him next to Bob. The two brothers looked at each other, then Dave and burst into smiles and became one mass of arms and tears as one huge hug was exchanged between them. When they pulled away, the two men were sneering at them and directed them forward to the stairs with a knife and gun apiece. Dave glanced at the youngest member of Hanson and sighed. He knew Zac must be as sad, if not sadder, then they were about being separated from their families. Hanson was legendary for their love for the family and life. Lost in thought, Dave didn't notice the metal doors until Clint made a quiet comment about them.
"Whoa, heavy duty stuff!"
"Yup, I don't suppose you'll be trying to break this down will ya Bob?" Dave asked. Laughter from everyone in the group met this comment with open arms as Bob blushed through his laughing. Suddenly the procession stopped.
"Ok, Bob and Clint! Front and center!" Jon yelled.
"Dave and Zac, right here." Jamie said softly.
Dave and his younger counterpart were both pushed into their new staying rooms and had quite a gawk at the bathroom like both their older brothers and started yammering away about everything they saw. Their personalities clicked in a matter of seconds through such a stressful situation.
Bob and Clint asked where Scott was and were told that he was with Isaac.
"What about Taylor?" Clint asked next.
"Yeah, what didja mean he's staying the night with the hedge? You didn't kill him did you?" Bob asked warily.
"No! Not yet at least. He and his brothers tried to escape. His door was left unlocked and he freed Isaac and Zac. Now git in there!" He said.
Both complied. They were laying on their beds a half hour later when their door was thrown open and three of their four kidnappers carried in a third bed and laid it between the ones currently being used. The men left without a word. Bob and Clint exchanged confused glances and carried on their former conversation.

Taylor spent the night covered in goose bumps. His body convulsed with shivers and tears streamed down his ivory colored skin as he desperately waited for dawn to approach...to when he might see his brothers again. He'd tried to tear the tape off in every way, including a pointy root that had been jabbing him in the side. He wished for all he was worth that the blindfold wasn't on… it made his imagination run away with itself until he started singing. His first selection? The chorus to "Save Me."

Won't you save me
Cause saving's what I need
I just want to be by your side
Won't you save me
I don't want to be just drifting through this sea of life.

Little did he know that his parents were singing that very song so many miles away in Tulsa with Frank, Sheila, and Darlana by their sides joining in on the chorus. In the background men and woman were working feverishly to find the ten million dollars needed to save the boys from certain death.

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