Somebody Save Us

Chapter 17

Taylor pounded on the door out of fear hoping someone would help wake Star up.
"Help! Star won’t wake up! Somebody help her!" Taylor screamed as loud as he could. Taylor ran back to Star and shook her again trying deasperatly to wake her up.
The door swung open and Jamie ran to where Taylor was standing. He looked to Star and shook her arm trying to wake her up but it was no use when he shook her he got no response. He ran outside the room forgetting to close the door behind him. Taylor looked at the door and then to Star. Star looked in a trance as she looked at him smiled, and then fainted back into her depression again. Taylor nodded and ran out the door to the hallway. He looked for Jamie to come back but he didn’t. Taylor tip toed his way down the hall discovering keys that laid by each door of rooms that were being occupied by someone. He quickly glanced in a peek hole and discovered Zac laying on a mattress with his hands over his eyes.
Taylor picked up the key and gently slid it in the lock. Taylor then turned the lock making a clicking sound. At the sound Zac picked his head up and wiped the stray tears away from his face. Taylor carefully opened the door and walked in seeing his brother stand up. When Zac realized it was him he relaxed.
Taylor whispered, ”Come on Zac were out of here, but be very quiet."
Zac nodded and quietly slipped out the door right behind Taylor. Taylor looked through the peep hole and saw Isaac pacing around the room looking worried. Taylor unlocked the door and opened it. Isaac gave him a confused look.
Taylor said to him, ”Come on. The jackass forgot to lock my door and now we gotta get the hell out of here if we want to keep our heads."
Isaac followed Zac and Taylor to the door. When they got there Isaac, Taylor and Zac crept out the door. Being the last one out Zac turned to shut it.
Taylor turned around and said, ”No Zac don’t slam the…" To late before he could utter another word Zac slammed the door as hard as he could but not realizing the door shut easily and there was no need to.
Taylor said, ”Oh fuck! Let’s get the hell behind those trees."
With that they ran behind some trees and long grown weeds so they weren’t seen.
Inside Jamie heard of a door being slammed and said, ”Oh fucking hell I forgot to lock Taylor’s door…oh shit!"
Mac glared at him and replied, ”Jamie you asshole! Why would you forget to lock his door?"
Jamie ran to the front door opening it discovering the boy wasn’t there.
Mac said, ”Taylor? I demand you come out or I’ll kill one of those Moffatts and your brothers. So come out now you stupid brat."
Taylor kneeling behind some weeds thought to himself, ”… If I’m stupid then why did I escape and you looking for me?"
Taylor gave a small smile to Zac which he gave back a stiffened laugh. Isaac looked at Taylor and laughed softly.
Jamie said, ”That’s it! Will? Bring Star out here. I’m going to see how she likes being torchered. Well it won’t be much fun because she’s out of it but it will be interesting to see if the little brats are hiding or ran off. Which is impossible considering we have cameras here from the gated fence to the house."
Taylor looked disgusted and took off full speed to the gated fence but before he got there a net fell over him as he fell to the ground struggling to get free. Mac ran over to Taylor taking the net off him and shoving a handgun into his mouth. Taylor found it hard to breath and jerked away from the pistol.
Mac ordered, ”Ok you two come out or I shoot Taylor’s brains out."
Isaac and Zac stood up and walked slowly over to Mac. Jamie, Will, and Jon ran to Isaac and Zac pinning their hands behind them. While Mac did the same with Taylor.
Mac said, ”Will go get the duck tape and tape their hands behind them. Make sure the tape is secured around them. We can’t have them escape again."

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