Somebody Save Us

Chapter 16

Scott sat on a small chair in the living room by himself, then got up and resettled on the couch instead. Judging by the sounds that had issued earlier that day from either Clint or Bob, Scott knew better then to try and run off, plus the terse warning just before Mac left the room helped too. Hearing scuffling from shoes nearby, Scott glanced up and felt overjoyed when Dave shuffled in with Clint on his heels.
The first thing Clint said was, "Where's Bob?"
His voice trailed off when Scott's eyes met the burgundy carpeting. He was about to press the matter when Bob came in blindfolded being led by Jamie and Mac; one at each elbow. They drug him over to the couch and threw him onto the plush blue fabric, right behind Scott's tense body.
"Nobody moves until I get back, NOBODY, hear?" Mac growled then pointed at Jamie, "Stay here. His blindfold stays on till I get back. I'll leave you this."
He then threw a small metallic handgun, on safety, to Jamie and stalked off.
Scott directed his stare away from the gun and onto his trembling little brother.
"What did they do to him?" He laid a hand on Bob's head and watched the boy jerk back fearfully. "Shh...it's me. Cool it." He whispered gently and repositioned his hand above his siblings hair and began a soothing stroke. He did a half grin when Bob snuggled against his side and sighed contentedly. Scott's gaze settled on his other two little brothers and observed them. Clint had pulled Dave's head against his neck and was giving a death glare to Jamie and his gun. Scott shook his head and pulled Bob up against his side and told him everything would be alright if they could just hang in there.
"OK! Who's ready for an interview!?" Mac said in a booming voice and then laughed at the white faces of the young men on the couch.
"Now, you each get a copy of this," he handed them a sheet of paper," and you'll all stand right there next to that plant. Get goin."
He gestured for the brothers to go to their assigned places, but held back Scott when he started to help Bob up.
"Nope, Bobby boy stays there. We got something planned special for him." He sneered.
When Scott didn't budge, he clicked the gun off safety and pointed it at his head.
"Move NOW please."
Scott grudgingly let go of Bob's arm and saw how much he'd already stiffened up in dread. He scampered over to where the other two thirds of the triplets stood and pushed himself between them adding an arm around each boys waist momentarily for a quick hug.
"That's sweet guys, quit it. Now, you each have lines and I wanna get this done quick. So lets do this." Mac said, counting down from three to one and then hitting record.
"Dad, Sheila, and Mom. We're all alright and in good shape. We've not been harmed unless we deserved it," Dave looked at the floor as Scott read this, "at the end of six months if the ransom money hasn't been delivered we'll be killed." Scott paled and felt his knees close to giving way.
Clint continued, "You must listen to everything our captors say or else we'll be punished accordingly and without mercy. You'll receive directions soon enough and WILL follow them." He finished.
"No second chances are gonna be issued whatsoever. If you don't cooperate the Hanson brother's will be killed along with us. And vice versa with the Hanson family." Dave concluded.
A piece of paper was hastily handed to Clint and he was told to read.
"The reason Bob isn't here right now was because he was being tied up for a demonstration of our captives seriousness. What the hell?" Clint screeched.
He jerked his head up quickly to see Bob being carried into the room tied to an office chair. He hadn't even seen him leave.
"Bob!" Three voices shrieked at the same time, starting towards their sibling.
"Don't fucking move."
Will had shown up with a twelve gauge shot gun and a pocket bulging with shells. The three remaining brothers stood stock still, holding each other for support.
Will smiled and looked at the camera that was now sported on a tri pod aimed at the still blind folded Robert Franklin Peter Moffatt.
"Ok Moffatt family, you're wondering why we have Bob tied up and not the rest right? Here's why: Little Bob here decided to be a tad more outgoing then the others and break his entire door off it's frame and try to run out on us. Well, I'm not sorry to say that it didn't work out like he wanted. So now he's gonna hafta pay for his mistake and it'll also show you we aren't fucking off. We're serious."
Turning to the trembling boy, he pulled out a hunting knife and heard the exclamations of disgust and fear from behind him and grinned. He knew he had little to fear having handed his gun to Mac and Jamie had his handgun too.
"Wait. Mac, come 'ere." He stood murmuring into Mac's ear for a moment and Mac scurried out of the room.
Dave had to shield his eyes from a moment when the lights were turned up a bit brighter then before. Then Bob's blindfold was removed and Bob forced his eyes open and cried out in pain. This apparently amused the men holding them against their will because they erupted into laughter.
"Knock the fuck off! You sick bastards!" Scott screamed, turning his hands into fists to force himself to stay put.
The men laughed at him and shoved him back to his place while more duct tape was brought out by Jon.
"Ok kiddies, we can't have ya messin with what we got planned, so if ya wanna have Bob here to sing within six months, you better gimme your hands."
Clint, Dave, and Scott obeyed out of fear and were sat down in a shadowed corner, watched by Jamie. Will looked at Bob's brown eyes and felt no compassion, only anger for Bob's defiance. He turned the blade of his knife so it flashed in the light and watched Bob's face twist into one of anguish and fear. He told the young man to keep his mouth closed and not to say a word when he, without warning, brought the knife up to his chin and flicked up hard, leaving a good sized nick.
Bob's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets but he forced himself not to cry out. He just held it in, wishing his tears were that easy to control. He hated letting his brother's see him crying, he really did.
"Ahh, wussa matter? Did I hurtha Bob?" Will snorted at the boys hurt expression, it was like he hadn't expected to get punished for what he'd done. He watched the blood pour slowly out of the cut and pool up on the boys lap. He wanted to add one more cut.. But where? The boy's tongue shot out of his mouth to lick his dry lips and Will's look of confusion turned to an evil grin. He grabbed the boys head and slowly, oh so slowly, pulled the razor sharp blade across his fine lips to leave a short shallow cut. He waited for the boy to make a sound. It never came.
Will let go and motioned to the camera, "Well, say something Bobby. Your parents should see this soon enough." He crossed his arms.
Bob's big sad puppy eyes met the camera and he spoke calmly, "Dad, Sheila... we're all ok. Please try not to worry about this. We'll find a way to cope. We love you both so much. We love you. Don't forget it." He bent his head down and finished his short speech.
Untied and untaped, the Moffatt brothers sat on the cushy couch and waited while the blood on the floor was covered by a rug. Strange behaviors, but what the heck.
"Jamie has some stupid idea that you guys don't wanna be left alone. You're not gonna be lonely for too much more." Jon said lamely.
Scott let hope build so high he could taste it.
"I'll be with em soon, damn I hope they aren't lying!" Scott thought with excitement. All four were led back to their rooms, except for Bob who was put back in the "pit" until a new room was made available.

"Star? How ya doin?" Taylor implored. He ran a finger across her arm lightly to rouse her and repeated his question. She just looked up at him with big solemn eyes and shut them. Taylor tried over and over to rouse her once more but it didn't work.
"What's the matter with her?" He jumped up to go pound on his door for assistance.

"Celion, wake up now." Jamie slapped his charge none too gently to wake her up and became puzzled when she didn't react to his abusive ways.
"Celion wake up!" He shook her firmly then pivoted smartly and ran out of the room to talk to his partners about this.

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