Somebody Save Us

Chapter 15

Mac sighed and replied, ”Yes, but if they come against us it’s your fault."
Jamie nodded and said, ”They won’t if they’re separated from each other."

Star woke up and looked around instantly remembering that afternoon. Remembering what Celion said to her. Immediately tears sprang to her eyes as she cried out loud thinking no one was around.
Taylor got up and sat down on a chair next to her. He placed his hand on hers. She jumped and looked at him with sad hazel green eyes.
Star said, ”Please untie me. These ropes are so tight."
Taylor replied, ”I’m sorry. I can’t. Mac ordered me not to. I’m sorry."
Star cried some more and turned her head away so Taylor couldn’t see her cry anymore. Feeling fusturated she began pulling violently at her restraints.
"Stop that Star!" Taylor said as he put some pressure on her arms causing her to quit jerking. Star still cried as she layed there.
Suddenly Mac came into the room and said, ”Taylor come with me. We’re going to let you send a tape to your parents and let them know you're alright along with your brothers so please follow me."
Taylor looked at Star and walked out the door following Mac to the center of the living room where Zac and Isaac were.
"Okay stand on this rug." Mac commanded and watched them obey.
He continued, ”Okay here is the script. You three will read and no mistakes. We have to make this sound perfect and not knowing where you are. You really can’t give them hints. Now where it says your name read your line and no funny stuff or else…"
With that Jamie pressed the record button to the tape and said, ”Okay begin."
"Hi mom and dad. We just wanted to say we're okay. They have the moffatts also and want the money for our safe return." Taylor began
Zac picked up, ”If you don’t hand the money to them in six months than they will kill us and there won’t be any second chances." After saying that Zac burst out into tears.
Taylor comforted him as Isaac spoke next, ”We will remain safe if you follow our captor’s orders exactly and without hesitation. We love you and hope to see you soon."
Taylor, Isaac, and Zac said in union, ”We love all of you."
Before Jamie shut off the camera Mac took a hold of the rug they were standing on and yanked it causing the boys to fall on the ground.
Jamie shut the camera off and said, ”Okay guys... back to your rooms now."
They got up and followed Jamie back to their rooms.
Taylor was pushed back in the room and looked over at Star who was still crying her eyes out. Taylor approached her and sat back down on his original seat and started to pet her head to get her to calm down. Star’s crying lessened to a sniffle as she looked into the caring eyes of a young man who was just as scared as her. Star could sense when somebody was scared and she sensed it strongly in him.
Taylor said, ”That’s it... relax. Don’t cry. Everything will be okay. I promise you star everything will be okay."
Taylor’s eyes filled with tears as he said that and turned away not wanting to see how emotional he was getting.
Star looked at him and thought, ”I want to help him and by damn it I’ll do it. I’m going to help him and his brother escape. Plus the Moffatts."
But in order to do this she would have to obey the jackass squad. Then her thought drifted to Celion feeling depressed all over again. She went into a deep trance that no one would be able to snap her out of except one person.

Celion woke up and discovered the gag was no longer in her mouth. Licking her lips she looked around the room discovering Jamie by the table waiting for her to wake up.
He looked at her and said, ”Ah you're awake."
With that he got up with a tray and carried it over to her. Celion looked up into Jamie’s light blue eyes. Jamie set the tray down and said, ”Here. I want you to eat this."
He picked up a spoon and dipped it in the applesauce, picking the spoon out of it he put it to her lips. She opened her mouth and swallowed. When she was full she turned away and looked at the clock. Jamie set the spoon in the bowl, got up, went out the door and locked it leaving Celion ungagged. Celion thought about her sister and her deprestion grew deeper as she two fell into a deep depression.

Scott paced around the room. He was afraid of what the guys did with his brother Bob. Suddenly the doors opened and in stepped Mac.
Mac looked at him and said, ”Come with me. We're going to be sending your mom and dad a message from you guys. But it will all be done by script and at the end we'll let you say what you want to say."
With that Scott followed him out to the living room as well.

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