Somebody Save Us

Chapter 14

Scott banged around the bathroom cupboards to see what the stock was.
"Towels...wash cloths...Oh my. fun time, drum roll please! Soap." He ended lamely. As Scott was prone to do, he had a violent mood swing and turned his anger on the cupboard door and slammed it loudly. He swung the door open wildly and bolted to his mattress. He was fuming, fuming with anger he'd had to bottle up the whole trip from California because he'd been tied. Something else that enraged the young guitarist was how the girls were treated like dogs, worse then dogs! Collars and leashes on humans? Scott was beyond disgusted at this.
"Wonder what happens now?" Scott mumbled aloud. He heard muffled bangs and booms coming from the surrounding rooms and wondered whether or not it was his brothers or if it were the Hanson brothers. A sudden splintering crash could be heard down the hall and Scott jumped quickly to his feet. Muffled yelling and running could be heard down the hallway and echoed down the long staircase that led up to their rooms. Then, a sound that made Scott's knees buckle when he heard it. Bob's scream.
Rushing to the door, he pressed his ear against the only thing that separated him from the pandemonium outside the wood paneling of the door, praying to hear something. His heart sank. Sobbing met his stunned ears as Bob, or was it Clint, he couldn't tell because the door was too thick and it muffled the sounds, being drug by the door. He started pounding on the door as hard as his wiry frame would allow, screaming for the men outside not to hurt his brother. Like they would listen..?

Bob was far past terrified. Terrified paled to compare to what he was feeling right now. He was concerned he was going to get a beating or was going to be strapped to a bed like Star had been. He didn't think he could handle that, he'd wondered what that'd be like sometimes if he was ever trapped like that.
"How could I get to an itch? What if I had ta pee or something?"
Shaking his head, he got his mind back to his previous job of worrying. He'd been placed in a little box like room with no windows. A small cot lined one wide of the room, farthest from the door. From what he could see it wasn't even long enough for his thin frame, but what was worse was it was only about two feet wide. He ran shaky hands through his hair and grimaced. It'd been awhile since he showered, the hotel wasn't it? And his hair felt like one big greasy blob sitting like a dirty mop on his head. Sighing, he stood up and walked towards where he thought the door was with his hands in front of him due to no light.
"Son of a...! Damn it!" He crouched into a ball on the floor and held his tender finger tip he was sure he just jammed against the door frame.
"This is fucked up. Fubar. Stupid as hell." Bob ranted, tearing around the room that was so small. He was getting so bored, he wanted to see just how big the room was.or at least he could guess.
"Lemme see. Can't see. Duh, that's kinda obvious Bob. No tape measurer, no ruler, nothing to measure distance except for.ta da! Me, Bob." Shaking his head at his dumb conversation with himself, Bob lay down on the floor after scrunching his feet up so he wouldn't bash his skull into the wall and slowly stretched out his limbs. His feet hit the wall when he was extended to his fullest height.
"Whoa. Great fun there. What's going on?"

Taylor leaned down and brushed aside a strand of dark hair from Star's forehead. He wasn't really worried about her well being, except for the death of her sister.
"They just gotter, why would they kill her like that? Why was she so stubborn?" He took a deep breath and got up to go to the bathroom, his thirst was catching up to him finally. He bent over at the waist and drank from the bathroom faucet. Looking around the barren room, all that was left was a boring cabinet, a shower with no curtain, and a yellow stained toilet in the corner. The light in here was better then the other room, but the walls still remained black as night which was unnerving. Taylor hung his head and walked out the door to continue his watch over Star. He was kind of hoping she'd be taken out soon; he didn't really look forward to sleeping on the floor. Not one ioda.
He heard the door behind him open slightly and ran over to Star's side in hopes he would be able to protect her from whatever the men had planned. If anything was planned.
"Ok MmmBop, here's supper. Be glad you got this much cause it aint gonna last forever k?" Jamie sneered. A nod came a second later.
"Good, eat up and don't forget, the other bowl is for the little girl over there." Jamie favored Star with a what Taylor could only call a caring look and fast paste on his heel leaving the room and a bewildered young man looking at his dinner.
"What. Was. That?" He looked down at his tray again and wrinkled his nose. Apple sauce and bread. "Gourmet eating for sure." He sighed once again and set down to start his supper so he could move on to Star.
"If I gotta live on this stuff for awhile...I'm gonna ralph everywhere." He stated. He looked around the little wooden tray for something to eat the apple sauce with but ended up just slurping it straight from the bowl. How would he manage with Star? Shaking his head, he crammed the two pieces of bread he'd gotten in his mouth, stood up stiffly, and walked over to his charge to feed her.
"Star. Hey, come on. Star wake up." He called softly and gently shook her shoulder. "Star? Get up!" Pursing his lips together, he grinned cheekily and jumped on the bed and started jumping.
"Yup, I'd say that worked!"
Star's eyes popped open immediately and she yelped for him to stop.
"Quit it! Stop!" She squirmed around.
Laughing, Taylor replied, "Well, it woke ya up, so I'm happy." His smile faded to a small grin and he gestured towards her half of the dinner, "Time to eat. Open up."
He patiently fed the bread and apple sauce into her mouth and watched her fall back asleep moments later. "What kinda tranqualizer is that?" He wondered.

"No. No it's screwed up. They can't all be together like that!" Jon stated slamming his fists onto the table, upsetting Will's beer.
"Would you listen for once and take your fucking head outta yer ass? Thank you. Now, did I say all of em in the same room? No I didn't. But I did say this: 'Why don't we put all of em in rooms with each other?' Simply meaning this." Jamie pushed out his napkin he'd been scribbling on. Pointing, he showed the men his plan.
"Ok, the two oldest in a room together. The twins and Taylor, then the two youngest. Now we only got three rooms to watch instead of seven. And we should use the metal doors in the basement instead of the wooden doors. We know how well that worked out right Mac?" Jamie grinned at the other man who gave him the bird. It'd been Mac's idea to put em out alone.
Bob had managed to break the entire door and knock it off it's frame. He'd nearly made it outside when he was tackled by Will and then kick repeatedly in the ribs until he couldn't even breath. He was drug back to his room sobbing and shown what he did and how now he was going to be in the solitary room for a few days to see how he liked his new accomidations.
"So, are we agreed?" Jamie asked, leaning back against his chair.

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