Somebody Save Us

Chapter 13

Thirty minutes later the van pulled up into a old deserted brick house. Jon looked out the window with a smile on his face.
Mac said, ”It’s good to be home. Now to get those boys settled into their rooms."
Mac got out and opened the back of the van. Star looked fearfully at him wondering what was next. Jamie got in the van and took the collars of Celion and Star. Star rubbed her neck and got out of the van with Celion following close behind.
Jamie untied Taylor’s feet and helped him up by a point of a gun and rough hands. Taylor got out of the van and looked around the place. It was an old brick house deserted many years ago but yet it had a peaceful view to it.
Zac got out and looked around also. He looked and noticed a tool shed up ahead aside from the old house. At last everyone was out of the van and lead to the doors of the house. Mac went up the steps and unlocked the doors.
He turned to the group of boys and said, ”This will be your new home for however long it takes to get the ransom from your parents, so hope you feel right at home."
With that he opened the doors to the house and pointed his gun at the group as they walked in. The last to come in was Star and Celion.
Celion looked around the old house and said quietly, ”This is a really big house. I’ve never been in a house this big before."
Will replied, ”Well you’ll have plenty of time to view the house from the inside…or not."
Mac said, ”Okay Jamie here’s the knife. You know what to do."
Jamie grabbed Celion’s wrist and started to drag her to the SQ when suddenly Star ran and punched Jamie in the nose causing a crunch sound. Jamie dropped Celion’s wrist as he held his nose trying to stop the bleeding. Will, Jon, and Mac grabbed Star’s hands and pinned them behind her side. She struggled against the men but it was no use. Will and Jon let go of her hands once Mac had gotten a good grip on her.
Mac said, ”Will, you watch the boys and Jon you know the plan and kill Celion."
Mac said the last part and winked at him. Jon nodded and grabbed Celion’s wrist as her and Star were trying to touch hands.
"STAR! Don’t lose faith! Promise me you won’t!" Celion yelled as she was being dragged from the room.
"CELION! I promise I won’t! I love you and may god protect you!" Star yelled back touching Celion’s hands for a brief second before they were pinned to the back again.
"I love you to Star... remember that always! May you be safe!" Celion yelled as she was dragged out of the room and into SQ. Which stands for silent quarters.
Star fought to go to her sister but Mac held her to her spot. When Celion was completely out of sight she then fought to get free.
Mac said, ”I didn’t imagine this kind of reaction from her. Will hand me a seditive. She’s too upset for me to handle and I have a feeling she broke Jamie’s nose."
Will brought over a syringe and gently injected it into Star’s arm. Star grew weak as her fighting lessened to a few pulls and tugs and then finally her legs gave out from under her as she was gently laid on the ground. The last image she saw was Mac looking over her with no emotion on his face and then darkness.

Celion cried as she walked with Jon to the SQ rooms.
Jon turned to her and said, ”Listen you're not going to die. Mac didn’t want you taking Star away from her chores so he’s putting you far away from your sister. You’ll eventually get to see her again when we feel she is ready, but right now she has no time for a sister and sorry to say she’s busy like 24/6. We give her a day off so she can do what she wants but we work her some even on her time off. So it’s 24/7. Mac gave me a rubber knife and ketchup so it will look like your blood."
Jon stopped and replied, ”Here’s your room if you will follow me."
Jon unlocked the door and opened it. Celion walked into the room and discovered a bed with straps on it, a bathroom, two chairs, and a closet. Jon pushed her gently over to the bed and pointed for her to lay down. She layed down on the bed as Jon began to strap her legs, feet, arms, and hands down.
When he was finished he gazed into her sad looking eyes and said, ”Mac ordered me to put a gag in. I’m sorry."
With that he got the cloth and put it tightly over her mouth.
When he was finished he said, ”I will be your care taker so will the other three but none of the others will. I will be back at five this evening just so you know. There’s a clock on the wall."
As he said that he got a shot out of his pocket and gently injected it into her. She moaned as she looked up with tears in her eyes.
Jon replied, ”You need to sleep for awhile but don’t worry I will be back at five."
With that her eyes closed as she fell into a deep sleep.
Mac picked Star up and said, ”Hey I’m going to put her in Taylor’s room and strap her down to the bed. I’ll be right back."
With that he picked Star up and carried her in the opposite direction of Celion’s room.
Taylor looked at Mac and asked, ”What do you mean my room?"
Mac replied, ”Your room has a restraining bed and the others don’t that’s why. I also would like you to watch over her the next day or so. We'll be in to check on her, but as of now she stays tied to that bed for a day, or if she insists she wants to hurt us then it will be longer. You must do what she has done for you. Like give her water and feed her because her arms and hands will be tied as well. So it’s up to you."
Taylor looked down to the floor. He didn’t like the way this was going at all, but he nodded and said, ”Yes sir. I understand."
Zac stood behind Taylor and saw he didn’t like the idea but had to obey.
Will asked, ”Okay this house has 50 rooms and we only got 7. Okay If you Moffatts will follow me I will show you to your room."

The moffatts followed Will down the hall where Mac was seen just minutes ago. Scott was lead to a door and pushed in. When he turned around he heard the click of the lock and looked around. All there was…was a mattress on the floor with a pillow and blanket. He looked to the right and saw a bathroom with a shower in it and to his left was a closet. He slid down on the mattress and began to cry. The ceiling and walls where painted a dark black with a very dim light.
Finally the moffatt brothers were settled in their rooms Will returned to find Zac, Isaac, and Taylor staring at him as if in he had spider arms.
Feeling suddenly nervous he said in a rough and demanding voice, ”Isaac, Zac follow me. Taylor you stay here."
Isaac looked at Taylor and whispered, ”It’s okay Tay. We'll be fine. Don’t worry about us."
Zac nodded with tears running down his cheeks and walked in front where Will was standing. Isaac nodded and caught up with Zac trying to comfort him.

Isaac was lead into a room. When he turned around he discovered that Zac wasn’t there with him. He then heard a clicking sound of a lock which indicated that the door was securely locked. He slid down the wall and noticed the walls where painted black with very little light.

Zac walked a little ways down the hall. Looking around this place reminded him of a manor but it was way different then that. Will stopped at a door and opened it shoving Zac in and locked the door. Zac looked around the room where he discovered only a bed, black walls, a bathroom and a closet. He slid down to the floor and closed his eyes dreaming of his family.

Taylor saw Mac motion for him as he walked down the hall.
He noticed Mac stopped at a door and said, ”In here Hanson. NOW!"
He raised his voice up when Taylor was walking slow.
Taylor quickly walked to the door and was instantly pushed in by Mac as Mac locked the door he said, "Remember... she needs you. Don’t let her die or else…" With not even finishing his sentence he walked away leaving Taylor alone with the sleeping girl. Taylor approached Star and sat next to her bed on a chair Mac had placed in his room. Taylor petted the girl’s forehead out of sympathy. An hour later Star woke up and discovered herself strapped tightly down to a bed. She opened her eyes and discovered a set of light blue eyes looking down at her with concern. Star remembered what happened and started to cry.
Taylor said, ”We’ll have none of that. You need your strength so don’t cry... just rest."
Star stopped and looked around remembering this room when she had first gotten here. Taylor got up and got a glass of water for her.
He walked back and said, ”Here Star... drink this."
Star looked at him and replied, ”No thank you. I’m not thirsty."
Taylor said, ”I don’t care if you are or not but you need liquids."
He put the glass to her lips as she drank the water slowly… when she had had enough she turned away allowing for some to drip down onto her neck. Star closed her eyes feeling the drug still in her system. She closed her eyes to weak to do anything and fell back asleep. Little did Taylor know he would have to do this for another week instead of a day.

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