Somebody Save Us

Chapter 12

After tying up the moffatts Star sat back down where Celion was and looked into her sad blue eyes.
Star thought to herself, ”I can’t believe Mac put a collar around Celion."
Looking into Celion’s eyes Star said, ”Hey sis long time no see. How have you been in the past six years?" After asking the question Star pulled the gag out of her mouth.
Celion replied, ”Shooting Star I can’t believe it’s you…my sister. The one I’ve been searching for years to find and all along you where with them. If we ever escape then let’s move back to Tulsa where we once lived… that way we can be a family just you and me. How does that sound?"
Star looked up at her and said, ”We’ll never escape from Mac there is no possible way. I’ve tried plenty of times and the only thing I was rewarded with was a beating."
Star burst into tears after she said that.
Celion asked, ”Star what’s wrong? Did something else happen with you besides you getting beat up?"
Star replied, ”Yes Celion... there is Celion. I was…I was…" She couldn’t finish her sentence when Mac came on the speaker and said.
” Star you tell her what I did I’ll make you a dead girl. Got me?"
Star nodded out of fear and turned back to Celion and changed the subject to a happier time. After their talk Star leaned into Celion and Celion leaned into her falling asleep on each other’s shoulders.
Mac looked at the two sisters sleeping on each other’s shoulders and said, ”Ain’t that sweet. Well looks like we have a new servant. I take it Star won’t be to happy with the news but she was getting slow and we needed another servant, anyhow. So that solves that problem."
Mac turned on the speaker and said, ”Hey Star! Wake up! You to Celion!"
Star woke up and looked to the camera.
Star rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and replied, ”Yes Mac?"
Mac said, ”As of today your sister will be our new servant girl and weather you like it or not she and you will be our servants. There will be no questions asked, you will do what you are told reguardless of what the order is. Do you understand Celion?"
Celion looked at the camera and replied, ”I don’t care what you say. I will not be anybodies property reguardless of what you say and do to me. I will not obey your orders…even if you kill me."
Mac said, ”Well Celion you just made out your will. Star say good-bye to your sister because when we get home she’s terminated and I mean dead you bitchy hoe. Deader than a fucking piece of wood. I’m going to cut her up so not even you will recognize her."
Star fell to the floor of the van and weeped begging Mac not to kill her sister. After an hour and a half of listening to her beg and cry, Mac came on the speaker and said, ”Shut the hell up you fucking bitch. I can’t stand your begging anymore. Just shut the fuck up."
Star stopped talking and fell to the ground next to Taylor who just looked at her with sympathy. Star looked at him and took the gag out from around his mouth. Taylor licked his lips and just stared at her. After not saying anything for a minute or so Taylor finally spoke.
"I’m sorry Star. I wish I could help you…I really do." Taylor said looking into her eyes.
Star nodded and put her head on Celion’s shoulder and started crying all over again.
Suddenly the van stopped.
Mac opened the door and said, ”Hey just wanted to say that we have only an hour till we get to our destination and then you can say good-bye to your sister, because it MIGHT be the last time you ever get to see her."
With that said Mac shut the door and locked it again. Star looked at the door and put her head back on Celion’s shoulder who was just trying to comfort her younger sister. Taylor layed there and watched on as this continued for another half an hour.
Up front Mac smiled and said, ”Star actually believes I’m going to kill Celion. Ha! What a dumb girl."
Jamie looked at him and asked, ”You mean you're not going to kill her?"
Mac replied, ”No. All I’m going to do to Celion is put her in the SQ room where Star is never permitted. That way she’ll think her sister's dead and cooperate with us even more."
Jamie looked out the window and asked, ”How are you going to pretend to kill her sister?"
Mac smiled and replied, ”Well you know that rubber scream knife I got? Well you're going to take that knife and a bottle of ketchup and take her into the SQ room, strap her down on the bed, gag her mouth, pour the ketchup on the knife, rub it around the plastic knife and show it to Star and see what her reaction is."
Jamie asked, ”Cool plan... but since when did I get involved?"
Mac replied, ”Since you decided to ask me what the plan is and now I’m making you do the dirty work. HAHAHA."
Jamie looked at him and asked, ”Well what about Star? She’ll be flipping out. What are you going to do to her?"
Mac stopped driving and rubbed his hands together from driving so long.
Then he started up the engine again and replied, ”Well if she gets to out of hand we'll strap her down to the bed in Taylor’s room, because the bed is strong enough to hold her down. Then put something in her mouth to shut her up, and have Taylor watch over her for a day or so until she calms down. Then unstrap her and see what she’s like."
Jamie said, ”Sounds like a plan to me."
With that they both sat in silence watching the lines on the road and came across a sign that said '50 MILES TO EDORAS PENNSYLVANIA'. Jamie could hardly wait till they got home and couldn’t wait to start with the plan to get Star’s emotions up for they are about to see what emotions Star holds to her heart’s end.

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