Somebody Save Us

Chapter 11

Scott burped quietly through his gag once Star finished feeding him. He'd been ravenously hungry when he smelled the burgers and fries being shoved in the back with him and the others. His emotions were running rampant, but once he saw that the Hanson brothers were being served first, his newest and most powerful emotion kicked in; dismay. He was hungry! The servant girl seemed have some weird thing for feeding slowly and making sure the hungriest got to eat last. Who was the hungriest? Yup that'd be Scott.

Suddenly, the intercom came on and Scott nearly wet himself he'd been scared so badly, "Alright, we're taking one group of you in atta time. NOBODY tries anything funny get me?"
"Where're they going?" Star asked quietly.
Mumbles could be heard up front and the intercom snapped back on.
"To a rest stop so the pansy boys can do their business."
And with that, the intercom was promptly shut off. Star settled back into her seat expecting a long ride, but no. The van pulled to a stop a few minutes later and Mac slipped into the back of the vehicle, grabbing onto Celion. Star was about to object when Mac threw her a look and she shut her mouth. A similar collar to what Star was wearing was snapped onto Celion's neck and the chain attached to Star had another occupant. Mac then slid over to the Moffatts and he took the tape from their hands and feet while pulling out an easily concealed hand gun and pointing it at Clint's bruised face. All feelings of humor quickly left the building when Clint came face to face with the barrel.

"Now kiddies, here's what's goin down. I'm taking you four into the bathroom. There's only one exit and I'm gonna be guarding it. So nothing funny because we only need one of you as of now. I think your parents wouldn't mind three less mouths to feed wouldn't you?" The boys stared, horrified.
Bob shook his head yes, but inside he was screaming.
"Hell no! You aren't gonna kill any of us!"
Already a plan was forming in his muddled mind. If this man planned to kill any of them there was no chance in heaven or hell that he wasn't going to at least try and escape. Mac turned on his heel from the crouch he was in and hopped on the ground and gestured the boys out. Dave jumped out last and the man holding the gun grabbed onto the back of his neck, pressing the gun deep into his tender side. Dave whimpered and Scott's temper flew off the deep end.
"Who the hell do you think you are!? What the fuck is your problem doin that to him! Just let him fucking be!" Scott was known for his temper and he was fast losing control of his right mind. Bob and Clint's hands holding his shoulder's were all was keeping him from pummeling this mans face in. Who did he think he was doing that to his brother?
"Scott! Scott just knock it off! We can do this, please!?" Bob whispered into his older brother's ears and then, "I gotta plan." He added quietly.
He sure as hell didn't want Mac to know what he was saying, no sir. But how could he let Scott know what his brain was still working out?
Scott's struggling ceased when Dave's head was yanked back and the gun shoved into the soft part of his throat. Mac had maneuvered the boy and himself so no one could see what was going on behind it. Dave gagged and coughed when the metal was slammed into the delicate area of his vocals. The gagging coughing sound soon turned into full blown coughing causing Dave's face to turn a violent shad of red. Mac was forced to take the gun away from Dave's throat when the boy doubled over at the waist to make his breathing easier. Mac tossed a quick glance at Scott to see his reaction. Much to his surprise, the older boy had tears streaming down his face seeing the sorry condition of his brother.
"What's yer name? Dave idn't it? Stop coughin' and get in the bathroom...now!" Mac's tone had started out gently, but turned harsher in the end. He couldn't allow the kids to see he was really a softy most of the time.
"IN THE bathroom, now would be nice." A wave with the gun was all that was needed to get Scott and Bob to help the wheezing Dave in the bathroom and Clint helped out by throwing a dirty look at their captor.

The boys made it to the bathroom and all had to take turns as there was only two stalls, much to their embarrassment. Once they were done, Clint decided to throw a comment out to his brothers.
"Hey guys? Know what I just realized?"
"You can pee standing up?" Bob chirped. Stiffled laughter could be heard from the doorway and Bob grinned as his brother's rolled their eyes.
"Yes Einstein, I did. But that's not it."
He made sure Mac couldn't see when he stated, "We could bust him so easy right now couldn't we? The van's like, over a hundred feet away isn't it?"
Everyone but Dave looked hopeful with the suggestion and immediately started shaking his head 'no'.
"What about the others? How can we get them outta there?" A slight twang of Dave's Canadian accent came with those questions.
"Couldn't we auhhh..couldn't we give a description of the van and like, what direction it was goin?" Bob asked hopefully, then slapped himself in the head for being so loud.
"That'll work, here's what we'll do." Clint proceeded to explain his plan to his brothers who all nodded. It was time to put this thing into action.

Trembling and holding in tears that threatened to overflow, Scott crouched low behind a decorative boulder and held back a sob, pressing his back against the rock. Where had this all gone wrong? Where was the fault in this? The plan seemed so tight! And where was Bob? He'd seen Clint and Dave dive behind some bushes and a rather scary looking tree but he'd lost track of the middle triplet when he made a mad dash for his rock. His attempts in not crying failed as hot tears streamed quickly down his cheeks. Had any of this been his-

"Look you fucked up little shits! Where ever the hell you are, come out now or I swear to God I'll kill Bob here with no second thoughts! Get the fuck out here damn it!" Jon screamed. He was beyond mad, he'd never felt this angry before.

Scott quickly weighed the consequences out in his mind, he was about to jump up and run to his little brother, wrap his arms around him, and tell him everything would be alright. But then he caught Dave's big doe eyes from the back of a tree behind Scott's stone and his quick headshake. Scott creased his brows and pointed fiercely over his shoulder to his brother in distress then raised his eyebrows. Dave gave a quick headshake and flashed his pleading eyes once more. He could not, COULD NOT, stand another minute back in that hellish van. The men up front would never turn the air conditioner on, they'd only take pee breaks once or twice a day, and lets not forget the non stop abusive treatment they'd received so far. And the good lord knew that chances were a million to one that this thing would have a happy ending.
"Ohhh, that's why Dave's freaked. Duh."

All of the sudden a gun shot rang out and Bob's screams filled the air a nano second later.

"Bob!" Three voices shrieked together. Scott couldn't handle anymore, he didn't care what Dave thought, he had to see Bob.now! Jumping up from behind his rock, Scott felt his stomach drop to his knees when he saw the blood on Bob's hands and hair.
"Om my gawd! He shot him! He shot him!"
Scott was going temporarily insane until he heard Bob wail and roll over onto his back. Scott could scarcely believe that he'd survived a gun shot to the head but what he didn't know was Bob had only been pistlewhipped, a nasty wound but by far a less serious one then a shot to the head. Bob was clearly unconsious. Scott turned around to look for his other brothers, holding his shoulders stiffly so Jon couldn't see how hard he was shaking. The sight he saw puzzled him. Empty clearing; no brothers.
"What the crap...where are they?"
"Scott you'd best not move if you want Bob to stay alive, hear?"
"Yes sir." Was Scott's meek answer.
"Clint and Dave! I'd recommend coming out now!" He waited for a minute or so then started back up. "Very well! No you'll have two dead brother's instead of one!"
And Jon fired his gun into the air and Scott crouched to the ground quickly. The gun shot was all that was needed to cause Dave and Clint to bolt out of hiding and stop dead in their tracks seeing Scott standing up perfectly fine.
"Smart move asswipes. Now get your asses in the van and I mean NOW!" Jon thundered. He watched the healthy three start walking to the van, but stop dead in their tracks for Bob.
"What about Bob?" Scott asked in a steely tone, "We can't leave him here, somebody'll find him and they'll know you were he-"
"Damn it Scott! Shut the fuck up every once and awhile!"
"Point. Mac, Jamie! Front and center! Take our Bobby boy here and toss him in the back. YOU three! Get yer asses in the back now! Star, tie em up now bitch." Jon smiled as he watched them obey his orders.

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