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This page is all about me being an identical twin. I hope you find this page informative and amusing.


Alot of people have been asking me if I am a twin, because I use the tag (monitwin). Yes I am! I am a identical twin. This page is going to be all about me being a twin and what is it like. I hope you find humor and a lot of smiles. This is for all the identical twins in the world. But even if you are not, this page will be fun to read and view. Read on and have fun!

Being a twin is a very special gift. I am so lucky to be one. I am the oldest one by three minutes. We share the closest bond that most single people will never understand. She is my soul mate and best friend. I can tell my sister anything. We share the deepest secrets. I know she will always be there for me. I am never jealous or feel I have to compete with her.
Our parents raised us to be individuals,knowing our strengths and weeknesses. We are confident in ourselves in who we are. We never compare ourselves with each other. We are both very artistic, but due to the fact my sister is married and raising a family she can't always find the time to draw and paint like I do, so I am more involved in my art career since I am single and not married! And yes we do have a physic bond. I always know what she is thinking. We used to drive our mother nuts, because I would look at my sister and think in my mind I wanted to do something with her and she would say YES out loud and our mom would say," Yes, to what?" and Monette would say, " Oh, Monica just asked me to do something." And our mother would roll her eyes. (chuckle)
There were plenty of times we felt each others pain. One time she cut her finger and passed out and I was in the other room reading a newspaper and while I was reading everything flashed black and I knew Monette passed out. I also knew she was pregnant with her first child before she did. Why? Because I had two periods in the same month. I told her I had her period for her because she was probably pregnant and sure enough she went to her doctor and she was! Well I could go on and on with so many stories, but it would fill to many pages!

Click on image for larger view of pictures. I am on the right in all the pictures, except the ones where we are are clapping, standing by the christmas tree, sitting on the stairs with short hair, sleeping on the couch and where we are singing!

Baby pic of Monica and Monette clapping to music Monica and Monette standing by christmas tree The rocking twins The glamor twins Us with short hair Us with short hair Us with our Snoopy dogs The singing twins When the twins were blonde

Silly questions or comments about being twins. These were actually said or asked to us. If you are a identical twin and have any silly questions or comments to add to this list, feel free to email me.

1. How do you tell each other apart? (As if we didn't know!!) (smile)

2. Were you born together? (This one was a winner!!)

3. Twins should not be in the same classes or they will never think they are individuals. (Yeah as if I think I am my sister!)

4. Twins shouldn't dress alike or they will never be independent people. (We dressed alike all the way through high school and we are very independent. We wanted to dress the same, but I think it is up to twins to decide and not to be forced to dress alike or not.)

5. Do identical twins have the same fingerprints? (Not such a silly question. They are similar, but not identical. Even identical twins have slight differences, if you look closely.)

6. Do you ever get yourselves mixed up? (Once again same answer as question 1.)

7. If I hit you, will the other one feel it? (No, but if you hit me I would hit you back!) (Chuckle)

8. Do you think you will marry twins? (No, my sister is married and he is not a twin, but when we were teens we thought about it!)

9. Do you both like the same guys? (No, our taste in men are very different, remember we may look the same but we are very different in a lot of ways.)

10. Did you ever switch on boyfriends? (Nope.)

11. How are you alike or different? (We share the same tastes in some things, but we do like different things too.)

12. Are you you or your sister? (This question was sent to me from Meredith. She said it was asked by guy a few years ago to her and her sister. She said it comes in handy when people ask them what was the funniest question people have asked them. It is a winner!!!!)

13. Are you sisters? (This question was sent to me from Jenny Waldrop who said, "DUUUHHH how obvious was that one?" This one is a winner!!) (Chuckle)

14. Which one is the real one? (This question was recently told to me, by a mother that said her little daughter asked her when she saw my sister and I one day! I thought that it was cute!)

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