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How I began being an artist.


At the age of 13 I discovered I had a talent of drawing faces. My first portrait was of Sitting Bull, the great Indian chief. I started drawing Native Americans because their faces were so rich in detail and life. Then I started drawing movie stars and rock and roll personalities. I drew from photos for quite a few years. In high school, in my senior year, my twin sister and I drew individual portraits of each of our classmates from their class photos, for a special graduation gift to our class. This took us all year to complete this project. On the day we graduated, the walls of the auditorium were covered with them. We drew over 200 students. It was a rewarding experience. It made me dig for more depth and detail in my art work.

After high school I never stopped drawing. I started to get into other media as well. I finally at the age of 22 went to the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. I only stayed for the first semester due to financial stress. This made me sad, but I never stopped creating art. Even in this short period of time the school taught me so much. It made me want to reach into myself for more depth in my drawings and paintings.

As the years went by I wanted more then just a straight serious face to draw. I wanted to capture emotion and increase my mastery in facial expression. I wanted to go beyond the face and capture and convey a deeper meaning in who I drew. I wanted to see and draw or paint what people felt deep inside. I don't want to draw just the surface. I want to capture innocence, love, joy, ecstasy, pain, suffering, ect.

My main media I use is pastels and pencil. I love working with the chalk, blending and molding each piece I create. I find I can get into deep details and lines with pastels. Pencil lets me work with shadow and depth. I really enjoy the satisfaction of capturing the essense of who I draw. I also love oil paint, because you can build and build with the paint. Pastels and oil paint are more of a challenge to me.

Well this is a brief history of who I am and how I feel about Art. I hope you enjoy my paintings and drawings in my home page. Please sign my Guestbook with your comments. I would love to hear from you.

Name: Monica Geist
Birthday: October 13th
Interests: Art of course! I also like, reading, writing poetry and long stories, watching old movies, walking on the beach, singing and a lot more.



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