by Monica Geist

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This is poetry that I have written over the years. If you want to use any of my poetry in any way you have to ask permission first. I hope you enjoy my inner thoughts. I will be updating this page from time to time with new poems. Enjoy and good reading! Please feel free to sign my Guest book or email me at: monitwin@email.msn.com with your thoughts or comments! Thanks for viewing this page.


This page is where I will display all of my Poetry. Enjoy!

These poems were written by Monica Geist!


Low the darkness of hate.
The suffering held within this fate.
Burning buildings, screaming pain.
Torturing dramas fall like rain.
Can't escape the tears we mourn.
Our desperate hearts forever torn.

Slowly the smoke reaches the sky.
Our eyes look up asking why.
Leaving us images of devastation.
Caught in our own desolation.
Faces twisted, blinking tears.
Hearts filled with dreaded fear.
Loved ones lost in the rolling dust.
Heroes gather, their hearts are just.

A need for heroes, no more strive.
Watching them searching for signs of life.
Hope never fades in their sad worn faces.
They touch, reaching out for tiny life traces.
A nation slowly blends into one.
They gave us hope when there was none.
We give to them our undying love.
We feel their courage from the voices above.

by Monica Geist - 2001

This poem was written in honor of all the heros and victims of 9/11. It is my tribute to them. God Bless them all!


The starving hearts are breaking.
And now where is the pain ?
I see their eyes just staring.
Keeping their voices in refrain.
The hunger pressing against them.
Deep in silent screams.
The reflection is a sad time.
Only peace is in their dreams.

And can you hear them crying?
Reaching to relieve the fears.
Can we say we love them?
And feel their distant tears.
Children hold their hands in hunger.
Needing the warmth of love.
There is nothing they can offer.
Only their faith from above.

You'll be captured by the saddness.
Your heart won't turn to stone.
When you see these gentle people.
Who are homeless and all alone.
The reality is no illusion.
And there will be no doubt.
God put us here to save them.
And never to cast them out.

by Monica Geist - 1985

I wrote this poem in honor of 'Mother Theresa'. Every time you saw her on television or in photos she was always helping someone with her unconditional love. She influenced me so much in my life. She taught the world that love matters the most, not material goods that society holds to important now a days. She was a beautiful human being and is sadly missed in my heart.


Massiveness of flesh.
Eats the red apple.
Given by a love.
White, hard bones.
Which never break.

Can lift heavy objects.
Soft, gentle in mind and soul.
Arms of veins which can be . . .
Seen on the skin.
Reaching for a love.

Hands rough, dry.
A map runs all over it.
Each finger like a snake.
Which grasps around a
love's waist.

Strength, inner strength.
Eyes piercing, blue with
a tint of red.
Love, wants love.
Needs it desperately.

Lips as cold as ice.
Pressing against soft
warmth, awaking.
Has the love it needs.
A soft round flesh.

by Monica Geist - 2004

I wrote this poem when I was in high school. I was thinking about true love between a man and a woman. Two souls that are bonded in marriage and discover each other for the first time.


My eyes are filled with stinging dust.
A world that says war is just.
My ears ache from the screams of pain.
Listening to lies that are said in vain.
Oh my body cries from being beaten down.
Where hate envelops the soul all around.

I see hate of skin color here.
It makes my body rigid with fear.
Counties fight for reasons so small.
Why do people have to see it all?
Anger and tears within our very souls.
For then all we see is vengence for our foes.

I look up and see the vastness of space.
And I realize why there are tears on my face.
Were so small on this world so huge.
I know man will never learn not to abuse.
Our songs tell us to live and love.
Oh I wish I could run to the stars above.

Oh people come dream with me.
For a place where love and peace are seen.
Where no longer violence is found.
But a place where laughter is its only sound.
Where love is its only cure.
Where freedom is found year after year.

by Monica Geist - 2004

I wrote this poem when I thought of all the hate and violence in world and how much I wished mankind would find peace with one another. I still wish it in my heart. I have learned to treat others as equals no matter who they are... because in the end we are all earthlings.


Your eyes look within my soul and you are placed in every
fiber of my being. I feel a warm evening breeze gently
caress my face as our hands touch to a burning need. And
my heart is lost in ecstasy.

A dream cries out in the dark. The mist slowly rises and
captures an unspoken love. You stand before me. I long
to feel your gentle kiss to still this aching heart. I
long to touch your body against mine and feel the rhythm
of our souls blend slowly into one.

The days pass and your image never fades in my spirit. My
existence is always your desire. As I give all my expressions
and manifestations that are alive within me. In this I will
find exquisite joy in your tender soul.

I love you with all my human capacity. Your manly beauty
within transcends into the emotion you make visible. You
become my essence of my personal universe. You calm my
fustration and you touch my inner peace.

by Monica Geist - 1989

Just a passionate poem that I envisioned of two souls that are deeply in love.


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