Only Time Will Tell

Chapter 7 - Isaac's Search

Nadroj was curiously looking at this odd vehicle of transportation; he was sitting in as the lights of the city were passing by. He enjoyed seeing his friend's world and was very interested in exploring it. He looked over at Isaac and saw that he was seriously paying attention to the road.
"Do your kind always travel like this?" Nodroj asked, smiling and noticed they turned onto a large blacktop, which was next to a huge structure.
"Most of the time. We walk and we also fly in airplanes Nodrow. Cool… isn't it?" Isaac laughed enjoying the fact that Nadroj was fascinated with everything.
"Interesting!" Nadroj shouted and then noticed that Isaac parked the car next to the building.
"Well we are here. This club is called, Black's Den. I know that Sid and Paul like to hang out here. Just stay next to me all night, okay Nodrow?" Isaac stated and unbuckled his seat belt. Nodroj unbuckled his too and noticed two females were walking down the sidewalk in front of the building. They both opened their doors and stepped out. One of the females gasped as she looked up at Nadroj.

"Holy… he is tall!" One girl shouted as the other one laughed.
"Hey don't stare at him, Mary!"
"Isn't that… it IS! That is Isaac Hanson!" June screamed excitedly, seeing that Isaac looked uncomfortable when she recognized him. He didn't feel much in the mood to flirt with anyone at the moment.

"Do they know you, my Isaac?" Nodroj asked looking at the girls and then back at him.
"Umm… Nodrow? Don't address me in that way." Isaac whispered, smiling a little and nodded toward the girls.
"What? How do you mean?"
"You know… don't say, 'my' Isaac. No one talks like that here. Just call me Ike. Okay?" Isaac explained seeing Nodrow nod, trying to understand. He didn't want to make any mistakes.

"Hey Isaac? Could I have your autograph?" Mary gushed, running over to him and then cautiously looked up at Nodroj.
"Umm… sure. Do you two come here often? I have never been here before." Isaac smiled as he took the girl's piece of paper, asking her name and then signed it.
"We come here a lot! Are any of your brothers with you?" June asked still feeling amazed by the height of Isaac's friend who stood there staring at them. She felt a shiver go up her spine feeling like he was studying her.
"No not tonight. Do either of you know Paul King or Sid Trost? I have been looking for them tonight. They are very good friends of mine." Isaac asked in a friendly tone of voice as he smiled at Mary. He did think she was cute, but he didn't want to get to sociable with them as he thought about his brothers and what his purpose was being here tonight.
"I know Sid, but I haven't seen him in a while. Why?" Mary answered, and thought that it was weird when the tall one cocked his head to the side looking at her intently. She backed away a little.
"Just wondering, that's all. I heard that they come here a lot to this club and they told me that it is a great place to hang out." Isaac explained seeing her smile back.
"Oh.. yeah it is a lot of fun here. They play some great music." Mary said and then looked up at Nadroj again. Isaac knew he should say something about him, sensing the girls were wondering who he was.
"Oh this is my cousin named, Josh. He just came in town to visit us for the week." Isaac smiled introducing Nodrow to Mary who grinned slightly looking at Nodrow curiously.
"Hello Mary." Nodrow said and then smiled back.
"Hi." Mary responded feeling somewhat embarrassed and blushed a little.
"I hope my height doesn't scare you."
"Umm… no! How tall are you?" Mary asked swallowing hard.
"At least nine colets high." Nodrow smiled as Isaac nudged him hard on his hip.
"What? What is co.. colets?" Mary laughed not knowing if she heard him right.
"He means feet. He... he has been out of the country for a... a while." Isaac quickly stammered hoping they wouldn't think that Nodrow was too strange.
"I never heard of that word." June stated and then shrugged it off, which made Isaac feel relieved.
"Well if you guys see him, just tell him that Isaac was looking for him." Isaac said flashing them a big smile.
"Sure! I will tell him if I see him. Isn't he your bodyguard? He told me one night that he was. I didn't know whether to believe him or not." June asked wanting to know.
"Yeah he is. I haven't seen him for a few days and wondered what happened to him. We are very concerned about him." Isaac stated seriously, hoping that they would pass on this information to him. He wanted Sid to know that he was here and looking for him.
"I haven't seen him in awhile myself. But if I see him I will let him know that you are looking for him." June assured him. Isaac nodded and then noticed that more people were coming and he wanted to get inside.
"Well I guess we should go in now." Isaac announced not wanting to stand out side anymore. He hoped that Paul or Sid might show up tonight.
"Okay… Ike, lets get into social gathering time." Nadroj exclaimed and wondered why the two females burst out laughing, including Isaac.
"Yeah let's do that!" Isaac said as they all went into the club.

Nadroj felt somewhat out of place and noticed that everyone was looking in his direction. Ike found a table that was near a wall and somewhat hidden from the crowd. They both sat down and scanned the crowd.
"It is very loud in here. Why do they play that music sound at such a high level?" Nadroj complained looking down at Isaac.
"Night clubs are like this. Just chill and take it easy. We will stay here for a while and then leave. It will be alright Nodrow." Isaac consoled him knowing that he didn't quite get what or how to take what was going on. A waitress approached their table and asked if they wanted anything to drink. Isaac ordered a beer and said that Nadroj just wanted a coke. She nodded and then walked away.
"You like this?" Nadroj frowned and watched three females walk by and smile at his Isaac.
"Yeah… it's fun!" Isaac shouted over the loud music.
"I hope something happens soon. I wish those men would show up and then we could lure them into our plan. I just hope that my Taylor and Zac are okay." Nadroj sadly rasped feeling sad and confused by the darkness and bright lights flashing everywhere. This planet of his friends amazed him. He watched the people and noticed they seemed to congregate on a large area of the floor and moved their bodies bizarrely to the music. He was amazed by everything.
"What are they doing out there?"
"They're dancing."
"Dancing? Why?"
"It's feels good." Isaac laughed, watching Nadroj's eyes widen with surprise.
"You come from a strange place my Isaac, but it is interesting too!" Nadroj exclaimed and sat back wanting to see more.
"I am going to walk around a bit and spread the word that we are looking for them. I hope somehow they find out." Isaac bellowed. "Don't talk to anyone and just sit here until I come back. Okay?"
"Yes Ike, but don't leave me here to long. I do feel very out of place." Nadroj exclaimed and then kept an eye on Isaac, watching him socialize with other people.

They sat in the nightclub for a few hours and sadly Sid or Paul never showed up. Finally Isaac wanted to leave and tomorrow they would try again. They got up and left the club walking out the door.
"That was very entertaining Isaac. I enjoyed seeing how your kind enjoy themselves." Nadroj expressed with awe.
"Well there is a lot more stuff that humans do to entertain themselves. We go to nightclubs, like this one, we go see movies, go out to eat and a ton more. Someday we should show you more of our world after we get Taylor and Zac back." Isaac said looking down at his feet sadly and then got into his car. Nadroj got into the passenger's side and buckled in again, like Isaac showed him to do.
"We will find them. They are somewhere out there. Tonight just wasn't the right time." Nadroj tried to assure him, feeling that Isaac was frustrated.
"I know. I am so tired. I guess we should go back home and get a night's rest and then start again tomorrow. I spread the word around to a lot of people in there."

When they finally got home and walked into the house they noticed that Walker was still up. Isaac threw the keys to his car on a table.
"Any luck?" Walker asked yawning.
"No… nothing, but we will start again tomorrow. Somehow we have to let them find me." Isaac said as he sat down on the couch heavily, next to his father. Walker put his arm around his shoulders and hugged him.
"How did Nodrow like our city?" Walker asked noticing that Nadroj smiled at him.
"I think your nightclub's are very peculiar my Walker. It was a memorable experience I must say." Nadroj said sitting down on a chair next to them.
"I spread the word that we are looking for them. I noticed that a lot of people were looking at Nodrow strangely. I was wondering if I should go alone the next time." Isaac said, seeing his father frown at him.
"No! I don't want you to be alone."
"But I thought that everyone was accepting me." Nadroj declared looking surprised that Isaac said that.
"It isn't anything against you Nodrow, but you do have to admit that you kept shocking everyone with your height. It would be a lot easier to just go alone. I would feel more at ease and taking less time worrying if you are acting in the proper way. You did make a few mistakes by a few of the things you said and happily I covered for you. Maybe you could still be around, but more like behind the scenes." Isaac explained, hoping they would agree with this plan.
"I could make myself undetectable. We don't want those men thinking that I am here."
"I just hope that we didn't make a mistake by having you with me tonight."
"Maybe we should have thought this through more when we were making plans." Walker added in and agreed with what his son was saying.
"Yes and when they do try to capture you again, I can follow without them knowing. I think it is a great idea. I have to admit I didn't really take pleasure in sitting in that nightclub too much tonight. I felt very out of place." Nadroj agreed, seeing Isaac and Walker smile and then nod their heads in understanding.
"I was trying to get in contact with Sam and still all I get is his answering machine. Also I tried to get in touch with Mike too and it is strange but everyone that was involved with, The Project, seems to be missing." Walker informed them seeing his son looking at him in a puzzled expression.
"Well maybe they wanted to make sure they had anyone who was connected with us to remain out of sight." Isaac pondered and felt somewhat scared. "Why would they kidnap everyone like this?"
"Then why wasn't I taken? I mean I know what is going on also?" Walker questioned feeling baffled.
"Yeah that is weird, but then I am happy that you aren't involved, Dad." Isaac stated with concern.
"When The Project, first kidnapped you and your brothers, your family wasn't involved and didn't know what was going on. Maybe that is why. Maybe they just took anyone that was connected with that Island at the time." Nadroj added trying to think of a reason that Walker didn't seem to interest them.
"Something is fishy here though. What do they know and how do they know?" Isaac said feeling annoyed.
"Hopefully we will find out more in few days. I want to know what is going on. What do they want with all of you?" Walker questioned sadly.
"Well I guess I should get some rest. I am very sleepy." Isaac yawned and then got up. Slowly he walked to his room feeling miserable. He wondered how his brothers were doing. Fear gnawed at him, hoping that they were all right.

He got ready for bed and then climbed in under the covers and stared up at the ceiling. He felt dejected and hoped that somehow they would know that he was back. Fitfully he fell asleep.

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