Only Time Will Tell

Chapter 6 - You Must Believe The Truth Before You - Continued

Taylor sat down on the edge of the bed, feeling angry, when suddenly he heard the door open and saw the being enter with his body in a shade of light blue. He swallowed hard watching the alien approach and grabbed a chair pulling it near the crystal glass of his cell, in front of the chair Taylor sat in earlier. He sat down and stared at the young man.
"Yes?" Taylor asked swallowing hard, hating that he sat there in front of him and said nothing.
"Did you think about what I told you, my young one?"
"I… I still can't believe what you told me is true." Taylor boldly stated and got up and sat down in the chair facing him.
"What would it take for you to believe me?" Enasin asked cocking his head slightly to the right.
"First of all who are you?"
"I am Enasin."
"No… where do you come from? I never heard of you before."
"Why would you my Taylor? I am just one of many on my world."
"You seem to know to much about Nadrow and my friends. How could you if you weren't close to them?" Taylor asked seeing that Enasin turned into a light shade of green and leaned toward him.
"Our people know everything that is going on. We are all interconnected." Enasin answered not liking the question very much.
"I… I don't believe that! I was on your world and…"
"You are very defiant my young one. You and your brothers will never fully understand the ways of our people."
"Show me your evidence then! You said that you had some to show me." Taylor exclaimed looking at him straight in the eyes.
"All in good time. I will show you what is happening to our world right now." Enasin stated and then cast a small bubble of energy to his left side. "You will see our planet the way it sits in space."
Taylor looked at the bubble and then could see an image of his friend's world appear before him. He could see that a green colored mist surrounded the whole world.
"Okay… I see your planet?" Taylor questioned wondering what he wanted him to see.
"The green mist shouldn't be there. Now I will show you your world…" Enasin said and then put up an image of the planet Earth. Taylor could see that there was an odd light greenish color that seemed to be penetrating their atmosphere. He licked his lips feeling scared knowing something didn't seem right.
"This is what the bond is doing to both our worlds. If this energy grows stronger it will destroy all life, as we know it on both our planets. Do you want that to happen Taylor?"
"I don't understand. Why would my connection cause this? What is that stuff?" Taylor asked feeling confused.
"In time I will let you know. But think about what I have shown you for now. I assure you that this sickness that creeps onto our worlds is due to the existence of Nadroj."
"How? Why? Explain that to me! I want to know right now!" Taylor rasped with annoyance hating that this alien was keeping him in the dark.
"For now let the images sink in. I will be back later to explain more to you and show you more."
"No! Don't just leave me here and not tell me why!" Taylor shouted angrily watching Enasin get up with his body in a shade of yellow. He quickly got up feeling helpless.
"I promise in the end everything will make sense Taylor." Enasin said feeling amused that he upset the young creature and also glad that his curiosity was getting to him. He wanted him to thirst for more knowledge from him. He didn't like the anger then exuded from him and wanted Taylor to be in a state of mind where he could manipulate his thoughts and emotions more easily.
"I am not stupid. Why are you just giving me bits and pieces here! If you want to prove your point to me, then tell me everything! Don't just walk away!" Taylor yelled still seeing that Enasin was ignoring him. He pounded his fist on the table. "Do you hear me? E-NA-SIN?"
He saw that he opened the door and then walked out shutting it behind him. Taylor couldn't believe he just left him alone again. He sat down heavily on his bed and then flopped down pondering the images that Enasin just showed him.
"It can't be true. If there was some kind of mist around our planet it would be on the news. He's lying to me. He is just trying to trick me!" Taylor thought as he squeezed his eyes shut tightly. Frustration was taking hold and he then fitfully fell asleep.


Zac paced the room feeling very hungry, when he saw the door open to his room and noticed that Larry walked in with a tray in his hands. He gave him a dirty look as he sat down by the table.
"Are you hungry Zac?" Larry asked, holding the tray of food.
"Yeah… just shove it through!" Zac angrily said watching Larry smile at him. "What's so funny?"
"Are you going to throw it again?"
"I would like to throw it in your ugly face!" Zac exclaimed and stood up.
"Yeah, I bet you would." Larry laughed and then opened the clear box and slid it in. He shut the door and then watched the tray slide to Zac's side of the crystal room. He stood back thinking that maybe he would throw it again as he watched Zac roughly grab the tray and carry it to the table, placing it down loudly. Zac sat down and lifted the lid seeing meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy with corn on the side. The aroma of the food made his mouth water.
"You can go away now!" Zac expressed with distain seeing that Larry was smirking at him.
"Your hunger got the best of you… huh?" Larry laughed and crossed his arms over his chest, watching Zac turn toward him.
"Well I am not stupid enough to let myself starve to death, you idiot!"
"I thought you said that you wouldn't eat until you got to see your brother."
"Larry? Once I get out of here… you better be far away from here." Zac grumbled seeing that Larry frowned at his statement.
"I'm not scared of you kid!"
"I guarantee you will be." Zac rasped pulling his hair back with his hand.
"Go ahead and think that Zac." Larry laughed and then left the room, leaving Zac staring down at his food. He picked up his fork and dug into the mashed potatoes, wishing he could find a way to contact Isaac. He just had this feeling that he was out there looking for him and Taylor. He took a bite of food and chewed slowly, when suddenly he jumped when he caught some movement in the left corner of his eye. He turned sucking in a breath of air seeing Enasin standing there looking at him. He gulped hard wanting to know why he didn't hear or see him come in.
"What the?" Zac shouted and stood up quickly.
"I was speaking to your brother earlier today and wanted to know what you thought also about what I told you." Enasin said in a soft tone of voice.
"I think what you told me is a lie! You can't expect us to believe what you said. I thought about it and there are too many holes in your story." Zac boldly exclaimed and saw that the alien turned into a shade of blue.
"I see that both of you are very stubborn creatures, but I can understand that it will take some time for both of you to see and understand the truth."
"The truth is that for some reason you hate our friend, Nadrow and you want to get back at him for some reason and you are using these men here to go against our friends and us! That is what I believe and you are NOT going to change my mind! Got that?" Zac fumed hitting the glass angrily making the alien take a step backwards.
"Why would you say that, my young one? I am here to protect both of our worlds. You will realize that very soon." Enasin rasped, not liking this one at all. He tried to remain calm from the outburst.
"All I know is that you better not hurt my brother in any way! I don't trust you at all! Just leave me alone and…" Zac said grabbing the tray of food and put it in the slot. "… you can take that with you!"
Enasin stared down at the food as it slid to his side. He grabbed the tray as Zac watched his hand. He jumped a little when he saw that Enasin's hand seemed to be black in color and translucent. He crinkled his eyebrows together feeling shocked and then looked up seeing that the rest of his body looked white.
"I think you should take in your nourishment my young one." Enasin cooed softly and then pushed it back so it slid back towards Zac's side again. He looked up at him and noticed that Zac backed away from him looking baffled.
"Who are you?" Zac rasped with fear filling his heart. Something wasn't right. He stared at this alien feeling uncertain of where he said he came from and who he was now.
"I am Enasin and I…"
"You're not from their planet! Are you? Who are you and what do you want?" Zac demanded backing up to the other side of the crystal room.
"Why would you say that?" Enasin asked feeling confused by the creature's reasoning. He couldn't understand how he knew this, when it suddenly struck him that he saw his hand in the food slot.
"I want to talk to those guys! NOW!" Zac yelled feeling desperate as he started to tremble.
"What you saw is the result of the sickness on our world, my Zac! You saw my hand, didn't you, my young one?" Enasin asked trying to cover up what was his true identity. He knew from now on he must be very careful. Both Taylor and Zac could see beyond the surface of the image that only they could see.
"Sickness? What are you talking about?" Zac asked with his eyes wide.
"The presence of Nadroj is destroying our kind and you just saw the result of what is happening to our people. We will all die if he isn't stopped. I didn't want to reveal this to you for a while yet, but you must now take in what you saw and think about how important it is that your brother must cut off all bonds with Nadroj." Enasin explained with sorrow resounding in his voice. He watched Zac raise his eyebrows in surprise.
"No! I don't believe you! Why wouldn't Demi or the rest of our friends have said something, if that was true?" Zac questioned feeling very sick to his stomach.
"They don't want you to know. They want Nadroj to be the new race of our people even if it means the end to their lives. Neque is insane. Her end is very near and this was her goal. She thinks she is giving her people a legacy and a better existence, but the people are revolting. We must succeed and you must help us!" Enasin bitterly exclaimed, hoping that he would fool him into believing him.
"This all sounds crazy! Please go away! Leave me alone!" Zac shouted feeling extremely confused and scared.
"I will come back very soon to talk with you. Taylor will know what I have just told you. I showed him the sickness that is covering our planets. We don't have much time. You take care Zac and think about what I said." Enasin said and then quickly left the room. He walked down the hall feeling assured that he didn't give away who he really was. He hoped that Dipust, The Beloved, wouldn't be angry with him. He knew he could see everything, no matter where his people were.

Zac could feel that something wasn't right. He could tell by the tone of Enasin's voice that he was lying in a sense. Something was very different about this creature, but seemed very familiar also. He couldn't place it. He wished he could speak to Taylor somehow and tell him what he saw. That hand wasn't anything like their friends in structure. He closed his eyes and thought of the image of the hand. Suddenly his eyes popped open when he realized he saw that this alien had only three fingers and a thumb. And he knew that their friends had four fingers and a thumb, just like them. Zac felt sick to his stomach and knew that he was going to keep what he saw a secret for now.
"I have to keep to this to myself. If I don't... he might hurt Tay! Oh God… I have to get out of here somehow! What is happening out there? This alien isn't from Nadrow's world." Zac thought frantically, feeling like this crystal cell was closing in on him. He prayed that Ike would find them soon.

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