Only Time Will Tell

Chapter 7 - Isaac's Search - Continued

Enasin was gazing out the window and pondering about his next meeting with the Taylor one. He knew he had to break down the love that Taylor felt for this being called Nadroj. Suddenly a presence disrupted his thoughts. He looked up and knew that the third mind was out there. He closed his eyes and concentrated letting his mind drift over the miles. He stopped and could see the young one in a dark room filled with people. He watched as he conversed with three human females. He could hear him asking if they have seen Sid or Paul.
"He is looking for them? Very good, young one." Enasin cooed under his breath. He thought Isaac was stupid for showing where he was, because he knew that his brothers were kidnapped. "Maybe he wants us to find him. Well I will give him what he wants."

Several hours later he called a meeting with Nick, Ed, Sid and Paul. They were in a room waiting for him to come and explain what was so urgent. They looked up when he entered and approached the table they were sitting at.
"What is this all about E-na-sin?" Nick asked, wanting to get back to the monitor room to watch what Taylor and Zac were doing.
"I have something to tell you. The third one is out there and looking for Sid. I saw him tonight with my mind. I want Sid and Paul to go to him. We need him, but you must be very careful when you come into contact with him. I feel as if he isn't alone. I sense that he wants us to find him."
"You want Paul and I to kidnap him? Now wait a minute here! Will we be any danger?" Sid questioned not liking this plan at all.
"I will give you some weapons to protect yourself against him or anyone for that matter." Enasin explained and then walked near a shelf and pulled out a black looking box. He carried it back to the table and placed it down gently. They all watched him open it and curiously wanted to know what was inside. Enasin took out two odd looking instruments. They looked like wands that measured about seven inches in length and were silver in color. The ends were rounded and were colored black. There were star shaped buttons going up the length of the wand, colored red, green, and blue.
"What are those?" Paul asked, crinkling up his eyebrows.
"These will protect you. This red button will put a barrier around you and this green one is to use if you are in immediate danger. It will shoot out a beam of energy that will destroy anything in front of you. This blue one has a drug in it to knock out Isaac. Just put the top end against his forehead like this." Enasin instructed and showed them just how to place it. They saw a short like needle suddenly stick out when he pressed the blue button.
"Okay… sounds good. But what did you mean you think he is not alone?" Ed asked as he sat back in his chair feeling very unsure about things. He didn't like sending out these men into the city. He liked that everyone connected with the Taylor and Zac were here in the complex and undetectable to the outside.
"I think that their friends are here also, on this world, and they are keeping a watch over him. They don't know that I am aware of this."
"Why isn't Larry going with us?" Sid asked, looking at the instrument that the alien handed him.
"I want him here with Zac for now."
"Are sure about this? If we send Sid and Paul out there and say things go wrong…" Nick began flipping his hand in the air.
"What could go wrong?" Sid asked feeling suddenly scared.
"Say things back fire and they capture you instead. I don't want anyone leading them here to us." Nick stated seriously as he leaned forward hoping his point would be taken into consideration.
"Nothing will go wrong. I do not want them to approach the young one in less they are assured he is totally alone. I will be keeping in contact with them at all times. I will inform them if it is safe or not, so do not worry so much. I want them going out tomorrow and first let them selves be seen by other people who will tell Isaac that they are around. We will lure him to a place where no one is around. I want you two to follow everything I say. Do you understand?"
"Yes… okay. What if Ike tries to use his powers against us? I mean the dude is very powerful." Sid asked, remembering what Isaac did to him the last time.
"Just keep that barrier up and nothing he tries will hurt you." Enasin assured him. Sid nodded and felt relieved.
"Can we try out these weapons, so we can get a feel for them?" Paul asked seeing Enasin cock his head to the left side.
"There is a room near the entrance to this building where you can do that, but be careful." Nick informed him.
"Okay, let's go then Sid."
"I will go with you and make sure you understand how to use them." Enasin said as Sid and Paul got up. Nick and Ed watched as they all left the room.
"I hope he knows what he is doing." Nick said looking at Ed, as they both headed back to the monitor room.
"I am sure everything will be fine Nick. You worry too much. This being must know what he is doing." Ed answered opening up the door as they entered the room. They both sat down and noticed that Taylor and Zac were still sleeping.


Sam sat by his table in his room, staring down at the empty plate in front of him. His supper wasn't sitting to well in his stomach. He was concerned about Taylor. He looked up at a monitor that these so-called government men placed into this room, which he was trapped in. He wondered why they would do this. Why did they want him to see what was going on? He was angry that they were trying to manipulate Taylor into believing that Nadroj was evil. Slowly he got up and looked out the window. He wanted desperately to escape this place.
"Hold on Tay! Don't let them do this to you." Sam thought angrily and could see that Taylor was sleeping for now. He wished he could talk to Taylor and Zac. He noticed that Isaac's room was empty and figured somehow that they didn't capture him yet. He hoped that Ike could find them. He wondered when they were going to talk to him again or was he just here so all links to them couldn't be traced.


Neque stared out of the window of her crystal home and was worried about her young ones. She sensed danger all around her, but couldn't quite place her fears. Something was out there. Something evil was spreading. She got up and headed for the book of Serpow. She gently opened the pages and flipped toward the end. She gasped as she stood back. She could see that there was a history that was unfolding in the book and it involved the world of their friends. It didn't reveal anymore then a picture of a dark green mist that was heading for their planet. She couldn't understand what it was. She never saw anything like it before. Neque knew she had to tell Isaac and Nadroj what she saw in the book. The words only stated that an energy force was heading for the planet called Earth. She couldn't understand why the book would tell of the history of their friend's world. What did it have to do with her people? Suddenly she could see another image forming on the next page. Her heart fell when she could see that it was the face of Taylor, twisted into a look of anguish and tears were dripping down his face. Another face was forming next to Taylor's and it was of Nadroj with almost the same expression. She could see the image of a broken heart above them.
"What could this mean?" She wondered sadly with nothing more forming at the moment. Something out there was breaking them apart. Two words suddenly revealed itself… The Beloved.

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