Only Time Will Tell

Chapter 6 - You Must Believe The Truth Before You

Enasin sat in the dark liking the fact that he set in place the plan to achieve his goal with the young men. But it still angered him that these incompetent beings didn't capture all three of the minds who could, disrupt and destroy his objective. He knew it would be hard to break down the one called Taylor. He could sense his strong bond with the one called Nadroj. He knew that Taylor was the one of the three that he had to convince, that Nadroj wasn't what he thought he was. These so-called government men disturbed him greatly. Their minds were too easy to believe whatever he would tell them. He found their stupidity amusing. All he did was show them a few pieces of evidence and they were easily swayed to his side. He realized that humans were distrusting and would grow fearful out of ignorance over anything they didn't understand. He used those traits to his advantage and through them he would attain his goal of his mission. He hoped that his people could hold out for a few months longer, while he would try to sway these young ones to believe all that he would tell him. He knew the emotion of love and trust that they held for the people of Escapsemit was going to be hard to break down. He knew that for the survival of his kind he had to cut off all ties to this being called Nadroj. He could be the one who would stop his kind from taking what they needed from this fertile world called Earth. He knew once he could make the young one, called Taylor, block the Slegan from this world then he could take whatever he wanted without interference. Once the goal was attained then he would destroy the three minds so nothing could stand in their way. Enasin got up and looked out the window seeing the fertile landscape in the distance. He could almost taste the freshness of what he hungered for. These indigenous beings of this world were inferior to his kind and didn't deserve or realize what a gift they had in this planet. To wipe them off this planet would be a blessing in his mind. Then his people could absorb all the richness of this world and live as one with the fruits of land. He knew he should report in to Dipust, the beloved of his kind. He was the center of who they were as a superior race. He was the beginning and end of his people. They were born of the light and energy to take what was rightfully theirs. In the beginning there was an evil darkness that almost destroyed them, but Dipust conquered the cold death and became the founding father of his people. Through him they were born and their purpose was to absorb all that they would come in contact with. It was their purpose and reason for living. He wondered how Dipust discovered this world and knew that he seemed to have an overwhelming desire for taking this planet called Earth. How he knew about Nadroj and Taylor's bond he couldn't understand and wondered why he found it necessary to destroy them. It was as if Dipust feared them and couldn't understand why. All Enasin knew is that he must do his job, to break the bond between these two and he would do so without question for his love for Dipust. After all… he was the most powerful and his reason for living. Without him… he and his kind wouldn't exist. He was told that the form he was in now was the form of his beginning and soon they would all transform into this state. They were evolving and needed a world that would sustain them and Earth was chosen as their new home. Enasin, for some reason, felt that he belonged here. It was as if the DNA he held inside was somehow connected with these beings and that mystified him. Someday he hoped that Dipust would reveal more to him why this feeling he had inside overwhelmed him. He then walked over to the chair by the desk and sat down and reached out with his mind to connect with The Beloved. Later he would then speak to the being called Taylor once again.


"Well what do you think?" Isaac asked watching his mother and father smile. Walker started to laugh seeing Nadroj dressed up in human clothes, looking very uncomfortable.
"I don't like this! How can you stand these coverings? It makes my skin crawl." Nadroj moaned, while he scratched the side of his leg, not liking the feeling of the denim next to his skin.
"It was hard finding clothes that would fit you and personally I think I did a great job." Isaac laughed seeing Nadroj throwing him a look of disgust.
"I just hope he will pass off as one of us. I have to say that Diana did a good job with the makeup though. He does look almost human." Walker added in while he smiled and turned toward Diana, who was shaking her head. She carefully placed the blonde wig on Nadroj's head, noticing that he frowned and reached up touching the top of his head lightly.
"This feels strange." Nadroj protested, looking at Isaac who smiled at him.
"Well the wig will cover the sides of your head, since you don't have ears like us. I think it looks rather good on you." Isaac chuckled seeing Nadroj throw him a look.
"If you say so." Nadroj mumbled and figured he would just have to get used to all this.
"I just hope that somehow you two can find Tay and Zac. I am so worried. I hope that they are okay." Diana sadly said bringing them all back to the purpose of why Nadroj was here.
"I still can't seem to locate them with my mind. Whoever is out there knows how to block physic energy." Nadroj stated feeling an overwhelming frustration fill him. He was desperately worried about his Taylor and Zac.
"Well I know all the hangouts of Paul, Sid and Larry. I just hope I can control my anger when we do run into one of them. To think that we trusted them!" Isaac fumed while he gazed out the window of their living room.
"What is strange is that I can't get in contact with Sam or Don. I tried calling them and all I get is their answering machines. Where did they go?" Walker asked with a feeling of dread overpowering him, thinking that maybe they were taken also, like his sons.
"Somehow I think they were kidnapped too. Rotcod should be here momentarily to place the tracking device in your body my Isaac." Nadroj said watching Isaac nod his head. He could sense that Isaac was longing for his brothers. He could feel the loneliness in his heart.
"I still don't like this idea of sticking Isaac out there as a pawn." Walker expressed with concern looking at Nadroj who blinked slowly at him.
"Dad? It is the only way to find out where they took Tay and Zac. I have to try to lure them out. I know that they wanted all of us. I just don't understand how they found out about us. Who told them and why? Why all the secrecy? I have to find out what they want out of us." Isaac exclaimed with frustration filling his heart.
"I think I should go with you guys. I don't…"
"Dad…. No! Not this time. You have to stay out of this situation. We can handle it." Isaac assured him.
"Just keep me informed about what is going on. I have to know."
"I will Dad. I promise. Que will be with us also. She is connected with us at all times."
"But what if when they capture you, somehow they will cut us off? These people seem to have had this whole thing planned for years." Walker pointed out, making Isaac frown.
"Hopefully when they do capture me, the trace that Rotcod will put in me, will lead you to where we are."
"I just hope this whole plan works out."
They all turned when suddenly a bubble formed in the middle of the room and saw Rotcod and Neqeu come through, with Rotcod holding a crystal box with something inside.
"I have the device for Isaac, so we can know where he is at all times of day and night." Rotcod stated feeling nervous while he placed the box gently on the coffee table in front of him. "I need you to sit down my Isaac. This won't take long and should be pretty painless."
"If they capture him… will they be able to discover that this thing is in him? I don't want anything to go wrong." Walker expressed with concern, watching Isaac sit down on the couch looking up at Rotcod who approached him.
"This is made out of Isaac's DNA and should not be detected by whoever is out there. It will be hidden within his body." Rotcod explained and gently turned Isaac's head to the left looking at his neck.
"Will it be easy to remove once you find us?" Isaac asked gulping hard watching Neqeu walk up holding the crystal box in her hands.
"Actually it will never have to be taken out my Isaac. The implant will dissolve after a year. It will attach itself like it is apart of you." Neqeu explained as Isaac's eyes grew wide.
"Okay… that sounds cool, I think." Isaac stammered when Rotcod opened the box and took out the implant and another tool. He carefully took the tool and attached the device to the side of it. He gently placed the gadget against Isaac's neck on the left side. Isaac could feel heat penetrating the side of his neck and closed his eyes feeling a little dizzy.
"It's in. How do you feel?" Rotcod asked noticing that Isaac seemed to turn into a pale shade.
"I feel a little dizzy and sick to my stomach." Isaac rasped looking up at Rotcod.
"That feeling should pass once it settles in. Just give it a few moments and then it will be like it was always apart of you." Rotcod informed him and then made sure that it was working properly. He switched on the tool that he used to place the implant in his neck.
"Is it working? I'm starting to feel better." Isaac asked blinking slowly with Walker and Diana watching in anticipation.
"It is working perfectly. Now wherever you go we can keep track of you." Rotcod stated feeling relieved that it was working right.
"When should they start? I mean where are you going to go tonight?" Walker asked hoping that Taylor and Zac were okay. Anger filled him knowing that these men had planned to kidnap his sons. He also felt helpless knowing that they couldn't call anyone to help him to look for them.
"I was planning on going to this club that I know Sid hung out at a lot. I don't know how long this will take for them to know that I am here again." Isaac said, feeling anxious and wishing he could link with his brothers. It made him angry that he was alone without them. After several years of being so interlinked with them and to suddenly be cut off felt weird.
"Just be careful."
"I will be with Ike and he won't ever be alone." Nadroj assured him, seeing Walker nod his head slowly.
"I will show Nadroj how the tool works and then he will always know where he is." Rotcod said and then started to explain the procedure of how the implant worked, while Isaac rested on the couch with Neqeu sitting next to him.


Taylor sat by the table pondering on the things this alien being told him. He couldn't believe that his friends could have ever deceived him and his brothers. Fear twisted at his stomach as he sniffed back hard noticing that his cold was feeling better. He wished desperately that he could see his brothers. This separation was driving him nuts. He wondered if they knew about the being. He leaned back in the chair, running his hand through his hair and sighed deeply. He felt confused and wondered how the US government found out about their past. He wanted to know everything about this whole situation he was in. He couldn't imagine cutting off the link to his friend's world. To never be apart of Nadroj ripped at his heart. He remembered that this being called, Enasin, said that he was going to reveal more evidence to him and he was now very interested to learn what they had to show him.
"If only I could talk to Ike and Zac. Why are they keeping us apart?" Taylor thought with his eyes darting from side to side as he looked around the room wishing he could use his powers. He wanted to know what they thought about what this alien being was saying to them about their friends. He still could not believe that Neque and Demi would use them in this way. To trick them just so they could attain his DNA. It didn't make sense to him.
"I'm not going to believe any of this bull that they are telling me! Do you hear me out there?" Taylor shouted and stood up, feeling trapped like an animal. He looked toward the camera and knew they were still watching him.

Nick watched the monitor and frowned when he saw that Taylor looked angry. He knew that they had a lot of work to do. He turned seeing that Ed was shaking his head in disgust.
"Do you think one of us should go get our friend so he can see what is going on?" Nick asked, watching Ed twist his chair around facing him.
"We can't right now. He is locked in that room of his again. I don't know what he does in there." Ed answered and then looked at the monitor watching Zac. He could see that he was pacing and looking very upset.
"He should go speak with Taylor again and show him what he showed us, then I think that kid would see what kind of danger him and brothers put our world in. They are just lucky that, E-na-sin came to us before it was to late." Nick stated wishing they could just force them to do what had to be done.
"I know. But according to him, Taylor and that other being are very close and it will take awhile to convince him that he is evil."
"It scares me to think that these beings used human DNA to create a whole new spices. I find it hard to believe that they didn't see that they were being used." Nick rasped feeling angry.
"Well they were very young at that time and being kidnapped the way they were it made it seem like these aliens were being helpful to them. In time everything will be explained and they will understand what has to be done." Ed said, when he heard the door open and the being walked in making both of them jump. The being was gray in color as he approached them.
"It is time that I speak to Taylor again." Enasin said sensing that he must keep up with showing Taylor how he was being brainwashed by Nadroj's people.
"It's about time! He doesn't look to happy in there." Nick grumbled, noticing that Enasin turned toward him.
"Taylor will be shown the truth." Enasin assured him trying to sound sympathetic as he turned and walked out of the room.
"Should we go with him?" Nick asked.
"I think he wants to be alone with him this time." Ed concluded and then turned to watch Taylor's monitor. He felt nervous and full of anticipation, wanting to see what was going to happen next.

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