Only Time Will Tell

Chapter 5 - The Peace Is Disrupted

Nadroj was having fun sliding in and out of the rips, enjoying the swirling colors that vibrated against his skin. He loved the feeling of the balance tingling all around him. He saw that Nureal and Lyshel were having just as much fun as he was. He laughed feeling free, when suddenly he sensed another presence not to far away. He stopped moving forward, feeling confused and then knew it was Demi coming to him. He sensed that something was wrong and watched as his form got closer and closer.
"Who is that?" Nureal asked, blinking her eyes slowly feeling content as Lyshel came up next her.
"Something is wrong? My dream is coming true…" Nadroj professed with dread filling his heart. He knew that his Taylor was in terrible trouble.

"Nadroj! I finally found you! You have to come back home now! Taylor and Zac are in grave danger. We need you to help us find them." Demi rasped out of breath in a shade of deep blue.
"Isaac is safe?" Nadroj asked reading his maternal mate's mind.
"Neque and I found Isaac floating in the tides a few days ago and he had a high fever. She sent me to find you and bring you back. We don't know what happened to them. Isaac was crying out for you and his brothers. I am afraid my young one." Demi sadly expressed seeing tears fill Nadroj's eyes.
"We will come home immediately. Anything for my young ones!" Nadroj bellowed as they all raced forward together at blinding speed through the rips.


"My Isaac! There they are! They are back! Thank the Great One!" Haelz shouted with Isaac bolting up from his chair. They could hear them enter Neque's home and rushing up the stairs.
"Neque!" Nadroj shouted out for her as he bolted into the room. He looked at Isaac and could see that he was worn out from days of worrying.
"Nodrow, they kidnapped them! Please, you have to help me find them. I… I can't connect with my brothers. I have been trying for days. Que won't let me go back to my world." Isaac moaned running up to him with extreme anxiety resounding in his voice.
"We weren't able to connect my young one. I didn't want Isaac to go back in fear they would capture him like they did with our Taylor and Zac." Neque expressed with deep concern.
"It is my dream. My Taylor will be in grave danger. He will become hopeless and it will be due to me. They will damage his mind against me." Nadroj professed sadly as Isaac licked his lips not understanding what he was saying to them.
"What? Who will do this to him? Oh God… I have to save them!" Isaac shouted feeling suddenly scared by what he said.
"There is one of us with them. He will try to turn your brothers against all that is true my Isaac. They will break down their spirit and try to force them to do… to do…" Nadroj stammered knowing that part of the dream wasn't revealed to him.
"Force them to do what? What?" Isaac exclaimed seeing Nadroj's eyes fill with tears and then look deeply into his. He reached out and gently cupped his face in his hands, wanting to sooth his fears.
"I couldn't see that part of the dream. I am going to reach out to them if I can. I will try to locate where they are." Nadroj said and then stepped back. Isaac swallowed hard and watched him swirl into bright colors and send out a power into the void. Isaac hoped somehow he would find out where his brothers were. He knew that their father was desperate to know what was going on back home. He saw Nadroj's face drop into a frown and then the colors dissipated around him.
"Something is blocking me. I can't see them. I can't reach out to them. Who is doing this? WHO?" Nadroj fumed feeling angry. He didn't like feeling helpless and knew whoever had them knew of his power and made sure whatever they created as a wall would stop his powers to get through.
"NO! Don't say that! You were my last hope to find them! NO!" Isaac bellowed with extreme anger filling him. He couldn't take this anymore, just waiting around. "I'm going back and I will find them! I am going to find those bodyguards and force the truth out of them!"
"Calm down my Isaac. We must form a plan here. I can't just let you go back in this state of mind." Neque droned sadly watching her Isaac start to pace the floor feeling trapped.
"No. He must go back. They will try to capture him once again. Yes Isaac you will go back home. It is the only way to find them." Nadroj suddenly exclaimed taking everyone by surprise by the outburst.
"But he will be in great danger. I can't let them do this to him too. If they capture him also then we will be lost." Neque implored feeling scared.
"Que? I have to go back. Isn't there a way to track me?" Isaac asked calming down a little and looked toward Nadroj.
"Track you? How do you mean?" Mayte asked stepping up next to Neque wanting to know what he meant.
"Um… you could put some kind of bug on me. You know? Like when they put the transmitter into my neck when Sam kidnapped us. Something like that." Isaac explained seeing Nadroj suddenly smile and that Demi turned into a shade of yellow.
"Yes I remember that my young one. It let them know what was going on in the room with us." Demi agreed cocking his head to the side.
"We must go back and explain all this to your father first, so he will know what is going on. Then I must be aware of you at all times. You must try to act like you are hiding from them. They won't know that I am there. I too can put a block on my presence without them knowing that I am around." Nadroj added in and saw that Isaac was making a funny expression.
"Um… if you are going to walk around on my planet Nodrow, you have to somehow look like a human," Isaac said looking at Nadroj up and down. "We could put some clothes on you and maybe put some makeup on you to hide your skin color. I'm glad that you can speak like us, so that won't be a problem. I could say that you are a cousin or something… well a very tall cousin!" Isaac laughed nodding his head.
"I guess I can do that. I must stay with you at all times. Rotcod could make some sort of transmitter that we could place inside your body, so when the time comes we will be able to know where you are." Nadroj stated firmly and could see that Neque was still a little concerned about their plan.
"We will be okay. I have to do this! I have to somehow get them to come after me again." Isaac said trying to reassure her, sensing her concern for them.
"I know my love, but I wish there was another way." Neque rasped turning into a shade of light pale green.
"Well let's go right now! I don't want to wait anymore. I can't let them hurt my brothers." Isaac exclaimed with his voice cracking. He knew that he and Nadroj were their only hope.
"Yes, we will go to your home and get everything set up." Nadroj agreed taking Isaac by the hand. He opened a rip into the balance and then looked back at his loved ones. Nueral and Lyshel sadly looked to him, but understood what he had to do. They sped through the rips as Nadroj held onto to Isaac. Tears filled his eyes seeing the dream in his mind again. Taylor lay lifeless in his arms. He couldn't let that happen. He didn't want to tell Isaac his whole dream in hopes that he could somehow change it. He didn't want to worry him. He knew at the same time that they wanted to find both Taylor and Zac, he wanted to know who this other being was and why he felt the need to do this to them. What was this being's plan? Something about this other being seemed familiar to him and he couldn't figure out what it was. Dread filled his heart, sensing it was something evil.

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