Only Time Will Tell

Chapter 4 - Desperation Of The Heart - Continued

"My Taylor… I know you are confused, but I come on a mission of the utmost importance of my world. You must close your bond that you have with Nadroj. He is not what you think he is or who he is." The alien informed him watching the young one look up at him with disbelief filling his eyes.
"What? Who are you?" Taylor murmured running his hand through his hair nervously looking frightened.
"I come to tell you that what has happened to you and your brothers is an evil plot to the people of my world. Everything that has happened to you was for a reason. I know it will be hard for you to understand or to feel the truth behind what has taken place between you three."
"What? What are you saying?" Taylor fearfully rasped, taking another tentative step backwards.
"They wanted you my Taylor. They wanted to create a perfect being through you. They manipulated every incident that you and your brothers went through, for their own needs. They controlled the passage of time so that they would have to help you by doing the Enosa on you. They made those men hurt you. Demi, as you and your brothers named him, knew that you were the one that they needed to achieve their goals. The humans of The Project didn't capture him; he made them bring him in and led them and you to believe what he wanted. Out of you they created Nadroj to rule our planet. I know that you feel a bond with him and that is what they wanted. They wanted your DNA, because our DNA is weaker then yours. Our world is on a road to destruction because of his existence. If you cut off the passage to this world and to you, we can then defeat him and his faction. They are evil my Taylor. I come here trying to make you understand that, so that you can help us." The alien explained turning into a shade of blue.
"No… he… he is not, they are not. NO! We are as one!" Taylor moaned shaking his head, not believing what this being was telling him. He desperately looked at the alien and then looked down at the floor trying to take in what this being was saying to him.
"Please understand that you and your brothers must cut off your bond with him." The alien implored blinking his eyes slowly, cocking his head to the side. He saw Taylor squint his eyes back at him.
"No! Don't you understand? I feel him! I am apart of him," Taylor moaned pounding his chest for emphasis. " I know what he is and he is not evil! You are trying to trick me! NO! Go away from me! I won't listen to you! This is all a trick! NO!" Taylor screamed desperately feeling suddenly very trapped. He felt like his world was closing in on him.
"My name is Enasin and I am here to let you know the truth of what has happened in these last few years. You have been deceived and I know it hurts you my Taylor. You most of all because of your bond with him! It will take a while for you to understand what I am saying to you. We will give you time to let my words sink in. Think about what I said to you my young one. Very shortly I will show the evidence of the cruel untruth that they put upon you and your brothers." Enasin crooned softly watching the young man still shake, not accepting what he was saying to him.
"Should we let the other one know what he knows?" Ed asked watching the alien turn around and look at him.
"Yes. It would be best for all of them to know the truth." Enasin stated and turned watching Taylor's face turn white with fear, with his body trembling.
"Please? Let me see my brothers. I have to see them." Taylor begged with his voice cracking.
"Like I told you… you now know the truth. We will be back tomorrow. Now get some sleep." Nick smiled as they left the room.
"NO! PLEASE! Don't leave me here alone! PLEASE!" Taylor screamed as tears filled his eyes seeing that they were going to leave him by himself once again. His legs collapsed under him feeling very weak and dizzy. He grabbed his head and rocked forward, with gut retching fear filling his stomach.
"No, as one! As one! Nadrow I need you. Don't let it be true. It can't be true." Taylor thought with hopeless agony weighing heavily on every fiber of his being. He wondered what kind of evidence they were going to show him. All he knew is what he suffered and lived through with his friends. He couldn't stop believing that his reality could be any different. This was the worst fear that he ever felt in his life. He felt like he was going to go insane and desperately wanted to be with his brothers, anybody that could somehow give him emotional support right now.

Zac paced the room feeling angry, wishing he could find a way out of this cell that he was in. He felt fed up and then slammed his fist on the table.
"I WANT OUT OF HERE!" Zac bellowed losing his temper. He couldn't take this imprisonment anymore. He suddenly heard the door opening to his room and spun around hoping it wasn't Ed coming back again. He swallowed hard when he saw an alien being that looked just like their friends. He darted his eyes back and forth feeling confused and saw that Nick and Ed was right behind him.
"Who? What are…?" Zac stammered feeling off guard by seeing an alien being.
"I was just with your brother my young one and told him why you are here and now I am going to tell you the same…" Enasin stated seeing the young one's eyes open wide with confusion.

A few minutes later, Zac was shaking with anger hearing what this being had to say.
"NO! I won't believe that! It's not true! You're lying to us!" Zac shouted as he hit the glass in front of him making the alien jump back not expecting the blow.
"I am sorry you can't realize what I am saying is the truth at this time, but like I told your brother, in time we will present you with the evidence." Enasin crooned softly watching this one give him a defiant look.
"I know that Ike got away! Don't look so surprised, that I know that! If all that you are saying is true, then what are you going to do about my other brother? He is with them right now and I bet you he will get us out of here with Nodrow's help! I am not going to stand here listening to you lie about our friends like that. You weren't there! You don't know and we were not forced into anything!" Zac yelled pointing his finger at him, to get his point across to this alien.
"Yes we know that he is with them. He will not be able to find you without our help. We will lead him back here, to be here with us, so he too will be safe. He is in danger being with them. If they find out that I am here, they may hurt him." Enasin said calmly watching Zac's eyebrows crinkle together.
"What are you saying? We're the ones that are in danger." Zac declared seeing the alien turn into a shade of dark blue.
"I am sorry you don't understand. For to long they have brain washed your minds into believing that they care about you, that they love you. They don't my Zac and I know it is hard to hear those words, but it is true. They intend to populate our world with Nadroj's kind and that is an abomination to our existence. To change our DNA would destroy the balance of what we are meant for. It is hard for you to understand that right now. The human DNA that they attained through your brother is not meant for the balance of the tides. In the future if he mates and has young ones it will break down all that we know. Neque, the wisest of our kind, has gone insane. She doesn't realize what she is doing to our people, our generations that will be born to us. She thinks that our survival is through your kind and that is why they wanted to create another being with the DNA of your brother. Yes, my Zac, they planned that Mayte would be with child at the time they healed your brother. It was planned that way and it was the risk that they wanted to take. Sadly the child survived and is now the being called Nadroj. It is lucky that your brother lived through the healing. They didn't really care if he lived or died as you may like to think. They only wanted his DNA to see if it would combine with ours." Enasin tried to explain so he would understand.
"No… I… I don't believe that. He and Tay needed each other. Nodrow loves Tay. They saved each other lives in the Enosa." Zac rasped, blinking his eyes rapidly, with fear knotting up his stomach.
"It is what they want you to believe. Please try to absorb what I have told you. I know it is hard right now. I will let you rest to think about what I have said." Enasin gently extolled watching Zac's eyes blink back tears. He knew he somehow got through to him. Slowly he turned around and walked out of the room with Nick and Ed following him. Zac stood there in shock, not wanting to move. He suddenly felt weak and quickly sat down on his bed.
"Oh God, please don't let what he said be true. It can't be. Oh man, how Tay must feel right now." Zac thought, biting at his lower lip, wishing somehow he could be with him. He could only imagine how he took the news.


Neque gazed out the window of her home feeling concerned that Demi wasn't back yet with Nadroj. She felt a gentle hand touch her shoulder and turned seeing Isaac was standing next to her.
"Feeling better my young one?" Neque asked lovingly, seeing him nod and sigh deeply.
"Yeah. I am feeling a lot better. Do you know where Nodrow went with his mates? I can't stand this waiting around much longer. I keep wondering what is happening with my brothers." Ike exclaimed feeling helpless as Neque ran her arm around his shoulders.
"We have to wait. There is nothing we can do until they come back with him." Neque crooned softly wishing she could comfort him more. Her heart felt like breaking and felt perturbed that she didn't see this future unfolding in front of her that was taking place now to her young friends. She hoped through Nadroj's powers he could somehow locate Taylor and Zac so they could save them. Some presence out there gnawed at her and she didn't like that she couldn't pin point her senses. She knew that something wasn't right and it had to do with capturing the three minds of Isaac, Taylor, and Zac.

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