Only Time Will Tell

Chapter 4 - Desperation Of The Heart

A cool velvet hand caressed his forehead waking him from his nightmarish dreams. Neque sadly looked down at the battered, worn out body of her Isaac, noticing that he was beginning to wake up. She feared for him knowing that something terrible had happened. Demi left two days ago in search of Nadroj, remembering how desperately Isaac was crying out for him. She couldn't understand his thoughts through his feverish mind. Gently she stroked his soft curls seeing his eyes finally flutter open as he gazed up at her looking confused and disoriented.
"Que… my brothers. They got my brothers." Isaac rasped in a whisper with tears filling his eyes. He wondered how he got here. The last thing he remembered was passing out in the tides. He swallowed hard as he sucked in a deep breath of air.
"Just rest my young one. Demi and I found you floating in the tides about two days ago. You got pulled into a black hole and he spotted you. When we pulled you out you were delirious with fever. You kept crying out for our Nadroj. We knew we had to bring your fever down and did so using the tides. You must rest to get your strength back." Neque cooed gently seeing his face turn into a frown with fearful eyes still looking up at her.
"Tay, Zac are in danger. Our…our bodyguards for some reason turned on us. They got them, Que. I have to save them!" Isaac moaned trying to sit up, but Neque pushed him back down onto the bed.
"Save them from what? Why did they want to hurt you?"
"I don't know. I need Nadrow to help me." Isaac moaned as he shakily brought his hand up to his forehead and pushed back his hair, running his fingers through.
"We tried to reach out to them, but to no avail could we contact them. Something out there is cutting us off." Neque told him looking out into the distance turning into a shade of light blue.
"Maybe I can do it." Isaac weakly rasped sitting up slowly with her help, as he leaned heavily against her for support. He closed his eyes and reached out with his mind and then jumped opening them with fear stabbing at his heart. "It's black… No this can't be happening!"
"It is what happened to me also. Something is blocking the contact. I do not understand what is going on." Neque said with concern, feeling him start to tremble.
"Why? What do they want of us? I want to know that they are alright!" Isaac moaned starting to feel panic that he couldn't communicate with his brothers. For so many years now he was never alone such as he was now. He licked his dry lips, blinking his eyes rapidly and trying to calm down his nerves.
"I hope that very soon Demi will bring Nadroj back home. We don't know where he went with his mates. I pray that he senses his Taylor. He must…" Neque said bowing her head sadly in a shade of darker blue.
"What about the book? Does the book say anything about what is happening?" Isaac asked looking hopeful suddenly.
"No my Isaac. It is not saying a thing. Whatever is happening is not our history of our planet at this time. I am so sorry." Neque explained seeing his eyes fill with a look of hurt and pain.
"What I can't understand is how these people found out about us. And because I got away I will never know. I have to find them and help them. Another strange thing was I couldn't read Sid's mind." Isaac stated wanting to know why. So many questions ran through his mind. He wondered how his brothers were doing and if they were okay.
"Hopefully Nadroj can help us when he comes home." Neque said as she gently let Isaac rest back on the bed.
"Did you get a hold of my father?"
"Mayte and Halez went to them. He knows and felt that it was for the best that you stay on our world. He is trying to find out what he can on his side." Neque informed Isaac, watching him nod.
"Oh… but he should be careful. I hope they don't know that he has psychic abilities like us." Isaac fearfully droned watching her walk up to the window and looked out over the horizon.
"His psychic powers are not as strong as you and your brothers, and I sense whoever these people were on your world only want the three minds. I sensed that through what I could read from your thoughts and memories when you were very sick my young one."
"You mean without me they are helpless in what they want? What do they want? Why us? OH MAN! What is going ON now?" Isaac shouted starting to feel angry. Quickly Neque ran to his side feeling concerned.
"Please stay calm my Isaac. We will know in time what happened to them. We will save them." Neque reassured him noticing that Isaac still didn't look to happy.
"I can't just sit here. I have to do something. What happens if they are hurting them? I… I couldn't stand…" Isaac choked back, squeezing his eyes tightly shut. He hated being cut off from them. "I feel so alone without them. I was so used to our minds being together and now I… I can't even…"
"It's okay my young one. Soon you will be strong again. I will get you some nourishment for your strength." Neque crooned gently hoping that soon Demi would be come back with Nadroj at his side. She left the room to get some food for her Isaac as she pondered the situation. She was helpless in understanding why these people would do this to her human young ones. The answers were a mystery to her and she knew that now they must help them as they did so many times for them.


Nick tapped his fingers angrily on his desktop as he watched Taylor on his monitor. The last couple of days were frustrating for him. Nothing he said or did seemed to change this young man's mind about their alien friends. He thought maybe it was time to start trying to get through to the other one named Zac. He grinned seeing that Taylor was studying his surroundings as he gently touched the crystal walls of his cage.
"Wondering what they are… huh? Yes, keep wondering about it." Nick mumbled under his breath watching him intently.
"You're a smart one aren't you? You're wondering how we got this technology. Maybe I might let you know about it or maybe I won't." Nick laughed leaning back into his chair as he rubbed his hands together. He jumped slightly when the door opened and Ed walked in looking angry about something. He plopped down into the chair that was across from him.
"Now what?" Nick asked feeling confused.
"Look at Zac's monitor and you will find out." Ed angrily grumbled and turned the monitor so he could see. He saw meat sauce dripping off one of the walls with spaghetti noodles laying on the floor in a lump.
"He threw the whole meal at me. I guess I am lucky that the wall was there." Ed rasped watching Nick smile back at him.
"What is so funny? That kid is one stubborn son of a gun. He insists that he won't accept anything from us until we let him see his brother. And that is another thing… he never insists on seeing his oldest brother. I think he knows somehow that he got away." Ed informed him seeing Nick nod at him.
"Well I am not going to let Taylor find that bit of information out. We will still keep them separated for a while yet. I was thinking of questioning and trying to reason with Zac, but I guess I can't for now. I will just have to keep trying with that one!" Nick exclaimed pointing at the monitor seeing that Taylor sat down at the table and that he didn't look too happy.
"This isn't going to well as planned. You think if we let him see Sam, that maybe he might cooperate with us?" Ed asked noticing he crinkled his eyebrows together.
"How is seeing Sam going to make him cooperate with us?"
"Maybe rough the guy up a little and then the kid might feel sorry for him."
"I doubt that and who pray tell is going to rough him up? He has pretty powerful physic abilities himself. Anyways… I want to keep it secret that some of the people from The Project are here also. Also Taylor Hanson is not a kid anymore." Nick said seeing that Ed was as frustrated as he was with this whole situation.
"Well what are we going to do?"
"I am going to tell him the whole truth this time, that is what I am going to do." Nick declared and stood up seeing Ed jump up looking alarmed.
"Huh?" Ed rasped and followed Nick out the door. "I don't think it is a good idea right now."
"It will shock him into thinking about his link with these beings. I am fed up trying to be nice about it. He will know the truth, even if he likes it or not! Now go get our friend and bring him to Taylor's room. NOW Ed!" Nick shouted boldly while he walked down the hall toward Taylor's room, seeing Ed hesitate and then rush down another hallway doing what he said.

Taylor felt frustrated hating that he was here for two days now and still these men kept trying to tell him he had to find a way to close the passage to their world to his friends. He couldn't even imagine being cut off from Nadroj. Suddenly he saw the door open and noticed that this Nick guy seemed to look determined as he sat down at the table.
"What do you want now?" Taylor demanded, hating the thought of talking with this guy again.
"We are going to tell you something and you are going to listen to every word without interruption!" Nick declared watching Taylor stand up and then sat down on the chair that was near the wall. He folded his arms across his chest looking defiant.
"Go ahead! I will tell you right now, anything more you have to say about my alien friends will not make me believe you! They are not our enemies that you want me to believe so badly! I was with them! I am apart of them! Got it?!" Taylor yelled flinging out his arms angrily, feeling fed up with everything.
"Shut UP! You need to know the truth and I am not going to beat around the bush anymore with you. Now sit back and listen to every word that is told to you." Nick shouted back noticing that Taylor eased back in his chair crinkling his eyebrows together.
"Well I can't go anywhere, now can I?" Taylor hissed throwing Nick a dirty look.
"I want you to know how important it is that you close the passage to their world to ours. First of all, I know you have been wondering how we built these rooms. How did we come up with this technology? How we knew about your powers?" Nick began liking that Taylor suddenly seemed interested and leaned forward a bit in his chair.
"Yes, I would like to know. And are my brothers okay?" Taylor asked swallowing hard, suddenly feeling scared and confused. He didn't like the expression on Nick's face.
"You're going to find out soon." Nick informed him and sat back waiting, watching Taylor's facial expression starting to look bewildered and liking the fact that he seemed to have captured his interest.
Suddenly Taylor saw the door opening and sucked in a sharp breath of air, when he saw a very tall alien pass through the doorway, followed by Ed. He bolted up and took a few steps backwards feeling his heart drop into his stomach.
"What the…?" Taylor cried out staring at the alien who turned into a shade of yellow feeling amused and slowly walked up to the crystal wall in front of him.

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