Only Time Will Tell

Chapter 3 - Anger And Fear - Continued

Zac jumped when he heard the door opening and saw Larry walking in as he rolled a table in front of him, with a monitor on top. He glared at him wishing he could slam the day lights out of him.
"Where am I Larry? Why did you kidnap me?" Zac asked approaching the wall watching Larry ignore him and plug the monitor into an outlet.
"Zac? Watch the monitor when it comes on." Larry coldly instructed as he looked up into Zac's eyes, seeing him frown.
"Why? Answer me! Why am I here? What do you want with us?" Zac bellowed crinkling his eyebrows together when Larry smiled at him.
"Just watch the monitor. Things will be explained." Larry stated and then turned around heading for the door.
"YOU JERK! I trusted you! We all DID!" Zac shouted, feeling desperate, while he watched Larry open the door and then walk out. Zac angrily walked up to a chair and grabbed it, swinging it hard and plopped it down next to the wall where the monitor sat just outside the glass wall. "Whoever this is… better give me a good explanation about why I am here!"

Taylor looked up as he heard the door to his room open and saw two strange men enter. He watched as they both sat down at the table in the outer room, putting down folders and a black box onto the table. He swallowed hard wondering who they were. He noticed that they looked up at the cameras around the room.
"Who are you and what do you want with us?" Taylor asked finding the courage to speak.
"Mr. Taylor Hanson please grab a chair and get comfortable." One man stated smiling at him.
"Where are my brothers?" Taylor asked sounding angry, as he stood up and grabbed a chair, sliding it near the wall and sat down, crossing his arms over his chest.
"First let me introduce myself to you." Ed smiled watching the young man frown.
"Fine." Taylor said curtly, licking his lips.
"My name is Ed and this is Nick."
"And? What are your last names?" Taylor asked feeling impatient and irritated.
"You don't need to know that. First… I want to let you know that we know all about your physic abilities. We have been watching you for a couple of years now." Nick told him, watching Taylor dart his eyes, looking confused and astonished that they knew.
"How? How do you know about our powers?" Taylor asked, leaning forward a little, uncrossing his arms with fear knotting up his stomach.
He watched as Ed opened the black box on the table beside him and pulled out a bunch of floppy disks and placed them down in front of him so Taylor could see them.
"This is how we know. Thomas Shane kept a diary of everything that happened on the island with The Project. And…." Ed explained and stopped short, seeing Nick throw him a look in warning.
"He kept a diary?" Taylor rasped, swallowing hard and wondered how much they knew.
"Yes and we know about your connection with the aliens." Nick added, watching Taylor grow pale at the news.
"And that is why we are here? You want us to tell you about them?" Taylor questioned, feeling nervous as he cast his eyes up and down, flipping his hand out for emphasis.
"No. What we want is for you and your brothers to close the link between our world and theirs." Ed declared, watching Taylor stand up looking shocked.
"What? Why?" Taylor stammered, feeling scared and helpless.
"It is dangerous."
"What is dangerous?" Taylor asked, looking from one man to the other, not believing what he was hearing.
"The link that you have with them must stop! It is of vital importance and for the safety of our world." Nick extolled in a loud booming voice.
"You're mistaken. There is no danger with my… our physic bond with the aliens! I don't understand what you are talking about." Taylor exclaimed as he sat back down, feeling weak at the knees.
"We knew that you would feel this way. You think they are your friends, but we know that they are very dangerous and we must never let them enter our world again! You must help us! Only you and your brothers know how to do this." Nick said seeing Taylor shake his head.
"No! You're wrong! They are our friends. They are gentle and kind." Taylor rasped, wondering why they thought they were a danger to their planet.
"We will just have to convince you of the danger then. In time we will." Ed stated looking very serious.
"Let me see my brothers! I want to see them!" Taylor shouted, feeling scared and wishing they were together.

Zac bowed his head hating that he could only watch, while they questioned his brother. His stomach twisted into knots when he heard that they wanted them to close the link from their world to his. He felt like screaming, wanting Taylor to know that Isaac escaped. He knew he did. He hoped he did. Zac rubbed his forehead as he listened to more of the conversation, with tears welling in his eyes.

"They are in their own rooms, just like yours. You will see them in time." Ed explained, knowing that the young man was growing angry and desperate and glad that he didn't know that his brother, Isaac, escaped unlike him and his younger brother.
"How did you create these rooms?" Taylor asked, wondering how they prevented them from using their powers.
"Um… from Shane's diaries." Ed stammered, licking his lips.
"He didn't know how to make rooms like this. You're lying to me! I can see it in your eyes!" Taylor bellowed in anger and swung his fist, hitting the glass wall.
"Just calm down! You don't have to know!" Nick shouted angrily, casting Ed a disgusted look.
"Tell me what you know. I will honestly tell you right now that Shane didn't know everything that happened in those rooms when we were on that island! I don't know how or why you think we must close the link with them, but you are so WRONG! What those aliens gave us is a gift and I WILL not let you take that from US!" Taylor declared, pounding his fist on his knee as he sniffed back, feeling sick and drawn out from the cold he was catching.
"That is what you are here to tell us. We want to know everything that you know about their world." Nick explained, crinkling his eyebrows together.
"Tell me why you think they are dangerous. I want to hear why!" Taylor croaked, wanting an answer.
"The magnetic balance will grow weak if you or they keep entering our world. Those aliens know this and they want to use our world for their own means." Ed stated, watching Taylor's eyebrows raise up in surprise.
"You're crazy! Why do you believe that?" Taylor laughed, shaking his head, not believing their stupidity.
"The balance of the tides are at a dangerous level as we speak and you must close this link as soon as possible! It is imperative that you do this soon!" Nick declared, pointing his finger at him angrily.
"They are not! Who told you this? Where are you getting your information? If that is what Shane put in his diary… he is mistaken." Taylor tried to explain as he frowned and could tell that they didn't believe him.
"We know what is happening!" Ed fumed, pounding his fist onto the table as he stood up.
"If you are talking about when the balance was off back then… well… we fixed them with our friends. That is what they do. It is their purpose... to fix anything that disrupts the equilibrium. They are like the keepers of time. They keep the dimensional tides intact when there are rips that are damaged or unbalanced."
"I am telling you right now… you will do as we want! You will close off this link with those beings! They are not friendly as you think they are. We do know this and in time we will tell you why we know this." Nick stated as he rubbed his forehead, feeling frustrated with Taylor's stubborn attitude.
"I don't know how to close the link! It is there and I never questioned my bond with them. If you think I will cooperate with you… you are mistaken! Neither will my brothers! And I want to see them right now or I will not tell you anything that I know!" Taylor declared, wishing he knew how his brothers were doing at the moment.
"Don't threaten me… KID!" Nick warned, feeling extremely angry.
"Who are you anyway? Where am I?" Taylor fearfully asked, hating that he was in this situation.
"We are a secret faction of the US government and we uphold the safety of this world. Where you are… will not be told to you! You will cooperate with us completely or you will be considered a security risk of the United States." Ed attested, looking at Taylor who swallowed hard and shifted nervously.
"This is insane! How can I convince you that you are wrong?" Taylor asked with tears welling in his eyes. Desperately he wished he could reach out to Nadroj.
"This questioning at this time will end and we will let you think about what we have told you so far. Some food will be brought to you later, so rest and we will be talking with you more about the situation tomorrow. Also we will want to know how much physic ability you all hold inside you." Nick informed him, seeing him stand up with a sick look covering his face.
"Please… let me see my brothers!" Taylor begged watching them collect their stuff and head for the door, ignoring him. Sadly, they left the room, leaving him alone again with Taylor wanting to know how his brothers were feeling. He wondered if they questioned them, like they did with him.
"This can't be happening to us! Oh MAN!" Taylor bellowed, hitting the glass with his fist and then walked over to his bed and sat down, placing his head in his hands.
"Where are you Nodrow? Please somehow feel me! As One… as one." Taylor beseeched him, when he fearfully looked up and drew in a rasping breath of air. He had so many questions running through his mind. He couldn't understand why these men found it so important to close the link between the two worlds. He hoped somehow he could explain to them that there was nothing to fear from their friends.

Zac squeezed his eyes shut when the screen flipped off as soon as the questioning ended with his brother. He wanted to desperately be with him. He hated being trapped alone and started pacing the room, feeling frustrated.
"There has to be some way out of this! If I could only find a way to get out of here!" Zac thought, looking at the crystal walls that surrounded him and wondered just like his brother how these people knew how to create these magnetic rooms, which stopped their physic powers. He sensed that something wasn't right and that there was more to these crystal rooms then what they could have found out through Shane's diaries. He knew that Taylor didn't know that he saw Isaac pass into the dimensional tides, just before he passed out in Larry's car.
"Tay I wish I could let you know that Ike got away! I saw him go into a rip. I know I did!" Zac mumbled under his breath, feeling livid at his helplessness. Finally he sat down on the edge of his bed and then laid back, staring up at the ceiling hoping and praying that Ike could save them.

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