Only Time Will Tell

Chapter 3 - Anger And Fear

Zac rolled on his side feeling extremely dizzy and disoriented. He could feel that he was lying on a bed as he slowly dragged his right hand up to his face. His eyelids felt heavy as he struggled to open them.
"Oh man where am I?" He thought noticing all he could hear was a low humming sound. Slowly he opened his eyes licking his lips sadly, when the realization of what happened to him came flooding back in his memory.
"Did Ike get away?" Zac mumbled, looking around the area and noticed that he seemed to be inside a glass like room, inside a larger room. He sat up sucking in a deep breath of air and scanned the room that imprisoned him. He could see that the room had a toilet with a sink next to it, plus a table and chairs close to the bed that he was sitting on.
"This can't be happening!" Zac shouted, feeling angry, hating to think that he was kidnapped once again. He stood up when the lightheadedness passed and walked toward one of the walls and stretched out his hand, noticing that it seemed to radiate some kind of energy force.
"What is this? Why did Larry attack me?" Zac questioned, feeling confused and wondered who could be doing this to them and to what purpose. He could see that he was by himself. He knew that Taylor was attacked by Paul and desperately wanted to know where his brothers were. Fear took hold of him with a million questions running through his mind. Slowly he reached within himself and threw out his powers, wanting to somehow connect to Taylor's mind. Suddenly he felt a sensation of pain flow back into his mind. He blinked looking at the glass encasement around him in disbelief, not understanding why his power didn't seem to pass through the wall.
"What is going on here? Where are you? Show yourself!" Zac shouted angrily, backing up and turned around in a circle. He wanted to know where he was and why he was in this place.
"You think you can trap me in here?" Zac bellowed loudly as he drew out his telekinetic powers and threw them towards the walls. Suddenly with horror he saw his energy bounce off the crystal walls, coming back at him. He quickly jumped and dived down onto the floor, covering his head with his arms. He could hear the energy whipping around the room, just above his head.
"OH GOD! Please stop! Stop!" Zac cried as he shook with fear. After a few minutes he could hear the energy dissipate around him. Slowly he sat up looking around him in awe, realizing that he couldn't make his power pass through the crystal walls, that held him captive. He gulped hard, hoping soon that someone would tell him what was going on.


Taylor groaned as he opened his eyes and stared upward as he swallowed hard. He heard a low humming sound and jumped with fear, remembering the same sound that trapped him not so long ago, when The Faction kidnapped him.
"Where….?" Taylor asked and slowly sat up feeling dizzy, remembering what Paul did to him. He could see that he was inside a glass room with a table and chairs just to the side of him. He saw a sink next to a toilet on the far side of the wall.
"What is this? Why?" Taylor rasped, with dread in his heart. He couldn't understand why his bodyguard would attack him and bring him to this odd place. Carefully he stood up and slowly walked up to one of the walls, peering out into the larger room that was barren, except for another table with three chairs. Gingerly he touched the wall, feeling a weird sensation buzzing at his fingertips. He took his hand away quickly and looked up wondering if this prison was like the energy force that The Faction trapped him in. He brought out a small stream of telekinetic energy and tested it against the wall, noticing that it wouldn't pass through.
"OH MAN! Okay? Who are you and what do you want with us?" Taylor shouted angrily, wanting some answers. He couldn't stand the idea of being trapped again. Sadly no one answered. He walked back to his bed and sat down heavily, feeling frustrated. He cast his eyes up and down, wondering if Isaac and Zac were somewhere in the same kind of room he was in. He also wanted to know why they were separated from each other and who built these crystal walls that entrapped him. He could somehow remember seeing and feeling Zac in his mind just before he passed out in the car with Paul. He then looked up and saw a camera in the corner of one wall. He darted his eyes around, as he swallowed hard, and could see that there was one in each corner of the outer room.
"I'm being watched. But by who?" Taylor thought fearfully as he blinked rapidly, wanting to understand why someone would do this to them.


Ed sat by a monitor watching both Taylor and Zac intently, while Nick was questioning Sid about Isaac Hanson. He was angry that the oldest of the three got away. He wondered if they could achieve what they wanted with just two of them. He remembered in Thomas Shane's notes that Taylor Hanson seemed to be the center of their physic abilities. He jumped when he saw that Zac seemed to throw out some kind of power at the walls, and licked his lips, as he sucked in a sharp breath of air.
"Oh man!" Ed bellowed and then saw that the energy was bouncing within the glass walls. He sighed deeply and was glad that the room withheld the power that Zac used. He chuckled, watching the kid hit the floor, dodging his own telekinetic force.
"That will teach you!" Ed laughed as he sat back in his chair. He could see that he looked stunned as he sat up slowly, looking around the room with disbelief. He knew that soon Nick wanted to question Taylor Hanson as he waited, still watching the two Hanson brothers and felt amazed at their power.


"How did he get away from you?" Nick angrily asked Sid, who stood in fear, as he tried to explain how Isaac escaped.
"Somehow Ike sensed what was happening to his brothers, just as I tried to touch him with my ring. He… he shot out a bolt of energy at me. I did stick him with the ring when he dragged me around a corner, but then… he… I saw a bubble like thing and he just… walked into it. He disappeared in thin air right before my eyes. I couldn't stop him!" Sid stammered, watching Nick frown.
"He did what? I thought Zac Hanson only had that power." Nick droned angrily and squinted his eyes at Sid, who licked at his lips fearfully.
"It's the truth. Are you saying that I am lying about it?" Sid hissed, knowing that Nick didn't believe him. He looked at Larry and Paul who were looking very uncomfortable, as they sat at a table watching them.
"This is bad… very bad. We need all of them to achieve closing the link to both worlds. This is a top priority that we have all three of them! We can't let those aliens back into our time!" Nick angrily explained as he turned around and looked out the window. Sid stood still, hoping this questioning would end soon. Nick walked up to the table and leaned over, placing his hands firmly on the surface.
"Did Taylor or Zac show any use of power that we didn't expect or know about?" Nick asked, looking from Larry to Paul.
"Taylor didn't use any such power against me. The only thing I felt was a weird sensation in my head for a moment. That is all." Paul explained gulping hard.
"Zac tried to use a pushing kind of power on me and pinned me for couple of minutes, but the drug knocked him out. That is the only thing I felt and we know that he does have that power." Larry said darting his eyes.
"Hmmm… okay. We will get to the bottom of this when I question Taylor Hanson." Nick said looking down at his watch.
"But what are we going to do about Isaac?" Sid asked seeing Nick turn around and walked up to him with a look of anger on his face, which made Sid swallow hard.
"Either you are telling me the truth or lying to me about letting Isaac Hanson escape. We will find out if we are missing some information here about their physic abilities. I thought they didn't possess the same powers according to Thomas Shane's diaries. But I think you are telling me the truth." Nick said seeing that Sid let out a breath of air feeling relieved.
"I am going to get Ed and we are going to question Taylor Hanson now. Larry, I want you to bring a monitor into Zac's room so he can see what is going on. Don't tell him anything though. Just bring in the monitor and tell him to watch it when it comes on." Nick explained seeing Larry nod his head and stand up coming around the table.
"You two just stay in the complex. I don't want anyone to leave the grounds." Nick firmly ordered seeing them both agree looking a little confused.
"Sure... but why?" Sid asked darting his eyes.
"If Isaac is still out there, I don't want him capturing you two in an attempt to find his brothers. So just stick around here and don't leave under any circumstances. I will tell you if you can. Okay?" Nick stated firmly, seeing that Sid understood and looking somewhat fearful by what he told him. He remembered how angry Isaac was and he didn't want the guy's wrath.
"Yeah. I understand." Sid rasped walking back to the table and sat down heavily, feeling a little weak at the knees.
"I am going to get something to eat while we wait." Paul stated, watching Nick and Larry leave the room. Sid nodded looking pale.
"Get me something to eat too. Okay?" Sid said swallowing hard.
"Just calm down. We're safe here in The Complex. No way is Isaac going to sense us here." Paul assured him, knowing that Sid was still shook up.
"I know. I know. You should have seen him. I wonder if he is okay. He was pretty drowsy from the drug. I just hope he is alright." Sid rasped, looking down at his hands.
"Just stop worrying and I will get us something to eat from the kitchen. That will make you feel better about the whole thing." Paul smiled and opened the door, walking out to the hall, leaving Sid pondering his thoughts alone. Sid leaned back in his chair and gazed out the window still feeling nervous about what took place. He never dreamed that the Hanson brothers were that powerful.

Nick felt frustrated as he went down the hallway, to the room with the monitors, knowing that Ed was watching Taylor and Zac. He reached the door and went in seeing Ed smiling as he turned around in his chair.
"You should have seen it Nick! That Zac kid threw out some power at the walls and it sprung back at him. The crystal magnetic energy works great!" Ed exclaimed with Nick approaching him and could see on the monitors that both of them were awake.
"What about the other one?" Nick questioned, looking at the monitor with Taylor, who was sitting on his bed looking confused and angry.
"Not much from him. I think he was testing the walls though." Ed explained looking up at Nick.
"Well I think it is time to introduce ourselves to them." Nick smiled and could see Larry entering Zac's room.

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