Only Time Will Tell

Chapter 2 - The Capture - Continued

"What are you going to do tonight Tay? Any plans? Pete and I are going to this really cool club. Want to come along?" Isaac asked watching him put his cover over his keyboards.
"No thanks. I just want to go home and get some sleep. I'm not feeling to well." Taylor expressed sadly looking down at the floor.
"Sure. That's probably a good idea." Isaac agreed and smiled.
"Maybe I should get in contact with Nodrow and then he would get rid of this cold." Taylor smiled looking into Ike's eyes.
"I thought that he was doing something with Lyshel and Nueral in the tides for a couple of weeks."
"Yeah, he told me he was going to show them a place that they would love. I guess he needs a vacation with his mates." Taylor stated wishing in way he was with them.
"Well, I will see you later tonight then." Ike smiled and then left the room leaving Taylor by himself.
"Bed! I sure do need my bed!" Taylor bellowed as he covered up his equipment and checked on a few things in the studio, that took him about a half an hour. Finally he went out the door and down the hallway seeing that Paul was waiting for him.
"Ready to go Tay?" Paul asked smiling at him.
"I'm glad you drove me here today. I'm really tried and think I will sleep in the car on the way home." Taylor confessed as Paul put his arm around his shoulders and led him outside.
"Not feeling to good?"
"No. I hate catching these viruses that go around." Taylor said swallowing hard.
"Yeah, me too. I hear you. You just rest and before you know it you will be in bed."
"Thanks Paul. I'm glad there aren't any fans waiting around." Taylor muttered and got in the passengers seat in the front.
Paul took a deep breath and got in the car. He looked at Taylor who had his eyes closed with his head leaning up against the headrest. He took a hard gulp and slowly turned the ring on his finger reaching over near Taylor's neck. He jumped when he opened his eyes and crinkled his eyebrows together.
"Anything wrong?" Taylor rasped wondering why Paul was leaning in close to him.
"No nothing. Just thought that maybe you should put your seat belt on." Paul said with concern feeling nervous.
"Oh… sorry about that." Taylor apologized, reaching for the belt when he felt Paul grab his throat near his left shoulder.
"What the?" Taylor yelled feeling a sharp sting penetrate the side of his neck and looked at Paul angrily.
"Just take it easy Tay." Paul coldly announced smiling at him as he roughly pushed him back on the seat.
"What did you do? What was that?" Taylor asked starting to feel dizzy and knowing somehow Paul had turned on him. He tried to reach into his mind but something was blocking him.
"You are just going to go to sleep." Paul whispered seeing the look of betrayal in the young man's eyes. He felt a odd sensation in his head and wondering now if this boy really did attain the powers that was told to him over two years ago, when he was chosen for this task.
"Why?" Taylor rasped trying to fight the sleepiness that was overwhelming him.
"All your questions will be answered soon." Paul consoled petting his hair back off his forehead.
"No… Zac. He… he is in danger…" Taylor rasped weakly trying to lift his right hand to fight off this man, but couldn't find the strength. He could not believe that he didn't know what was going to happen. Slowly his world was going dark. He finally gave up and drifted off into a deep slumber.
Paul reached across Taylor and made sure that the seat belt was fastened securely. He looked down at his watch and hoped that Sid and Larry made their move at the same time he did as planned. He started up the car and slowly drove out of the parking lot and merged with the late night LA traffic.


"Here they are, Larry!" Zac announced as he picked up the CD's from the rack and walked toward him.
"Great! I couldn't find them." Larry laughed and then walked up to the counter to pay for them.
Zac held the CD's he wanted, plus Taylor's and waited behind Larry as the man handed him the change. Zac placed the music on the counter and watched as the guy rang up the price for the CD's.
"You look familiar." The young man stated handing Zac his change.
"I do?"
"Hey! Wait! Aren't you that drummer… from that brother band named Hanson?"
Zac looked at himself up and down and smiled.
"You know? I could be that guy. Umm… come to think of it… I THINK I AM!" Zac laughed as the guy smiled at him and laughed also.
"My girlfriend really digs your music."
"Think I could get autograph for her?"
"Umm… well I… sure. What do you want me to sign?" Zac asked knowing that the guy had a pleading look on his face.
"Boy she is going to LOVE this!" The guy exclaimed and rushed down the aisles as Zac and Larry watched.
"Hope he doesn't take all night!" Larry growled wanting to get Zac alone as he looked down at his watch, knowing it was getting close to the time he was to knock the kid out.
"Here he comes." Zac stated and noticed that he handed him their 'This Time Around' CD.
"Can you make it out to Heather?"
"Sure." Zac muttered and grabbed the felt marker from the guy's hand. He quickly autographed it for him and handed it back to him.
"Thanks dude! You're great for taking the time to do this!"
"Hey! No problem!" Zac bellowed and quickly walked to the door, knowing that Larry was growing impatient. The man waved and smiled watching Zac get into a black car.
"What's the rush?" Zac frowned as he got in the front seat.
"Well… it's late and I want to get home before midnight." Larry grumbled as he drove down the street and then turned into an alleyway.
"What are you going in this alley for?" Zac asked curiously, noticing that Larry parked the car and shut off the engine.
"Just have to finish something."
"Finish what? This is a weird place to finish something." Zac exclaimed wondering what was going on and suddenly felt nervous. He noticed that Larry had a strange expression on his face.
"Zac? I'm sorry for what I have to do here."
"What are YOU talking about?" Zac fearfully shouted and then saw an image in his mind. He could see that Taylor was struggling against Paul.
"Just relax." Larry murmured and grabbed Zac making sure that the sharp edge of the ring penetrated his neck.
"Stay AWAY from me!" Zac screamed as he threw up his hand punching Larry in the right eye as hard as he could. Suddenly he felt an odd dizziness and could see that Larry was rubbing his eye.
"Just… take it easy. Dang!" Larry cried as he rubbed his sore eye.
"NO! You can't!" Zac moaned releasing his telekinetic energy and pushed with all his strength, throwing Larry against the driver's door.
"Oh man! What is it?" Larry fearfully screamed never feeling anything like this in his life.
"Tay? Ike!" Zac rasped as he fought the drug that coursed through his body. He couldn't believe that he didn't read this from Larry's mind. Slowly he opened the door and tried to get out of the car.
Larry watched as he struggled against the invisible hold. He could tell it was getting weaker by the minute.
Zac stood up but his legs collapsed under him as he flopped down to the ground knowing he had to get away from this man that he trusted for over two years of his life.
"Why is he doing this? Ike! Get away! IKE!" Zac called out in his mind. He knew that Paul had his brother and that soon he was going to pass out. He felt an arm turn him over and looked up blinking his eyes seeing a blurred image of someone over him.
"Just don't fight Zac. You're going to sleep for awhile and then all your questions will be answered." Larry whispered and lifted him up placing him back into the passenger's seat.
"We trusted you… why?" Zac cried weakly licking at his lips as he finally drifted into a deep sleep.
"I know you did Zac. I know." Larry sadly muttered under his breath and quickly ran around the car and got in. He could feel his eye swelling up from the blow and fought against the pain as he pulled out of the alley and headed for the planned destination. He turned and looked at Zac feeling relieved that the job was over.


Isaac was enjoying the band and saw that Pete was enjoying himself too. Suddenly in the corner of his eye he thought he saw Sid watching him as he stood next to a wall.
"It is him! What is he doing here?" Ike exclaimed with Pete looking at him curiously.
"Who's here?"
"My body guard. I told him that I didn't need him for the night." Ike stated feeling a little miffed and got up to talk with him.
"Good. He is coming towards me." Sid smiled and knew that Isaac would ask him why he was here.
"Sid? Anything wrong? Why are you here?" Ike asked searching his eyes.
"Well… you see… I… I … Taylor needs you." Sid mumbled watching Isaac lean in.
"What? I can't hear you over this loud music!" Ike answered looking back over at Pete who was watching from their table.
"I said… TAYLOR is really sick and you are to come home right away!" Sid bellowed watching Isaac's expression turn into concern.
"Let's talk outside! I thought he just had a cold!" Isaac shouted feeling his stomach turn into knots. They both quickly went out the door and walked down the block away from the crowd.
"Now what is wrong with Tay? What happened?"
"Taylor took a turn for the worst and…." Sid began noticing that Isaac suddenly stiffened looking scared.
"Zac? Tay?" Isaac mumbled staring off into space seeing images of both of his brothers being attacked by their bodyguards. He quickly shook off the feeling and looked into Sid's eyes deeply.
"Ike… I…"
"Why are you lying to me, Sid?" Isaac rasped and backed away from him feeling scared. He noticed that Sid rose up his hand and turned a ring around with his thumb.
"Ike… just cooperate with me and you won't get hurt." Sid boldly exclaimed watching Isaac back away even further.
"Who are you? What do you want?" Ike shouted knowing he had to save both his brothers. Sadly he knew that he would be to late.
"Please Ike… just trust me!" Sid exclaimed knowing he had to knock him out.
"NO! You stay away from me!" Isaac screamed and anger filled him as he released a bolt of power and saw Sid fly through the air with a look of shock and pain as he hit the ground.
"Ohhhhh…. No!" Sid shouted as Isaac grabbed him by the shirt lifting him roughly off the ground slamming him against a wall. He noticed that no one seemed to be paying any attention and then dragged him around the corner of the building.
"Please don't hurt me!" Sid begged fearing Isaac and the powers that he knew he had within him. The realization of the story was suddenly coming true.
"Tell me where they are taking them! For some reason I can't read your thoughts! TELL ME!" Isaac screamed noticing that Sid was shaking violently.
"I don't know! Please!" Sid moaned and then tried to grab Isaac's neck hoping he could somehow inject the drug into him.
"Just TELL Me NOW! Where are my brothers? If you hurt them in any way… I'll…" Isaac declared and then gasped as Sid grabbed his neck hard. He felt something scratch his throat as he pulled back quickly.
"Now take it easy Ike. I just put a drug into you and you will just go to sleep." Sid explained and then realized that the fluid was dripping from his ring down his hand. He gulped hard knowing that maybe he missed. He saw Isaac stumble backwards.
"What is that?" Isaac asked feeling a little dizzy and sick to his stomach.
"Umm… I… well it is something to knock you out."
"Why Sid? Why are you doing this? What do you want from us? We never did anything to you or… or?" Isaac asked not believing this was happening to them again. He knew that some of the drug was affecting him and he knew he had to get away before it might knock him out. With all his strength and knowledge he opened a rip as Sid watched in amazement and stood frozen to the spot not believing his eyes.
"You won't get away with this. Tell your friends I will find my brothers. You hear me?" Isaac vowed and then quickly went through the rip, seeing that Sid was lunging toward him, wanting to stop him before he got away.
"NO! WAIT!" Sid screamed and noticed that Isaac just seemed to disappear. He spun into a circle hoping that he would somehow see him again.
"How? Where did he go?" Sid muttered with dread, knowing that he didn't accomplish his job. He knew that Mr. Hubbard and Terry were going to be furious at the news. Sadly defeated he walked to his car with his legs still shaking under him after what he experienced. He noticed that the friend, named Pete, seemed to be searching around the area looking confused. He decided he would tell this guy that Isaac went home due to his brother being sick.

Isaac burst into the rips as the rainbow colors of the tides swirled around him. He spun out of control feeling his body getting weaker as he desperately tried to regain his balance. Finally he stopped spinning and looked around trying to get his bearings in the dimensional tides. Fear struck his heart when he could see through his mind and saw some men loading his brothers into the back of a helicopter at an LA airport.
"Oh God! I have to save them. Nodrow? Please hear me! Help us!" Isaac screamed into the tides not knowing where he was or which way to turn. He knew he was lost and a weird kind of sleepiness was overtaking him slowly. Fear gripped him as he floated in the dimensional tides giving up to the drowsiness that overwhelmed him. Slowly Isaac's body drifted limply as he was drawn in deeper and deeper into the rips.

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