Only Time Will Tell

Chapter 2 - The Capture

"No, that doesn't sound right! Go up a couple of octaves Tay." Isaac seriously stated, watching Taylor stop singing and look down at his keyboard.
"Why? I really think that the emphasis of the song would come across better at a lower note." Taylor disagreed, noticing that Isaac frowned and shook his head.
"I disagree. It sounds great the way we wrote it originally." Isaac said as he stood up and walked up, standing in front of Taylor's keyboard.
"The mood of the song won't sound right at a higher pitch."
"Just try it my way first and then we will decide." Isaac smiled watching Taylor lean back in his chair, letting out a deep sigh.
Zac watched his two brothers arguing over the song; growing impatient and wishing they would decide what to do. He gazed up at the ceiling wishing they would finish up this session soon. He wanted to get some personal stuff done before it grew dark outside.

"Okay Ike, but I know that you are mistaken. I just want to get this song finished before the end of the day." Taylor said placing his fingers on the keyboard.
"Fine. Let's GO guys!" Zac bellowed making both his brothers jump and look at him.
"A little testy Zac?" Isaac smiled watching Zac pick up one of his drumsticks.
"All you are doing is contradicting each other over every little thing today. I just want to see how this song sounds and then record the thing, before we all grow old!" Zac scolded hearing Taylor laugh.
"You're right Zac! Are we ready?" Taylor asked watching his brother, Ike put his guitar back on as he slipped the strap over his head.
"Okay! One... Two… Three!" Zac shouted as the music filled the studio.


"Umm… yes they are in the studio right now recording." Paul stated licking his lips and saw Sid and Larry come into the rec room, with some bags of food.
"Who is he talking to on the phone?" Sid asked gazing over at Paul, as he placed his bag down on the table.
"Beats me! Any ketchup in there?" Larry asked while he opened up his burger on his plate. Sid handed him a packet. They both saw Paul hang up the phone and walk over toward them with a serious look on his face.

"What's up?" Larry asked taking a big bite of his hamburger.
"Mr. Terry wants the plan to go into action tonight." Paul whispered as he sat down and took a french fry and slowly started to chew.
"Tonight? Why now?" Sid asked seriously not feeling very hungry anymore, watching Paul nod.
"He stated it is top priority." Paul said staring off into space thinking how in the last two years he had gained a close friendship with the Hanson family. He knew they trusted him with Taylor's life and well being.
"Why? They can't read our minds with these gadgets in our brains." Sid stated remembering how they each had to have surgery to place an electrode in to block the Hanson boys from entering their minds.
"Doesn't he want to collect more information first? I mean we haven't seen anything unusual happening. I never saw Zac Hanson contact anyone… not of this world." Larry said with concern, still wondering if this whole story about them was really true.
"Mr. Terry told me he has all the evidence he needs. Don't ask me any more questions. That is all he would let me know for now. We are here to do a job and now is the time to finally take this plan into action." Paul sadly rasped looking toward the door.
"He's right. We were hired to do this job and we have to follow orders. How are we going to go about this?" Sid asked looking at both his friends.
"Lucky for us that they were driven here to the studio separately today by us, because of different commitments they had to fill and that means we will be able to keep them apart, after they finish up in the studio tonight." Paul explained watching them nod and listen.
"Well Zac will be no problem. He wants to go to the music store and pick up a few CD's and of course I will be with him. We were talking about it earlier today. I wanted to get some myself." Larry chuckled knowing his part was easy. He would then drive him to the agreed destination as planned.
"Great! I think that Tay just wants to go home for the night. I know he doesn't feel very good. He's catching a cold. Guys? Remember to use the sedative." Paul expressed firmly lifting up his hand, spinning the ring on his finger knowing it contained a powerful sleep agent. All they had to do was touch them with the tiny point of the ring, which would release the drug into their system, knocking them out instantly.
"Yeah… how am I going to get Isaac? He told me that I could go home without him tonight. He wants to go to a club with one of his friends." Sid asked sounding confused.
"Follow him and then somehow get him alone. Tell him that it is important. Say it is something about one of his brothers or something." Paul exclaimed with exasperation.
"Sounds good. I think I can do that." Sid smiled and then looked at his watch on his wrist.
"They will probably be finished up soon. Let's get ready then." Paul announced feeling his heart beat a little faster. Today was the day that was planned for years. He swallowed hard thinking about how Taylor would think that he betrayed them. He knew he had to shake off this feeling and remember what his duty was for his country. They were considered very dangerous and he had to keep that in mind.


"That sounded great! We'll get this recorded tomorrow guys. I am beat." Taylor exclaimed as he stood up and stretched his arms over his head, knowing that everyone else working with them left for the day.
"I'm going to go with Larry and pick up a few CD's tonight and then I will be home. Okay?" Zac said while he quickly stood up and went toward the door.
"Zac? Wait a second!" Taylor shouted watching Zac stop in his tracks and turned looking at him, wondering what he wanted.
"Could you buy me a CD, while you are there?"
"Sure… which one?" Zac asked walking up to Taylor.
"I want that old U2 CD. It's called… um… um… what is the name?" Taylor pondered watching Zac smile.
"I know which one you mean. Just give me the green stuff." Zac said reaching his hand out for the money.
"Reading my thoughts again, huh?" Taylor murmured as he sniffed back and reached for his wallet, pulling out some bills and handed them to his brother.
"Yep. You're easy to read Tay." Zac quipped and grabbed the money quickly from his hand and headed for the door.
"Very funny…" Taylor smiled not finishing his sentence as Zac rushed out the door and down the hallway.

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