Only Time Will Tell

Chapter 1 - The Secret Is Out

Dave sat at the table licking his lips nervously as sweat dripped down his face. He looked down at his hands hoping soon this interrogation would soon be over. It was now past three o'clock in the afternoon as he looked up at the clock on the cold gray wall, knowing he was in this hidden place for at least six hours. He couldn't believe they were questioning him about Thomas Shane. He thought that the government forgot about the incident with the Hanson boys and The Project. He jumped as two men entered the room. He watched them approach as they sat down across from him. One of the men, with light brown short curly hair, leaned forward with a stern look covering his face. His gray blue eyes intensely looked into his.
"We know that you are covering up some important information about this incident and we want some answers."
"I don't know what you want. Please sir… " Dave began, wiping his face off that was covered in sweat.
"Why was Thomas Shane interested in the Hanson boys? What did they have to do with what Mr. Shane was working on? We know he was experimenting with magnetic fields and psychic phenomena." Ed Hubbard asked, feeling frustrated that this line of questioning was taking so long.
"Listen! All I know is… I was just one of the guys that kidnapped the boys. I was in charge of the Taylor kid. That is ALL I know! Now just let me go! You have no right to treat me like this!" Dave bellowed, finally loosing his temper.
"You are here to answer these questions and you will not leave here until they are." The other man named, Nicholas Terry, calmly stated and smiled at him, knowing they were breaking him down.
"Who are you people anyhow?" Dave asked with a shaking voice as he swallowed hard.
"That is none of your concern. Now just answer the questions." Nick said with a smug look covering his face.
"What was the importance of the Hanson boys to Thomas Shane?" Ed asked leaning back into his chair.
"Umm… all I know is that… well… Mr. Shane thought they had psychic abilities and he… umm… wanted to use them." Dave stammered wishing he could go home. He remembered how he was just getting up in the morning and was about to make some coffee, when several men crashed down his door to the kitchen, grabbing him and dragging him to a blue van. The last thing he remembered was waking up in this cold dark place that he was now. He gulped hard wondering if these people worked for the United States government. He couldn't understand why, after all this time, they were interested in what went on at the island where The Project was stationed.
"Why? Use them for what purpose?" Nick asked leaning forward with a look of interest on his face.
"I don't know!"
"Dave? I can't believe you could have been apart of this and not know what was going on." Ed smiled watching the man shift in his chair.
"Umm… apart of what?"
"The Project! We know all about it. The Hanson's were used for something important on that island." Nick stated looking at Dave straight in the eyes.
"Well… then why do you want to talk to me about it, if you know everything? If you want to know what happened out there… umm… you should ask Sam about it. He worked with those kids very closely." Dave confessed, swallowing hard as he shivered with tears welling in his eyes.
"He is here also and has been questioned, but he won't tell us anything."
"He… he is?" Dave muttered with his face turning into a pale shade of white.
"We have all of Thomas Shane's records. There was a very interesting mention of some kind of guest that was on that island. Who was this guest?" Ed asked noticing that the man suddenly jumped and looked around fearfully, like a trapped animal in a cage.
"Guest? I… I don't know of any such thing." Dave whined, feeling suddenly scared at the mention of the alien and wondered how they came up with this piece of information. He thought all the evidence was destroyed that day when the Hanson boys were found in that room where Thomas Shane worked with the magnetic tube.
"Don't lie to us! Who was this guest and how did the Hanson's fit into the picture? We want answers and we want them NOW!" Nick yelled, as he stood up leaning himself across the table toward him.
"Umm… I… I… umm… they wanted the kids to communicate with it. That is all I know." Dave sputtered feeling afraid.
"Communicate with who?"
"The… the guest."
"Who was the guest?" Ed smiled knowing they finally were getting some answers.
"The guest was… was…" Dave rasped feeling sick to his stomach.
"Just take it easy and tell us." Nick crooned smiling.
"The alien." Dave murmured under his breath letting out the secret that he held inside for so long. He licked his lips nervously.
"Did you say alien?" Ed asked smiling slightly at what the man just stated.
"YES! Those kids were apart of them! They could use their psychic abilities to speak with it." Dave said as he bowed his head in shame.
"Are you telling us that Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson have these kind of abilities?" Nick asked, sounding like he was stunned at the information.
"Yes. Sam and Mr. Shane used them. Those kids were amazing." Dave droned on darting his eyes from side to side.
"What happened with the alien? Where is it now?"
"They went back home."
"They? There were more of them?" Nick questioned raising his eyebrows, as his heart began to race with excitement.
"Umm… yes. There were four of them and a little one too. It was born in the building during that time." Dave confessed wishing desperately he could just go home.
"Do you know if they are still in contact with these beings?" Ed asked trying to remain calm.
"I don't think so. I really don't know the guys. Can I go home now? I told you what you wanted." Dave begged rubbing his arm across his forehead feeling light headed.
"You will be staying with us for awhile."
"What!? Why?" Dave shouted feeling confused.
"We may need you in the near future." Nick stated noticing that Dave was looking at him with fearful confused eyes.
"Who are you? Where am I?" Dave demanded licking his lips feeling extremely thirsty.
"We work for a part of the government. That is all you have to know. We will make you comfortable while you stay here." Ed stated as got up walking with Nick to the door.
"You can't keep me here! This is against my rights!" Dave bellowed watching them leave the room. Sadly he bowed his head when he was once again left alone in the room. Fear struck him knowing he let out the secret that he promised to keep. He fearfully thought of Sam and wondered if it was true that these men had him here in this place also. He could imagine how mad Sam would be if he knew what he just told them.
"Oh God. What did I just do?" Dave thought with dread filling his entire body.


Sam angrily paced the room that he was trapped in. He knew that they had Dave in another room and was being questioned. He couldn't believe that these people had information about the Project. Frustration filled him wanting to know how they got the records.
"I can't believe that Tom would have stored the information where anyone would find out." Sam thought trying to remember if Tom was stupid enough to have kept copies of what went on out on the island. He jumped when the two men opened his door and could see that they were happy about something.
"Oh man…. Dave! I am going to kill you!" Sam angrily thought as he read their minds, seeing that Dave spilled out his guts to these men.
"Mr. Rodden? Please sit down." Nick stated smiling at him and noticed that Sam looked angry.
"I am not going to tell you anything, so don't waste your time." Sam boldly expressed, sitting down and defiantly looked at the man.
"We just want some answers. It is very important to us." Nick said, knowing that Sam knew what went on with the questioning of the other man due to his physic abilities. They now had the confirmation that they needed from someone who was there on the island.
"That man in the other room is delusional and doesn't know what he is talking about. Alien?" Sam laughed shaking his head.
"He wasn't lying to us Mr. Rodden. We know what Thomas Shane was working on and he just confirmed it for us." Ed informed him, seeing Sam's cold blue eyes look into his as he shivered a little. This man made him feel nervous.
"Where did you get the records? You can tell me or I will just…" Sam rasped, gritting his teeth wishing he could wipe the smug look off this man's face.
"Mr. Shane kept all his records and notes on floppy disks. We found them when we were clearing out the buildings on the island." Nick explained watching Sam crinkle his eyebrows together.
"And now with all the information that you have what do you intend to do with them?" Sam asked knowing that they knew what went on with the aliens and Isaac, Taylor and Zac.
"We have been studying his notes for the past two years. We would like these young men to contact them again for us." Ed stated noticing that Sam looked surprised.
"For what reason? Just let them live their lives. They were innocent victims in Shane's greed of becoming famous." Sam said looking from one to other.
"From what we found out, they are dangerous. Their psychic abilities are extremely powerful."
"Dangerous? Who is dangerous?" Sam bellowed not believing what he was hearing.
"The connection between the boys and these aliens is very important to national security. We don't know what these aliens have in store for our world." Ed seriously explained watching Sam shake his head.
"If you read everything then you know that the Hanson's saved our world. Those aliens are friendly and not a threat to us at all." Sam expressed licking his lips.
"We have been watching them for the past two years and know that they are still in contact with them. We can't let them freely come and go as they please. We know that Isaac, Taylor and Zac work together. We need all three of them." Nick began noticing that Sam was growing frustrated with them.
"Need them for what?" Sam asked rubbing his hands together feeling scared and angry.
"We will have to bring them here so we can convince them how dangerous these aliens really are. They will help us to stop them from entering our dimension." Ed informed him.
"You're kidding me, right? You have it all wrong!" Sam angrily shouted as he stood up feeling fed up with them.
"Mr. Shane documented the whole situation."
"Tom was just scared. You have to hear it from the other side of the story. You don't know what you are dealing with here." Sam explained hoping they would hear him out.
"Mr. Shane was a brilliant man and we have no reason not to take what was said seriously. We believe also that he was murdered to keep the situation quiet. Now isn't that true Mr. Rodden?" Nick asked standing up facing him.
"You're crazy! He was killed by his own greed. He almost destroyed our world with his stupidity!" Sam bellowed slamming his fist down on a table next to him.
"Please calm yourself down or we will…" Nick began, backing away from Sam who was staring at him with intense angry eyes.
"What are you planning to do? Tell ME!" Sam shouted squeezing his hands into fists.
"We will be in need of your help." Ed stated watching Sam look at him with disbelief.
"I won't help you hurt those boys!" Sam shouted and then wanted to know what they were planning. He threw his mind into Ed's seeing the man jump back grabbing his head.
"NO! What do you think you are doing?" Ed screamed as he dropped to his knees. Sam burst through into the memory of Ed's mind. He sucked back a sharp breath seeing what they had in store for the boys. He could see they had three rooms set up with some kind of cubicles in each one that were meant for Isaac, Taylor and Zac. He knew now what they were going to do. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain enter his right shoulder and felt dizzy. He released his hold on Ed, seeing three other men standing in the room with one of them holding a gun. He groaned as he looked at his shoulder seeing a dart sticking out.
"Nooooo! You can't do this!" Sam screamed before his world grew dark as he crumpled to the floor.
"Oh man! That guy is powerful." Ed moaned rubbing his forehead feeling exhausted.
"He will help us if he knows what is good for him." Nick smiled watching the men carry him to the bed and placing him down.
"I think we should make sure that he can't use his physic powers just like we planned for the Hanson's. I think we underestimated him." Ed said swallowing hard.
"We will Ed. Now let's get ready to bring the young men here. Everything is ready after a year of preparation. Our informants told me that they totally trust them." Nick smiled watching Ed nod in agreement.
"The Hanson's have no idea that their body guards, of over two years, are really working for us." Ed grinned, as they walked down the hall, wanting to get in contact with their undercover spies.

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