Captive Heart

Chapter 7

“HEY! GIRLS!” Phyllis looked all around to find the familiar voice. Isaac and Zac sat at a table, eating their food.
“Hi. Where’s your brother?” Phyllis asked, as Amanda and Holly made their way to the table.
“Sent to solitary.” Ike said sadly.
“What?” Amanda asked, in a shocked tone.
“He was talking.” Zac said, taking a bite of his bread.
“Talking? Why would they send him to solitary for talking?” Holly asked, sitting down next to Ike.
“Who knows.” Ike said, looking down.
“THAT’S IT!” Phyllis said between clenched teeth.
“PHYL!” Amanda called.
“NO! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! THEY CAN’T HOLD US AGAINST OUR WILL!” Phyllis yelled and ran towards one of the guards.
“PHYLLIS! DON’T!” Holly and Amanda called. Phyllis stopped right in front of a guard. He looked down at her and grinned obnoxiously.
“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” She screamed then stomped on his foot. He screamed obscenities in his language and grabbed her around the waist.
“OH NO!” Ike said, standing up. The young man in the cowboy hat walked up as the guard attempted to hold Phyllis as she struggled to break loose.
“Do we have a failure to communicate?” He smiled and lifted her chin.
“SCREW YOU!” She yelled in his face. He grimaced.
“SOLITARY!” He said, pointing down the corridor.
“YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO US!” She screamed as the guard dragged her off. Amanda slumped down in the seat, putting her hand to her face.
“What are we going to do Man?” Holly asked, putting her hand on Amanda’s shoulder.
“I have no idea.” Amanda answered

“YOU CAN’T DO THIS! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME YOU IMBASIL!” Phyllis screamed on top of her lungs as the guard dragged her along the corridor to the solitary room. It was so dark that all you could see was the glint of the last remaining light on the guards belt buckle. Phyllis kicked her legs unsuccessfully. She finally managed to smack the guard in the face as she freed one of her hands. He let go and she attempted to run but he grabbed her too soon. He slammed her against the wall, her back to him and pinned her arms behind her. He rummaged through his leather pouch and found a cord and wrapped it around her wrists. He tied it, tightening it so much that Phyllis could barely feel her fingers any longer. The cord cut into her flesh and she was in a lot of pain. He pulled her up by the arms roughly and continued down the corridor towards the solitary room. He stopped, holding her wrists by one hand and unlocked the door. He turned and looked at her as he opened the door and smiled obnoxiously at her. He threw her in.
“HEY!” She screamed, turning fast. The guard stopped from closing the door and opened it to see what she wanted. He peered in just to be spit in the face by her. He wiped his face and walked in the room. He looked in the corner of the room but Phyllis still looked at him straight in the face defiantly.
“Tell your girlfriend that she should watch her back. Things can happen.” The guard smiled than struck Phyllis across the face, causing her to rocket backwards and hit the floor. The guard slammed the door and locked it.

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