Captive Heart

Chapter 8

“Are you all right?”
“That son of a bitch!” Phyllis said angrily. Taylor bent down and untied her wrists.
“Did he hurt you?”
“Just a little blood. I’m all right.” Phyllis said, taking her free hand and wiping the side of her mouth.
“What did you do to get in here?” Taylor asked, bending down into a sitting position.
“I stomped on that guy’s foot.” Phyllis laughed.
“Why?” Taylor questioned.
“I found out that they put you in solitary and I didn’t think it was right…”
“Well, getting yourself thrown in here wasn’t too smart.” Taylor said, keeping a straight face.
“That guy needed it.” Phyllis said, getting up and brushing off her pants.
“Not much in here.” She said, looking around.
“Just four walls, a door and a window all the way up there.” Taylor said, looking up at her then pointing upwards.
“I have another question, why did you spit in that guy’s face. He’s HUGE!” Taylor added.
“He doesn’t scare me. More like disgusts me.” Phyllis said, walking to the door. She slammed her fist against the door.
“I JUST WISH I COULD GET MY HANDS ON…” Phyllis said angrily.
“Uh…I don’t think so. We aren’t getting out of here until they feel they want to let us out.” Taylor said, leaning his head against the wall and looked over at her.
“Actually…” Phyllis said, putting her finger to her lips and looking up.

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