Captive Heart

Chapter 6

Taylor stood up and waited patiently by the door.
“I wouldn’t look to eager if I were you.” Roman laughed and still sat on the cot.
“I can’t stand being so cramped up.” Taylor said.
“Plus I’m really hungry.” Taylor added as he turned his head and smiled. Just then the door opened and the man with the dark hair and musky voice walked in.
“OUT!” He commanded. Roman scrambled to his feet and followed out. They filed into a line and followed the head man to where they were to eat. Taylor made sure to get near his brothers.

“Hey Ike.” Taylor whispered. Ike just nodded.
“This sucks. I want out of here.” Taylor added, raising his voice a little.
“My room mate is real nice. His name is Roman. He’s a teacher. Isn’t that cool…” Taylor couldn’t even finish his sentence when he was ripped out of the line by a strong hand. He was pinned against the wall. The dark haired man stood over him, holding him by the throat.
“NO TALKING!” He yelled and breathed in Taylor’s face. Taylor scrunched his brow as he smelled the alcohol on the man’s breath.
“But…But…” Taylor stammered. The man slammed him up against the wall again. Taylor winced as he could feel his head hit the wall.
“HEY!” A voice broke through. The young man that seemed to be in control walked up.
“We’ll have none of this Randolph. Not in front of all these people anyway.”
“What should I do with him?” The dark haired man, Randolph, asked.
“Solitary. You know what to do. You’ll have some time to think.” The man smiled.
Randolph took his hand off of Taylor’s throat. He grabbed him by the arm and held a gun to his back. Taylor turned and glanced at his brother’s pitifully.
“Tay…” Zac whispered to himself in horror.

“GET IN THERE!” Randolph yelled, throwing Taylor in the tiny room violently. Taylor hit the wall and slid down. The door slammed shut and the room was incased in darkness for the exception for a tiny window about 9 feet high with metal bars that shed only a small square of light.

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