Captive Heart

Chapter 5

Phyllis, Amanda, Holly and the rest of the women passengers made their way through the corridors to where they were to go and stay. Phyllis sighed to herself as the line of people stopped.
“In.” Was all the guard said to her. He ushered her, a woman and her little boy in a tiny room. Phyllis waved to Amanda and Holly as they went into their rooms. The door closed and Phyllis turned around fast.
“Damn!” She said to herself. She turned around to see the woman sit down on the cot and motioned for her little boy to sit next to her.
“This is just horrible. Just horrible.” The woman said, putting her hand to her forehead and shaking a little.
“Mommy? Are we going to get home?” The little boy asked, tugging on his mother’s arm.
“Not now Reese.” The woman said. Phyllis sat down on her cot and looked over at the little boy who was still touching his mother’s arm. He had blonde hair, crop cut with large blue eyes. He wore an oversized green polo shirt and a pair of baggy jean shorts. His mother had dirty blonde hair, down to her low back, half pulled back, a white tank top and a pair of jean cut offs. The little boy looked up at Phyllis and smiled.
“Hi, my name’s Phyllis.” Phyllis said, shaking the little boy’s hand.
“Oh, I’m being so rude. My name is Cheryl. This is my son, Reese.” The woman said, as she looked up and shook Phyllis’ hand.
“It’s nice to meet you.” Phyllis answered.
“My husband is going to be so worried.” Cheryl said, looking back down at her son.
“I imagine that they will soon be looking for us.” Phyllis said, trying to shed some light on what seemed a dark situation.

“ATTENTION! Dinner will be served momentarily. We will lead you to the main eating hall. Thank you!” A voice echoed through the room. Phyllis looked up and noticed a speaker in the corner of the room.

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