Captive Heart

Chapter 4

They were led in the same direction the women passengers were taken. Taylor took a sigh of relief as he noticed that they were heading to a shady spot. The heat was so powerful that it took everything over. Taylor couldn’t tell where they were or what they were being led into. He held his breath as darkness surrounded him. Suddenly the line of people jerked to a halt almost causing Taylor to slam into Ike. Taylor tried to focus his eyes so see where he was. He found it hard to see considering he had his sunglasses on.
“Where are we Ike?” Taylor whispered.
“I don’t know.”
“BE QUIET!” One of the men shouted in Taylor’s ear. Taylor quickly took off his sunglasses and put them in his pocket. He searched the area only to see dark, cavern walls all around. He looked over head and noticed a man, not much older than Ike, standing at the head with two gaurds on either side of him. He had jet-black hair, sunglasses and army fatigues, just as the others, for the exception of a cowboy hat that looked totally wrong. He had a warm smile and approached the group of men, lined up.

“ATTENTION! You are going to be led to your living quarters. You will be staying with us for awhile so there will be a set time of your meals and when you go to bed. There is no leaving your living quarters unless to eat or for some other reasoning. Do not give us a hard time or you will find your time here will be…well…unpleasant. I am the person in charge of this. I’m a very fair man and expect to be treated with your utmost respect. Thank you.” He spoke perfect English, unlike the rest. He left the area and were followed by two guards. One guard took the front of the line while others followed on the sides, holding their guns, at full attention.

They were led down a long corridor and to an area with doors on either side of the walls.
“You will be assigned to your living quarters. We have no choice in bunking you with certain people and we don’t want complaints.” Said the man with the dark hair and musky accent. The same stocky man with glasses came over to each individual and gave them a blanket. He came to Taylor and handed him a blanket and smiled at him again.
“Excuse me, do you think I could be bunked with my brothers?” Taylor whispered, hoping the man would take a little pity on him.
“Eh?” The man said, moving closer to Taylor.
“Can you bunk me with my brothers?” Taylor repeated then pointed to Ike and Zac.
“Eh?” The man said again.
“Do you speak English?” Taylor questioned.
“Sp-eee-k?” The man said, trying to pronounce the words that Taylor had said.
“Never mind.” Taylor said. The dark haired man came over to him.
“In the room.” He said, pushing Taylor in. Taylor walked in and turned just as the door closed.
“Hey!” A voice called. Taylor turned around and noticed a man sitting on a cot on the floor. He had on a pair of blue jeans, a dress shirt and tie. He had flame red hair and had a warm smile.
“Hey.” Taylor said, smiling awkwardly.
“What a mess.” The man said. Taylor threw the blanket on the cot and looked at the man.
“My names Roman, Roman Sullivan.” The man said, raising his hand to shake Taylor’s.
“Taylor Hanson.” Taylor said and shook his hand.
“I guess were room mates.” He smiled.
“I was hoping to be put with my brothers, no offense.” Taylor said and plopped down on the cot.
“You have brothers with you?”
“Yeah, my older brother, Ike, and my younger brother, Zac.”
“Oh. I’m all alone. Actually, I was supposed to go to my new job. I’m a teacher and I just got offered this great job with a huge salary at a private school. I guess that’s shot.” Roman smiled.
“You’re a teacher?” Taylor questioned, brushing back his hair.
“For about 10 years now. High school level. I teach kids English.” The man smiled.
“That’s cool. I’m actually supposed to be shooting a video in the desert with my brothers.”
“You’re a musician?” Roman asked, shifting on the cot.
“Yeah. We’re called Hanson.” Taylor answered.
“Sorry, never heard of you.” Roman smiled.
“You know, that’s a relief right now.” Taylor said and leaned against the wall of the room.
“Of all the times to get high jacked.” Roman laughed to himself.

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