Captive Heart

Chapter 3

They all stopped when the door to the airplane opened. A tall man, in army fatigues came in. He had dark hair and held a gun.

“ATTENTION!” He said in a musky, accented voice.
“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!” Holly yelled. The man looked at her with a harsh stare.
“Get up.” He said, pointing the gun at her. Taylor gulped as the man held his finger on the trigger. Holly stood up with a confident look on her face.
“Who are you?” He asked sternly.
“Why do YOU want to know?” She said, putting her hands on her hips.
“Answer me!” He said, angrily.
“BITE ME!” She yelled. No sooner had she said it, he struck her, causing her to land in her seat. She shrunk down, with her hand on her face. Amanda tried to comfort her and try to see if she was all right. Phyllis was on the edge of her seat, staring coldly at him.
“That will be the last time you EVER talk like that.” He said.
“As I was saying. I want everyone off the plane, single file, hands in the air. You first.” He said, pointing the gun at Amanda. Amanda cautiously got up, raising her hands in the air and moved to the front of the plane. Another man boarded the plane, roughly taking Holly by the arm, under the other man’s command. They all stood up and followed to the front of the plane along with the people from the coach area, pilots and stewardesses. Taylor tried to grab his bag but one of the men took it from him. The man with the dark hair stood in front of Taylor so that neither Taylor, Ike nor Phyllis could get out. He stared at Taylor than turned to Phyllis. He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the front of the plane by gunpoint. She was trembling. Not from fear but anger. She clenched her teeth and stared at the man with a look in her eye that gave Taylor the creeps. They all filed off the plane slowly and quietly as the man advised, with their hands in the air.
The rush of heat hit Taylor in the face. He coughed as the heavy air filled his lungs. He wanted to make sure that his brothers were still there. Ike was in back of him and Zac was further up. Taylor noticed many men dressed in army fatigues wielding machine guns and rifles as they stepped off the plane. Two men were at the head. The dark haired man slowly separated the passengers by sex and age behind the other two. The girls that Taylor and his brothers had recently met, along with women and children were to the right while Taylor, his brothers and the male passengers were to the left. The women were instructed to put their hands behind their heads and everything in their pockets were emptied. Phyllis glanced over at Taylor and smiled uneasily. As soon as they were searched, the women were led away. Taylor waited as a stocky man with glasses came up to him. He smiled a half smile at Taylor, which he ignored, and proceeded to go through his pockets. Taylor nudged Ike with his foot and rolled his eyes.
“NONE OF THAT!” The dark haired man from the beginning said, putting his face in Taylor’s.
“Sorry.” Taylor said, gritting his teeth.
“No talking either.” The man advised.
“Excuse me.” Zac’s voice broke through. The man walked up to him and stared at him coldly.
“Are you deaf! I just said no talking!” The man said angrily and spat as he talked. Zac closed his eyes and scrunched up his face as the man talked.
“I was just wondering what you were doing with all of them?” Zac said, motioning with his face to the women being led away.
“None of your business.” The man said then walked away.

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