Captive Heart

Chapter 2

“Excuse me. Please sit down.” A voice said. Taylor turned to see a woman with red hair, done up in a french twist in a stewardess uniform. She had a worried look on her face and put her hands on Taylor’s shoulders to seat him.
“What’s the problem?” Taylor asked, a little annoyed. He had waited for the plane to stop before he got up, he didn’t know what he had done wrong.
“Please, just sit down.” She said, pushing him slightly. Taylor landed on his bag and quickly attempted to remove it from underneath himself. The stewardess hurried off into the coach area, leaving Ike, Zac and Taylor to wonder what was going on. The stewardess came back, pushing three girls in front of her.
“Please, sit down here.” She instructed them. The first girl was tall, almost as tall as Taylor and had blonde hair, pulled back into a braid. She had on a black tee-shirt and an interesting pair of shiny gray jeans. She sat down in the first seat, in front of Zac. The next girl was shorter by only an inch or so. She had brown hair, pulled back into a messy bun, glasses and looked all around. She had on a green tank top, embroidered with flowers along the middle and a pair of black adidas wind pants. The next girl was much shorter, barely making it over 5’. She had dirty blonde hair to her shoulders, tucked behind her ears with glasses and wore a black tank top with white lettering on the front along with a pair of blue jean bell-bottoms. They both sat down, the taller girl next to the blonde. The shorter girl looked around for an empty seat in the front but didn’t find any. She sat down in the seat behind Zac. Taylor was interested in what the lettering on her shirt said and leaned over the arm of his seat to look.
“Hey Man! Did you grab my bag?” The girl in the back said, leaning forward and calling to the front. The girl with the brown hair and glasses turned and looked at her.
“Right here Phyl.” The other girl said, holding it up for her to see.
“Tell Hol, it’s all her fault that we got in trouble.” The girl in the back laughed.
“I heard that! Anyway, I got you into first class didn’t I?!” The tallest girl yelled, turning and kneeling on her seat with her hands on the back of her seat.
“WE ALREADY LANDED YOU MORON!” The girl in the back called than started laughing. She noticed Taylor staring and stared back.
“Hey! Dude! Have a problem or something!” The girl kneeling called to Taylor.
“Me? No…no…no…I don’t have a problem.” Taylor said, shocked that she had noticed.
“HOLLY!” The girl in the back yelled.
“Sorry, he was staring at your chest!” Holly laughed. Taylor sunk down in his seat and turned his face.
“Having a problem?” Ike smiled as Taylor turned beat red.
“I want off this plane.” Taylor said, shrinking more into himself.
“I don’t think it will be much longer.” Ike laughed and leaned back in the seat.

“Hey Phyl! I made him blush!” The girl kneeling yelled, pointing to Taylor.
“WOULD YOU SHUT UP!” The girl next to her said, hitting her with a bag. The girl plopped down in the seat with a thud. Taylor glanced over at the girl in the back. She smiled awkwardly at him then made motions that the other girl was crazy. Taylor laughed. He leaned forward again.

“Um…excuse me…I was wondering what the lettering on your shirt says?” Taylor asked. Zac immediately looked up and turned to look at the person behind him.
“Uh…it says “Super Wench, New York Renaissance Faire”. “ She answered then smiled again.
“SHE’S SUPER WENCH!” The girl that had started to annoy them sang as she stood up and put her hands on her hips as if she was a super hero.
“DAMMIT HOLLY! SIT DOWN!” The girl next to her shouted again.
“Sorry about my friend. She’s just a little mental.” The girl in the back smiled.
“You’re from New York?” Taylor asked.
“So, how is the Renaissance Faire anyway?” He smiled, leaning over the edge of the seat more. Zac stared at him again and Taylor passed it off.
“Oh, I went a couple of summer’s ago. It was awesome.” She smiled and shifted in her seat.
“That would be cool to go to.” Taylor said.
“Uh Tay…” Zac began.
“What?” Taylor asked. He changed to a harsh tone.

“Oh…by the way…I’m Phyllis and those two are Amanda and…”
“Holly…yeah, I know.” Taylor smiled.
“I heard my name. Don’t talk about me.” The girl in the front called.
“We’re not Hol.” Phyllis laughed.
“Taylor. This is Isaac and Zac.” Taylor said. He shook her hand and Ike leaned over Taylor to shake her hand along with Zac.
“Nice to meet you.” She smiled.
“Man, Hol, would you like to be civilized and shake their hands?” Phyllis called over the top of Zac’s head.
“Oh, hey.” The girl with the brown hair and glasses, Amanda, said. She shook their hands and moved to let Holly.
“Should I trust that you don’t have germs?” Holly smiled devilishly.
“Well I…” Zac smiled.
“Ah, who cares.” She laughed and shook their hands.

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