Captive Heart

Chapter 24

Holly laid down on the same familiar cot. She sighed to herself.
“God, if only I had stayed where I was.” She said to herself.
* Knock *
“Hello.” Owen smiled.
“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT!” Holly yelled. Owen closed the door behind himself.
“I’m disappointed. I thought I was getting through to you.” Owen said, moving near the bed. Holly jumped to her feet.
“DON’T COME NEAR ME!” She said, balling her hand in a fist.
“I’m not going to do anything to you. I just want to talk.” He smiled.
“I don’t trust you as far as I could throw you.” Holly said angrily.
“I have a proposition…”Owen smiled, getting so close that he was practically leaning on her.
“What?” Holly said, gritting her teeth.
“I’ll let Phyllis join the rest of the hostages, in regular quarters, if…”
“If what?” Holly asked.
“If you let me…” Owen said, putting his hand on her waist and leaning in.
“Wait…” Holly said, putting her hands on his shoulders. She smiled at him.
“Is this what you want? “ Holly smiled, leaning in really close.
“Yes.” Owen whispered.

“AGHHH!” Owen yelled, putting his hands to his crotch and falling to the floor.
“Do it again, and you won’t have anything left for me TO knee!” Holly said, leaving the room

Zac looked over at Taylor who was attempting to make himself comfortable in the chair.
“Are you ready for tomorrow?” Zac asked, sitting on the floor.
“Not really. You ready?”
“Taylor, I’m really scared.” Zac answered, feeling himself start to well up.
“Zac, it’s all right.” Taylor said, getting up. He knelt down beside his brother and put his arms around him.
“Everything will be all right. We’ll get Holly and Phyllis out and Ike and Amanda will come for us. I swear!” Taylor said, hugging him.
“I know…I know.” Zac said, wiping a tear from his cheek.
“Let’s just get some sleep.” Taylor smiled and ruffled his hair.
“All right.” Zac smiled. Taylor went back to his seat and got comfortable.

“Good morning.” Hadrien said, closing the door quietly. Taylor and Zac blinked and looked up.
“Today’s the day.” Hadrien smiled. He handed Zac the coin contraption.
“Remember, keep it on the roof of your mouth.” Hadrien said.
“Right.” Zac said, slipping it in his mouth.
“What did you give him?” Taylor questioned.
“Our message.” Hadrien smiled.
“Now, go around the back, as quietly as possible. We’ll keep a look out from here. Be brave.” Hadrien said, putting his hands on his shoulders.
“Okay.” Zac said. He looked over at Taylor.
“Tay, be careful.” Zac said. Taylor got up and walked over to him and embraced him.
“Bye.” Taylor said. Zac left, being led out by Hadrien and Taylor waited.

“Okay, be careful.” Hadrien said, patting Zac on the shoulder.
“Bye!” Zac yelled. He ran as fast he could towards the compound. He slowed his pace to a fast walk and went up confidently. He looked and saw that a guard had noticed him and came running towards him.
“YOU SUCK!” Zac yelled and ran right towards him. He headbutted the guy in the stomach, knocking him down only to be stopped by about 5 other guards, surrounding him.
“Ooops.” He smiled. They led him away.

“It’s time for your training Taylor.” Hadrien announced, coming in the room as Taylor tried to wipe away his tears.
“O…Okay.” Taylor said, keeping his head down.
“Yes?” Taylor said, still looking towards the floor.
“It’s all right to be upset.”
“I know.” Taylor answered. Taylor followed Hadrien to some unknown place in the barracks. He opened the door and ushered Taylor in.
“Now Taylor, this is the bomb. I have a control right here and your walkie-talkie. All you have to do is to press this button here after I give you the signal. I want you to get as far away from the barracks as possible when your going to do this, you understand?”
“Good.” Hadrien looked at Taylor and knew he was upset.
“Yeah?” Taylor asked, sniffling.
“This is important. You have to stay focused when I explain these things to you.”
“I’m sorry. I’m just worried about Zac. I don’t want them to hurt him or the rest of my friends for that matter. I hope that Ike and Amanda have found some help.” Taylor said.
“I know. Well, it’s seems there really isn’t anything else to explain to you. It’s pretty straight forward.” Hadrien said, pointing for Taylor to leave the room.
“When is the meeting scheduled for?” Taylor asked.
“7 o’clock.” Hadrien said.

The guards grabbed Zac by the arms and brought him in the compound. Randolph walked over to him and could see a smile spread across Zac’s face.
“What are you smiling about?” Randolph said angrily.
“Oh, no reason.” Zac said, trying to hide his happiness.
“DON’T LIE!” Randolph yelled and struck him in the face. Zac felt the message holder in his mouth hit his teeth. He had the urge to spit it out but knew he couldn’t. He quickly put it back in place without seeming too suspicious as the guard took him towards his room. They closed the door and Zac sat down on his cot. He looked down at his feet, thinking about how he was ever going to get the message to Roman. He didn’t even know what Roman looked like. All he remembered was Taylor saying that he had roomed with him the first couple of hours before being sent to solitary.

“Zac.” A voice said, breaking him from his thoughts. Zac turned around fast. The covers on Ike’s cot shifted and moved to the side. Revealed under the covers was a man.
“Uh…what are you doing in my room?” Zac asked nervously.
“You have something for me?” The man asked.
“Are you Roman?”
“Yes sir.” Roman smiled. Zac took the message holder out of his mouth and wiped it on his shirt.
“Sorry about the saliva.” Zac smiled.
“No problem.” Roman smiled as he took it from him. He popped it open and took the little piece of paper out. He reached into his pocket and took out what looked like a mini magnifying glass and started to read the piece of paper.
“I see the plan is going into action at around 7. Plenty of time. Thank you very much for your cooperation.” Roman smiled and put the piece of paper back in the holder and put it in his pocket.
“How are you guys going to do it?” Zac asked.
“When we get out for dinner, I will find one of our friends and give him the paper. During that time he will come to you with a tray of food. DO NOT SWALLOW ANY OF IT! Put it in your mouth, as if you’re eating it. You will find a key hidden amongst your food. As soon as you find it, keep it in your mouth. You will then request to go to the bathroom, to that same guard. He will take you to the solitary room so you can get your friend out along with one of the other rooms that your other friend was put in. You will be led back to the dining area and all will show itself afterwards.” Roman explained.
“Oh…Okay.” Zac said.
“You guys seem to know what you’re doing.” Zac laughed.
“That’s my job.” Roman smiled.
“I just have one question? How did you get in my room?” Zac asked.
“See that ceiling vent. There is one in every other cell to provide a ventilation system. It just so happens that your particular cell has been provided with one.” Roman said, pointing up.
“That’s how you came in. That thing looks so tiny.” Zac said, looking up to inspect it.
“Not that small if you know how to maneuver it right.” Roman explained.
“I have to go back now. Don’t forget the plan.” Roman smiled. He climbed a rope that had been dangling from the ceiling and made his way up into the vent. He pulled the rope up and returned the grate.
“See you in a couple hours.” Roman called down.
“See ya.” Zac called back up.

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