Captive Heart

Chapter 25

Amanda woke up. It was in the late afternoon. She looked over to the other side of the bed and noticed that Ike was already gone. She got up and hobbled to the door and left to greet the day. When she came out, she could see that everyone was already up and around. Wolf noticed her and ran over.
“Hey. Late riser I take it.” He smiled.
“Listen, Wolf, I need to talk to you.” Amanda said with a serious expression on her face.
“What’s wrong?” Wolf asked concerned.
“Well, how can I put this…”
“You can tell me.” Wolf said, putting his hand on her shoulder.
“Ike and I are…”
“Your wonderful.” Wolf smiled.
“Please don’t interrupt! This is important!” Amanda said angrily. Wolf looked at her with wide eyes.
“Ike and I aren’t betrothed or married or anything like that. I don’t even know him really. We found your village after running away. Out plane was sort of…hi jacked by these horrible people. Ike’s two brothers, Taylor and Zac, along with my friends, Holly and Phyllis, along with countless others are being held against their will. I need your help to get them back. They’re being guarded.” Amanda explained. Wolf looked at her and then started to smile.
“That’s a good joke.” He laughed.
“Wolf, it’s not a joke.” Amanda said seriously.
“It’s not a joke. Then why has Ike been calling you his betrothed and…”
“I don’t know. Can you please help us?” Amanda pleaded, searching his eyes.
“Of course. Right away.” Wolf said. He left her standing there and ran for his hut.

“Amanda? How you doing?” Ike asked, smiling, as he walked up to her.
“I told him everything. He’s getting help as we speak.” Amanda said, turning towards the hut.
“YOU TOLD HIM!” Ike said shocked.
“YES! I TOLD HIM!” Amanda said angrily as she turned around fast.
“We have to take care of this!” She said. Wolf walked up along with his father and about 10 or 15 men.
“Let’s go.” Wolf said, talking only to Ike.
“I’m going too.” Amanda said.
“You’re a woman?” Wolf said, looking at her funny.
“YES I AM DAMN IT!” Amanda yelled.
“How are we going?” Amanda asked.
“Horse back.” Wolf said, pointing to a corral.
“Good.” Amanda said. She hobbled towards the corral and looked.
“Which one is mine?”
“Uh…I wasn’t really planning on you coming so…” Wolf said, putting his hand on the back of his head.
“I’ll ride with you.” She said.
“LET’S GO!” She yelled. They opened the corral door and Wolf brought a black steed towards her, no saddle or reins.
“All right.” Amanda said, taking no hesitation to get on.
“How did you get on with your leg like that?” Ike asked, surprised.
“Just did.” She answered. Wolf got on, sitting in front.
“Ike, there is a horse over there for you.” Wolf said, pointing to a chocolate brown steed with a black mane.
“NO saddle?” Ike asked.
“Sorry.” Wolf smiled.
“GET ON THE DAMN HORSE IKE!” Amanda yelled impatiently.
“All right!” Ike said, attempting to get on, unsuccessfully.
“I can’t get my footing!” Ike yelled.
“Hold on.” Wolf said, getting down from the horse. He walked over to Ike and helped him on.
“LET’S GO!” Amanda yelled as soon as Wolf had gotten on. She put her arms around his waist and took her left hand and slapped the horse on the rear end.
“AGHHH!” Ike yelled as his horse took off at full gallop. Amanda and Wolf just started laughing.
“HOLD ON!” Amanda called but couldn’t help from laughing hysterically as they were riding along side him.
“HOW?!” Ike screamed.
“HOLD HIS MANE!” Amanda yelled.
“I…I…CAN’T GET A HOLD…” Ike yelled as he was being jounced.
“JUST DO IT!” Wolf yelled. Ike finally grabbed a hold and they were on their way.

“Okay Taylor, we have about 15 minutes.” I want you to get ready before they make it here. Here is your walkie-talkie, and the control.” Hadrien said, handing Taylor everything he needed.
“But…But…Hadrien, what if you’re still in here?” Taylor asked nervously.
“You must do it. You understand?” Hadrien said, putting his hands on Taylor’s shoulders.
“I just…you know…” Taylor stammered.
“You have to.” Hadrien said.
“I want to thank you, for doing everything for us.” Taylor said, looking in Hadrien’s face.
“Let me thank you Taylor. You and your brother.” Hadrien smiled. He put his hand out and Taylor looked at him. Taylor just smiled and leaned in and hugged him. Hadrien led him to the back entrance.
“Do you see those rocks over there?” Hadrien asked, pointing to a pile of rocks.
“I want you to hide over there.” Hadrien said.
“All right.” Taylor said, starting to leave the barracks.
“Good luck!” Hadrien called.
“Bye!” Taylor yelled, waving to him as he headed to the rocks.

Hadrien made his way back in the barracks and Taylor noticed as the sun just started to go down.
“I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this.” Taylor said, feeling flabbergasted about the whole situation. He didn’t know anything about what Hadrien had planned. All he knew was that he was supposed to press the button when he was given the cue. He wished that he were just at home with his family. Away from the responsibilities of so many peoples lives, including his friends and his brothers. He looked towards the compound and wondered how Zac, Holly and Phyllis were doing.

Zac looked up as the door to his cell opened. He followed out with all the other men like he learned how to do over the time he had spent in the compound. He followed to the dining area and looked all around for Roman’s familiar red hair. Roman glanced over at Zac and walked towards one of the guards as if he wasn’t doing anything. Zac noticed him carefully give the guard the message holder and then Roman headed towards the line. Zac got up to the line to get his tray of food and watched as the same guard handed him the tray, looking him intensely in the eyes. Zac proceeded back to the table and sat down. He picked up his fork and picked up some of his food. He chewed it carefully, waiting to find the key but didn’t. He took another then finally he could feel his tooth hit the metal. He quickly made sure to stick it to the roof of his mouth. He glanced over at the guard again and got up. He walked towards him slowly, so as to not seem suspicious.
“Um…excuse me, I need to use the bathroom.” Zac said, looking straight in the guard’s face.
“Yes.” The guard said. The guard turned to one of the others and said something to him. He grabbed Zac by the arm and led him down the corridor.

“Do you have the key?” The guard whispered.
“Yes.” Zac whispered back.
“And you know which rooms they’re in?” the guard asked.
“Yes.” Zac answered.
“All right, go do it, I’ll make sure no one finds out. Go quickly.” The guard said. Zac nodded and walked down the corridor towards the solitary cell.

“Phyllis?” Zac called. Zac made no hesitation and unlocked the door. He opened the door and looked around.
“Phyllis?” He called again.
“Huh?” Phyllis said, in a sleepy voice.
“Zac? How’d you get in here?” She asked.
“No time to talk. Come on!” He said, looking out the door. Phyllis jumped to her feet and followed him out.
“How’s Taylor?” She asked.
“He’s in the barracks.” Zac said, looking straight ahead.
“Barracks? What barracks?” Phyllis asked.
“ZAC! GUARD!” Phyllis yelled, getting ready to start running down the hall.
“NO! Come back! It’s part of the plan!” Zac yelled, grabbing her arm.
“Plan?” Phyllis questioned, looking back at him as she turned around.
“We don’t have time, we have to get Holly. You need to show me how to get to Holly’s room.” Zac explained.
“No problem.” Phyllis said, grabbing Zac by the hand and running down the corridor.

“HOLLY!” Phyllis yelled, throwing open the door. Holly bolted out of the cot and ran to the door.
“Come on!” Zac said.
“Should I even ask?” Holly said.
“No time.” Zac said. They ran to the dining hall to all the other hostages and the guards.

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