Captive Heart

Chapter 23

Zac managed to get Taylor up.
“ZAC! WE CAN’T!” Taylor said, trying to push him away.
“LISTEN! THEY SAID TO GO ON WITH OUT THEM! DO AS THEY WISH!” Zac said, holding Taylor by the shoulders. Taylor looked like he was about to burst into tears.
“Come on!” Zac said, putting Taylor’s arm over his shoulder.

“GET IN THERE!” Randolph yelled, throwing Phyllis in violently. She hit the wall and slid down. She looked all around, noticing she was in the same room as before. She couldn’t believe it. After all they had gone through and they got caught. What was she going to do. At least, she thought, Ike, Amanda, Zac and Taylor got out, She wouldn’t ever forgive herself if something happened to any of them or Holly. She felt responsible, like she let them down.

Zac and Taylor went along, slowly and quietly to make sure no one would notice. It had been hours since the girls getting caught and the sun had been up for awhile. It was starting to get extremely hot and Taylor knew he was going to be burnt beyond belief. Zac looked like he was going to keel over considering he had the guard uniform on over his own clothes.
“Tay, Take my shirt, so you won’t get burnt.” Zac said, stopping to take it off.
“Thanks bro.” Taylor smiled, taking it from him.
“How you doing?” Zac asked.
“I’m doing better. Muscles still hurt of course.” Taylor answered.
“Well, we have to keep going, no matter what.” Zac said.
“Hey, look over there. It looks sort of like a building.” Zac said, looking through the distance.
“I think the heat is getting to you Zac.”
“No…no…it’s a building. Let’s go in.” Zac said, leading them towards it.
“But Zac…” Taylor started to protest.
“Trust me.” Zac smiled.

They got to the building and snuck around to the back.
“See anything?”
“No.” Zac answered.
“Okay.” They pried open a door and went in.

“Where are we?” Zac asked, looking all around.
“I…I don’t know.” Taylor said, trying to figure it out.
“I think…I think we’re in some sort of barracks or something.” Zac said.
“We gotta get out of here. We can’t get caught!” Taylor said, moving towards the wall. The light flicked on and a familiar body was standing there.
“Who are you?” Zac asked, with wide eyes.
“That’s…that’s the doctor.” Taylor said, feeling relieved. The man walked over to them and looked like he was scared.
“Come.” Was all he said as he pushed the boys along.
“But…but…” Taylor protested.
“You can’t…” Zac began.
“He doesn’t understand English Zac!” Taylor said.
“Yes I do.” He answered. Taylor was shocked.
“Just come with me. I have to hide you. They’re looking for you.” He said. He took them down a long hallway.
“How do we know your not working with Randolph and all the others?” Zac said angrily.
“I am actually a prisoner, of sorts. My name is Hadrien.” He answered.
“Owen is my brother. He’s been trying to take over and he needed my help. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what he needed my help for until it was to late.”
“What is he planning to do? Is it for money or something?” Taylor questioned.
“If I knew, I would tell you. When I found out that you had escaped, I knew I would need your help. Owen already expects that you are running to get help but he doesn’t realize that we’re going to shut this operation down from the inside.” Hadrien said, leading them to an office.
“Who’s this we you’re talking about?” Zac asked. He still didn’t want to believe this guy. Especially knowing that Owen was his brother.
“I mean you and your brother.” Hadrien answered, opening the door.
“You’re safe in here. They only come to these barracks when they must conference. I can hide you right underneath his nose.” Hadrien added.
“But, our friends, they’re with him, what do we do about that?” Taylor asked.
“I have friends in the compound as we speak, taking care of that.”
“What about Randolph?” Zac asked.
“Randolph, is, how do you say, not to bright.” Hadrien smiled. He flicked on a light.
“Sit, be comfortable. I assure you, they won’t know you’re here. It’s lucky that you found this place.”
“Why did you pretend to not know English?” Taylor asked.
“Well, actually, I did it because of Owen. He doesn’t even know. He learned it after going to military. That’s how I know what’s going on. He still thinks that I’m a dope.” Hadrien smiled.
“Who are some of your friends?”
“Well, Taylor, you might actually know one of them. He was one of the prisoners.”
“I do? Who?” Taylor questioned, as he sat down in an armchair.
“He goes by the name Roman, Roman Sullivan. He is actually a highly trained military strategist. I knew which plane Owen was going to take over so I had Roman take that flight specifically. He is the one that helped me come up with my plan.” Hadrien said, sitting on the side of a desk in the middle of the room.
“How did you know that we were going to be on the plane?” Zac asked.
“Well, I didn’t really. I knew civilians would be. I knew that eventually, one of them would find a way to get out. The guards aren’t too intelligent you know. I was lucky, I got two for the price of one. I need one of you to go back in the compound by being caught. The other will stay with me in the mean time to train for the assault.” Hadrien said than cleared his throat.
“What assault?” Taylor asked.
“There will be a meeting scheduled to happen here. Most of the guards will be told to come here along with Owen himself, then, we bomb it.” Hadrien said as if it was any everyday occurrence.
“BOMB IT!” both Taylor and Zac said in unison.
“Yes, then we will infiltrate the compound and get the rest of the hostages out.”
“How are you supposed to bomb it?” Taylor asked.
“That’s where you come in Taylor.”
“Me? Why me?” Taylor said nervously.
“You are going to be the one to bomb it.” Hadrien said seriously.
“ME!” Taylor said shocked.
“Yes, you. You will be outside the barracks when I give you the signal through the walkie-talkie I’m going to provide you. You must do this. Even if I’m in the building at the time.” Hadrien said.
“This is important Taylor. We have to do this to get everyone else out. Zac will bring a message to Roman. When he gets the message, he can inform one of the others that is posing as a guard. He will help to create a diversion so you can get your friends out. If I were you, I’d listen. In the mean time, relax. Nothing is going to be happening until tomorrow. That’s when Zac, your going to get caught.” Hadrien said.
“Where are we supposed to stay?” Zac asked.
“Right here, in this office. I know it’s not much, but that’s the best I can come up with at the moment.” Hadrien explained.
“It’s a whole lot more comfortable than that cell I was in.” Taylor said.
“I just have one question, do you have a bathroom?”
“Oh, of course, right there.” Hadrien pointed to a door attached to the office room.
“Thank you.” Taylor said, getting up carefully and walked to it.
“Are you sure you don’t need some help?” Zac asked concerned.
“No. I’ll be fine.” Taylor smiled.

“So, what am I supposed to do about getting caught…I mean, how am I supposed to do it?” Zac asked.
“I want you to just run to the entrance of the compound like nothing happened.”
“How am I supposed to get the message to Roman? Won’t they search me?” Zac questioned.
“Not with this.” Hadrien said. He handed Zac what looked like a coin.
“What’s this?”
“Open it, there’s a small latch on the side.” Hadrien instructed. Zac did as he said and opened it. Inside was a piece of paper, so small that Zac wondered how anyone could ever read it.
“You’re going to take that and hide it in your mouth.” Hadrien explained.
“WHAT!” Zac said shocked.
“You heard me.”
“Won’t it get messed up?”
“No, that’s why it’s in the case. It’s small enough to hide in your mouth and they won’t search there. You’ll keep it on the roof of it. As soon as you come in contact with Roman, and you will, give it to him.” Hadrien said. The bathroom door opened and Taylor walked out. He sat back down carefully in the armchair.

Amanda looked over at Wolf, playing with his little brother. She rested her face in her hands.
“What do you want?” Amanda said angrily.
“Nothing.” Ike said pitifully.
“What’s wrong?” She asked concerned.
“I’m concerned about my brothers. I mean, they could be in the desert somewhere…”
“I think they’re all right.” Amanda smiled

“Ike! Ike!” One of the little girls yelled. She ran over to him and jumped in his lap.
“Popular with the girls I take it.” Amanda smiled.
“Hey!” Ike said. The little girl made herself comfortable on his lap and stared up at him. Wolf came over, holding his little brother up on his shoulders.
“I see that my cousin is quite taken with your husband.” Wolf smiled.
“He’s not my…” Amanda started to say.
“Oh, don’t be jealous honey.” Ike smiled.
“SHUT UP!” Amanda yelled.
“I…uh…” Wolf started to stammer, feeling quite embarrassed.
“Sorry, sorry, just a little tense.” Amanda apologized.
“Well, I need to talk with my father. I will be back soon. The sun is almost down anyway.” Wolf said, looking up at the sky.
“Jeez, do you have to be so…” Ike whispered as Wolf disappeared into the hut.
“Don’t start with me. We need to get out of here!” Amanda said angrily. The little girl looked at Amanda and got up off of Ike’s lap. She smiled and waved at him and than ran off.
“Would you just relax.” Ike said to her.
“Amanda, Ike, this is my father.” Wolf said, introducing them. Amanda and Ike both shook his hand.
“He said that he would help you. But before that, we must start the festivities.” Wolf smiled.
“Festivities?” Amanda questioned.
“To celebrate your betrothal. We always dance and have fun when ever two people find each other like you two have.” Wolf said.
“But…” Amanda stammered.
“Now, Amanda, you must go with my grandmother. She will prepare you. Ike, come with me.” Wolf said, grabbing Ike by the arm.
“But…” Amanda started to stutter again. Before she could get a word in, Wolf had taken Ike somewhere.
“DAMN!” Amanda said angrily. Suddenly she felt hands on her shoulders. She looked up to come face to face with Wolf’s grandmother. She was smiling at her and she helped her up. She took her to a hut and made her sit down.
“I’m not betrothed. I’m not married. I don’t even know Ike all that well!” Amanda started to protest as the woman started to adorn her with different things. The woman just smiled, not understanding a word Amanda was saying.
“Don’t you understand. We’re not together! GOD!” Amanda said angrily.

Later on, Amanda limped out of the hut. It was dark for the exception of a huge fire ring. There were what seemed to be at least 30 or 40 people, dancing and singing and eating and having a wonderful time. She looked all around for Ike or Wolf, but couldn’t see since Wolf’s grandmother found it necessary to take her glasses off.
“IKE! WOLF!” Amanda called.
“Hey!” Wolf called. He walked over to her and smiled.
“You look lovely.” He smiled.
“Where’s Ike?” Amanda asked.
“He’s over there.” Wolf said, putting his one hand on Amanda’s back and pointed with the other.
“Where?” Amanda asked, squinting.
“Oh, did she take your glasses?” Wolf asked.
“Yeah, I’m blind with out them.” Amanda smiled.
“Oh, hold on.” Wolf said, running into the hut. He came back with them and placed them on her face. She looked through the crowd and found Ike. He had no shirt on, some sort of cowhide pants on and his chest and face were painted. He walked over to her.
“Hey.” He smiled.
“You look, interesting.” Ike smiled. Wolf left to get his father.
“YOU DIDN’T TELL THEM!” Amanda said angrily.
“Sorry.” Ike smiled.
“What was I supposed to do?” he added.
“Well, how can I put this, SAY WE’RE NOT TOGETHER! That and we need to go and help out our friends or did you forget that!” Amanda said angrily.
“We’ll take care of it.” Ike answered. Wolf walked back with his father to the two of them.
“Uh…Wolf, we need to talk about getting some help for our friends.” Amanda spoke up.
“Friends? I thought you were alone.” Wolf questioned.
“We are now. We came out here to get help…”
“Well, let’s not talk about this. Let’s have some fun. Tomorrow we can worry about it.” Wolf smiled.
“TIME FOR DANCING!” He yelled happily.
“I can’t dance, my leg.” Amanda said, pointing to it.
“Nonsense!” Wolf smiled. He picked her up in his arms and swung her around.
“See ya!” Ike smiled.

Amanda yawned, noticing how late it was getting. The fire had dwindled down to nothing and most of the people were retiring to their huts.
“All right, time for sleep.” Wolf said, coming over to Amanda and Ike.
“Where do we sleep?” Amanda asked.
“We have a special hut for you.” Wolf answered.
“Come with me.” Wolf said. Amanda hobbled on her feet and began to follow.
“You too.” Wolf said, stopping and pointing to Ike.
“Don’t I get a separate hut or sleep with the guys or something?” Ike asked nervously.
“Of course not!” Wolf smiled. Ike got up and followed. Wolf led them to a hut further away from the rest.
“Sleep well.” He smiled. He left them as they made their way in.
“I can’t believe this!” Amanda said angrily. Right in front of her was one bed. Only one bed.
“I’M NOT SHARING A BED WITH YOU!” Amanda yelled.
“Well, we have no choice. There isn’t even room on the ground to sleep.” Ike said. He pulled off his shoes and put them on the floor and flopped on the bed.
“Pretty comfy.” He smiled.
“You touch me at all in the middle of the night, I will murder you!” Amanda said angrily and hobbled over to the other side of the bed.
“I just can’t believe this!”

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