Captive Heart

Chapter 22

Holly was getting angry. With him around, they couldn’t get to any vehicles so they could escape. She always knew he was such a nuisance and she had the undying urge to go and punch him again. She could feel herself start to grit her teeth.
“What’s that noise?” Owen said out loud. Phyllis looked at Holly with wide eyes.
“YOU!” He yelled, finding the both of them. Two guards ran towards them with rifles aimed.
“I can’t believe you.” Owen smiled.
“Take them in. Solitary for both of them, separate rooms. I want them to be searched.” Owen ordered.
“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Holly screamed in his face.
“You know, you were on my good side.” He said.
“Go!” He commanded.

“TAYLOR! THEY GOT THEM!” Zac yelled.
“GOD!” Taylor yelled.
“We have to get out of here.” Zac said, tugging on Taylor’s arm.
“NO! We can’t leave them!” Taylor said, looking in his brother’s eyes.
“They told us to!” Zac said.

Ike ran as fast as he could.
“IKE! SLOW DOWN!” Amanda said as she was bounced.
“Can’t…gotta…keep…going!” Ike said breathlessly.
They stopped finally. There, right before them was what seemed to be a small village. Small children were playing outside and a couple of women were hanging their laundry to dry. Ike put Amanda down and looked all around the area. A ball rolled over to Ike’s feet and he picked it up. A small boy ran over. He had black hair, dark skin and looked to be about 4 or 5 years old. He smiled at Ike and reached his hands toward him for the ball.
“Here you go.” Ike smiled. The little boy smiled back and ran off to resume playing with his friends.
“What are we supposed to do now?” Amanda asked.
“I’ll go see if I can find some help, you stay here.” Ike said, turning to look at her.
“I don’t think you’ll need to, I think help’s found us.” Amanda pointed. A young man, about the same age as Ike walked over. He had long hair, pulled into two, tight braids on the sides of his head. He had a pair of cut off jean shorts and no shirt at all. He had the little boy in his arms as he walked over.
“Hello.” Amanda smiled, feeling flush. This guy looked so amazing. He smiled at her then looked at Ike.
“Hi. I’m Ike and this is Amanda…” Ike said, pointing to her.
“A-man-da?” The guy said, pointing to her.
“Yeah. We need help. We...” Ike started to explain.
“Uh…yeah.” Amanda interrupted.
“Help?” The guy questioned.
“Oh. Well, I must talk with the others.” The guy said in perfect English.
“You speak English?” Amanda asked.
“Don’t you?” He asked. Amanda started to laugh.
“Yeah, of course.” She smiled.
“Come, eat with us. You look hungry.” He smiled.
“What’s wrong with her?” He asked, noticing Amanda was on the ground, holding her leg.
“Leg.” Amanda answered.
Ike went to lift Amanda up when the guy stopped him.
“No…I will do it. You relax.” He smiled.
“But…I…” Ike stammered. Amanda gave Ike a look as to say “let him do it.” The guy put the little boy in Ike’s arms and picked Amanda up.
“So…uh…what’s your name?” Amanda asked, blushing.
“Wolf.” He answered.
“Yes.” He smiled.
“That your husband?” He asked, looking over at Ike.
“Huh?” Amanda groaned with a shocked expression.
“I assume you are married, or at least betrothed.” Wolf said. Amanda didn’t know what to say. Before she could have the chance to say anything, he put her down on one of the logs near where the children were playing. He took the little boy from Ike and walked into a hut. Ike sat down next to Amanda.
“So, he seems nice.” Ike smiled. Amanda just ignored him.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“Wolf seems…”
“His name’s wolf?” Ike interrupted.
“Yes…it seems that wolf thinks that you and I are…”
“Hello.” Amanda was cut short when Wolf was standing there with a shorter woman with a plump face and body. Her hair was extremely long and was white and gray. She walked over near Amanda and Ike and looked at them.
‘This is my grandmother.” Wolf announced.
“Nice to meet you.” Ike smiled and shook her hand.
“She doesn’t speak English. Only a few of us do.” Wolf said.
“You will meet my father later on.” He added.
“Uh…we don’t have til later on. We need to…”
“Nonsense. You should eat before you do anything. Stay with us until you rest up. You both look like you are exhausted.” Wolf interrupted. He left with his grandmother, back into the hut.
“Now, what did you want to tell me?” Ike smiled.
“He seems to…” Amanda began. She stopped when the same little boy came over. He had brought along with him two little girls and another little boy.
“BALL!” The boy said, pointing to it.
“Yes. Ball.” Amanda sighed.
“Come on Amanda, look, he wants you to play with him.” Ike smiled.
“I can’t. Not with my leg!” Amanda said harshly.
“Well I will.” Ike announced.
“But…But…I need to…” Amanda said, pleading for him to stay.
“Sorry.” Ike said, getting up. Both little girls immediately took interest in him. They latched onto him, holding his hands and pulling him away.
“This is just great!” Amanda said to herself, resting her face in her hands.

“Here’s some stew.” Wolf said, coming over and handing Amanda a bowl.
“Thank you.” Amanda smiled. Wolf sat down next to her.
“Where did your husband go off to?” Wolf asked.
“He’s not my…”
“Oh, I forgot to get some bread.” Wolf said, jumping up.
“Urrrr.” Amanda growled. She looked at the bowl of stew and it smelled great. At that point, she would have eaten anything that was given to her.
“Here you go.” Wolf smiled, handing it to her as he bent down. Amanda looked in his face.
“Oh…” Amanda said startled. It was unbelievable. He had the bluest eyes. It seemed kind of odd for him to have such dark hair and skin and have such blue eyes.
“What?” He asked.
“Oh…uh nothing.” Amanda said, looking back down at her bowl of food and started to eat.
“Well, I’m going to look for your husband and give him some food.” Wolf said, getting up. He left her, sitting there to finish her meal.
“He’s not my husband!” Amanda said angrily to no one.

Ike followed along as he was dragged by the two little girls.
“Okay…woh.” He laughed. The little girls stopped and the little boy put the ball in Ike’s hands.
“Throw.” The little boy instructed.
“Okay.” Ike smiled. He bent down and threw it. The kids ran after the ball, kicking it and throwing it and generally having a really good time.

“Ike!” Wolf’s voice rang out. Ike turned around.
“Hey…uh…Wolf is it?” Ike asked.
“Yes.” Wolf answered.
“My grandmother has made you some stew. If you would like, you can go sit with your wife and eat it.” Wolf said.
“That’s very nice of you…hey…did you say wife?” Ike asked with a puzzled look.
“Yes. She’s sitting near our hut.” Wolf said and ran ahead.
“But…But…Wolf, I don’t have a wife. For god sakes I’m only 19!” Ike yelled but Wolf was to far ahead to hear him. Ike made his way back over to where Amanda was sitting.
“Hi honey.” Ike laughed.
“HONEY!” Amanda yelled.
“Well, they all think you’re my wife.” Ike laughed.
“SHUT UP!” Amanda yelled, hitting him in the arm.
“You’re so cute when you get mad.” Ike laughed again.
“If you don’t want to be wearing that stew I suggest you shut the hell up!” Amanda said, getting in his face.
“Jeez, just a joke.” Ike said defensively.
“We don’t have time for jokes. We have to get help!” Amanda said, putting the bowl on the log.

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