Captive Heart

Chapter 21

“What do you think your doing with those prisoners?”
“Uh…orders from the commander.” Zac answered.
“I didn’t order them to be taken out of solitary.” The voice said. Holly turned around to come face to face with Owen.
“What’s the meaning of this!” Owen said angrily. Holly walked over to him.
“Who are you?!” Owen added. He grabbed the brim of her hat and pulled it off.
“HOLLY!” He said in a shocked voice.
“Hi…BYE!” Holly said and punched him as hard as she could sending him to fly backwards onto the ground.
“RUN!” She screamed. Phyllis put her arm around Taylor’s shoulder along with Zac and they ran as fast as they could.
“OH GOD! YOU PUNCHED HIM!” Phyllis yelled.
“I WASN’T PLANNING IT YOU KNOW!” Holly yelled back.
“I…can’t…run…anymore. My…muscles!” Taylor said, feeling like he was going to collapse.
“Come on!” Holly yelled. Taylor could feel his legs go out from underneath himself.
“OH GOD!” Phyllis screamed, trying to help him up.
“GET OUT OF THE WAY!” Holly yelled. She grabbed him, picked him up as if he weighed nothing, and went on. Zac looked at Phyllis with a funny look.
“She’s muscular.” Phyllis smiled.
“WE CAN HIDE OVER THERE!” Holly yelled, pointing to a sand dune. They ran to it and ducked under it. Holly put Taylor down on the sand and sat down herself. He stared at her in disbelief.
“WHAT!” She said in annoyed voice.
“I…I…didn’t think you could do that.” He said with a shocked expression.
“I’m just full of surprises aren’t I.” She smiled.

“Uh…We have a problem.” Ike said, looking down at the gas gauge.
“What?” Amanda said, not wanting to know.
“We’re running out of gas.” Amanda looked over the side of the jeep towards the gas tank.
“JUST WHAT WE NEED!” She said, throwing her hands in the air.
“We’re out of sight. They can’t find us.” Ike said, trying to reassure her.
“Do you not realize that we’re in the middle of the god damn desert! No food, no water, NO GOD DAMN TRANSPORTATION!” Amanda screamed.
“HEY! DON’T BE YELLING AT ME!” Ike screamed back. Amanda just looked at him with a defiant stare.
“Why couldn’t I just have stayed home? No…I had to be a dumb ass and go along with Phyllis. DAMN IT!” She said angrily.
“I tell you, next time I see her, I’m gonna kick her ass for making me go along with her!” she added.
“Hey Amanda…”
“What!” Amanda asked with an angry tone.
“WOULD YOU SHUT UP!” Ike yelled.
“PISS OFF!” Amanda yelled back. Just as she said it, the jeep came to a hault.
“DAMN IT!” Amanda yelled, hitting the dashboard with her fist.
“We’re out of fuel.” Ike said, looking at the gauge again.
“I THINK I KNOW THAT EINSTEIN!” Amanda yelled. Ike just narrowed his eyes at her.
“Don’t look at me like that!” Amanda yelled.
“GET OUT OF THE DAMN JEEP! NOW!” He yelled. Amanda shrunk back and opened the jeep door. He got out and picked her up violently.
“We’re walking. We’re going to walk until there is no more walking to do and during that time, I don’t want to hear a word come out of your mouth because I will leave you butt here!” He said, looking in her face.
“Whatever.” Amanda said, as she crossed her arms and looked away from him. They kept walking along until Ike felt he couldn’t any longer. The extra weight of having to carry Amanda around was taking a toll on him.
“What’s wrong?” Amanda asked, noticing that Ike was breathing heavy.
“I’m tired.” He said.
“Well, put me down and take a rest.” She said.
“No, I’ll be fine.” He said, still trudging along.
“Hey! Look over there!” Amanda pointed.

“They’re eventually going to find us, we have to get out of here.” Phyllis said.
“Where the hell are we supposed to go Phyl?” Holly asked.
“Go see if there are any vehicles or anything.” Phyllis answered.
“I don’t see any. I’ll go and search around.” Holly said.
“I’ll go with you.” Zac said, getting up.
“No! Stay here with your brother!” Holly instructed him with a stern look.
“Holly, I’ll go with you, Zac, you stay here with Taylor.” Phyllis said, motioning for him to sit back down. He sat down.
“Be careful.” Zac said.
“If we get caught, you two leave. You hear me!” Holly commanded.
“Phyllis!” Taylor called. Phyllis stopped and looked at him.
“Yeah?” She asked.
“Come here for a second.” He said, motioning with his hand. She walked back over and kneeled down.
“Thank you.” He said.
“For what?” Phyllis asked.
“For keeping me company.” He smiled.
“No problem.” She said. She turned to get up when he grabbed her hand. She turned back around.
“Be careful.”
“I will.” She answered. She bent back down. She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.
“What was that for?” He blushed.
“Because I felt like it.” She smiled and got up. She turned and left with Holly.
“Oooo.” Zac giggled.
“Shut up.” Taylor said, laughing himself. He face was beat red.
“So, how long have you two been like that.” Zac laughed.
“Been like what?” Taylor asked, puzzled.
“We haven’t been like anything. We’re just friends.”
“Yeah and I’m Michael Jackson.” Zac laughed and rolled his eyes.

Holly and Phyllis ran to the other side of the sand dune.
“See anything?” Phyllis asked.
“No. I don’t see any vehicles at all there.” Holly answered.
“Let’s go to the other side of the entrance. Maybe there are some over there.” Phyllis said, pointing. They ran over to the other side of the entrance, making sure to keep close to the wall.
“See any?” Phyllis whispered.
“I don’t…” Holly began.

“FIND THEM!” Owen yelled.
“And when you do, bring them back here!” He said, gritting his teeth. Owen stood by the entrance so close to the girls that if either of them had flinched, he would have found them. Phyllis looked at Holly nervously. She just had a look of disgust on her face. Owen was rubbing his jaw where he had been hit. It was already starting to turn black and blue. He moved around, pacing, rubbing his hands together.
“Where did they go?” He said to himself.

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