Captive Heart

Chapter 20

Ike looked at his watch. Midnight would be when they got out. He still had a couple of minutes before the girls would get out. He was truly wondering how Holly and Amanda were going to be able to sneak around when Amanda couldn’t even walk He looked over at Zac who was still sleeping.
“Yo, bro, get up.” He said quietly.
“Okay.” Zac said, yawning.
“Are they here yet?” he asked.
“No, we still have a couple of minutes and Amanda said exactly midnight.” Ike answered.
“I really hope this works Ike.” Zac said, looking through the darkness.
“I really hope so too.” Ike said. They both stopped suddenly when they could hear a key go into a lock and then the doorknob slowly started to turn. The door opened and Holly was standing there.
“Where’s Amanda?” Ike asked.
“She’ll meet you in the dining area. I suggest you take any sunglasses or anything of that nature with you.” She suggested.
“All ready.” Ike said, patting his shirt pocket.
“Okay, this is the plan. You go down, as quietly as possible and meet Amanda. I took her down there before…”
“How, I thought she couldn’t walk?” Zac questioned.
“I tell you, it was no easy task but I managed. Ike, you’ll have to carry her out. If you find any need to steel anything that you find, do it. Make no hesitations. This is straight from Amanda. Zac and I are going down to solitary and get them out. We will then meet you.”
“How are you going to meet us if we’re going to be gone by the time you leave?”
“We’ll find a way. And Amanda has one more instruction for you Ike…”
“Yes?” Ike asked.
“If she slows you down, she wants you to leave her behind.” Holly said, gulping.
“I…I…couldn’t do that!” Ike said in a shocked tone.
“Ike, it’s not my instructions. It’s Amanda’s. I already argued with her about it but she said that’s just the way it has to be.” Holly answered.
“I just have a question Holly.” Zac asked.
“How are we supposed to get past everyone, and what about Ike?” Zac asked.
“With these.” Holly said, walking out of the room and bringing in three sets of guard uniforms.
“I grabbed ‘em during lunch. I found them in an office. Now quick, put them on.” Holly said and threw them at the boys. Holly quickly put hers on and so did Ike and Zac. Holly grabbed the hats and handed them to the guys and she made sure to tuck her hair up and Zac’s hair up under the hats too.
“Ready?” She asked.
“Ready.” They both said. They filed out of the room carefully and shut the door.
“Good luck Ike.” Zac whispered.
“You too.” Ike said, feeling himself start to well up. He didn’t want to leave his brothers but he knew he had to. He left the hall and made his way to the dining area. He searched around, trying to find Amanda. A whistle startled him and he turned to see her sitting in the corner.
“Hey.” She smiled. He walked over to her and put his hand on the back of his head.
“Are we ready?” She asked.
“Yeah, they just left to get Phyllis and Taylor.” Ike said.
“Well, time for us to do the same.” She smiled. Ike bent down and picked her up.
“Now, the plan is, if we see a guard, pretend you found me out here and your going to take me to Owen to see what he wants to do about it.” Amanda said.
“I’m not to comfortable with the part about leaving you in the desert if you start to slow me down.”
“You have to. You hear me. If you want to get the rest of these people and your brothers out of here alive, you have to. I am willing to sacrifice it.”
“But I’m not to sure I can.” Ike said, walking towards a corridor, leading out of the dining area.
“How do I go to get out?” He whispered.
“Just go down the corridor. You’ll find a doorway. When you reach the doorway, it’ll take you to that caverny part that we first saw.” Amanda instructed. Ike did as she said and followed her directions. He reached the doorway and found that she was right.
“We’re almost home free.” He whispered.
“Not quite.” She said, pointing to the entrance of the cave. One single guard was standing against the wall with his head back.
“I think, I think he might be asleep.” Ike whispered.
“Shhh. Just go.” She said. Ike walked to the entrance and looked at the man. He was asleep. Along with drooling and stinking. Amanda held her nose as she went past him.
“Now run!” She said. Ike ran as fast as he could, holding Amanda in his arms as best he could. He kept running until he felt his legs were going to give out and his heart was going to beat out of his chest.
“We’re out of sight.” Amanda said, making him stop before his lungs burst. He stopped. He put her down in the sand and he collapsed on the ground, heaving.
“Are you all right?” She asked concerned.
“Never…better.” He said, clutching his chest. Amanda laughed to herself.

“Okay Zac, we’re here. Stay close to me.” Holly whispered.
“All right.” Zac could feel the anticipation of seeing his brother again. He couldn’t wait. He smiled to himself as Holly stuck the key in the lock.

“What’s that?” Phyllis asked, yawning.
“I have no clue.” Taylor answered.
“Probably just some noise the guards are making.” He said, putting his head back down to go to sleep.
“I don’t think so…” Phyllis began until she was cut off when the door opened. She covered her eyes as the light filled the cell.
“Hello?” Phyllis called. Taylor looked up and could see two guards standing there. He quickly crawled over to Phyllis and grabbed her hand.
“Phyllis? Taylor?” A voice broke out.
“Huh?’ Taylor said. Holly entered the room.
“HOLLY!” Phyllis yelled and ran over to her, hugging her.
“Shhh.” She said. Zac came in. He ran over to Taylor. He dove to the floor and hugged him.
“TAY!” Zac yelled and buried his face in Taylor shoulder.
“Aghhh!” Taylor said in a painful voice.
“Are you all right?” Zac asked, releasing his embrace.
“Randolph beat him.” Phyllis said.
“He beat you!” Zac said with shock on his face.
“Yeah. I’m getting better though.” Taylor smiled.
“Where’s Amanda and Isaac?” Phyllis asked.
“We sent them ahead. Amanda’s leg is pretty bad so Ike’s carrying her.” Holly explained.
“Her leg? WHAT HAPPENED TO HER LEG!” Phyllis said angrily.
“That night when we tried to get you guys out, Randolph found us and he shot…”
“In the leg. She’s doing all right.” Holly said.
“We got to get you guys out of here.” Holly added, looking out the door. Phyllis walked over to Taylor and helped him up. She put his arm around her neck and helped him along.
“How are we supposed to get out?” Phyllis whispered to Holly.
“We have to try going out the entrance.” Holly explained.
“But…they’ll find us.” Taylor said, gritting his teeth in pain.
“Not if I can help it.” Holly said confidently. They hurried down the corridor towards the entrance as fast as they could.

Ike got up after catching his breath.
“How’s your leg doing?” He asked Amanda.
“It’s all right.” She smiled.
“I’m going to search around and see if I can find us some transportation or something.” Ike said, looking all around.
“Okay.” Amanda answered. Ike stood up and proceeded to look around.
“Bingo!” He smiled.
“What did you find?” Amanda asked.
“A jeep.” Ike smiled. He bent down and picked her up again. He snuck around, making sure not to be seen and headed to the jeep.
“I don’t know if this is safe.” He said.
“Just go.” Amanda said. He got to the jeep and stayed low. He put Amanda in the back of the jeep quietly. He climbed in the front seat and looked all around.
“Come on, start this thing!” Amanda said impatiently.
“I don’t have the key!” He said annoyed.
“Can’t you hot wire it or something!” She said.
“I’ve never hot wired a car before. How am I supposed to know?” He said angrily.
“Oh, help me in the front seat!” Amanda groaned. He helped her to the passenger side.
“Keep your head down!” She instructed him as she leaned over him. She popped off a piece of the jeep and revealed a bunch of wires.
“Do you know what you’re doing?” He asked.
“Let’s find out.” She smiled. She pulled two wires out and stripped them with something she found in the jeep. She put them together then finally it started.
“Jack pot! Now FLOOR IT!” She yelled and Ike did just that. The guard near the entrance of the cave woke up and could see what was going on. He grabbed his rifle and aimed it at them.
“DUCK!” Amanda yelled, pulling Ike down.
“I CAN’T SEE!” He screamed.
“JUST DO IT!” She yelled in his face. A few bullets hit the jeep as it sped away.

“Are we safe?” Ike asked.
“Yeah.” Amanda smiled. She wiped off her pants that were caked with sand. She turned and looked out to the desert that was behind them.
“THIS IS GREAT! We’re out!” Ike said happily.
“We still have to find help and get everyone else out. Hopefully Holly and Zac got them out all right.” Amanda said, turning back in her seat.

Holly stopped them. Taylor tried to stand up so as to not put so much weight on Phyllis.
“Okay, we have a little bit of a problem…” Holly said, moving towards the wall.
“What?” Zac said nervously.
“That guard over there is awake!” Holly said gritting her teeth. She lowered her hat more.
“Zac, move over towards Phyllis and take her arm.”
“Why?” Zac questioned.
“Just do it!” She instructed. The guard walked over to them and stared.
“Uh…just taking them out for a little. Commanders orders.” Holly said in a deep voice. The man nodded.
“Huh?” Holly said, swallowing hard.
“Be careful, two of them escaped. That girl with the gunshot wound in her leg and one of the kids dressed in a guard uniform.”
“We’ll keep a look out.” Zac said, as the sweat started to bead on his face. They started moving along when the guard spoke up again.
“Uh…why did the commander want you to take them out?” He asked as he moved closer to them.
“Oh…uh…they’ve been in solitary and he felt that they needed to be aired out or something.” Holly said then tried to fake a laugh.
“Oh…see you then.” The guard laughed and left the area.
“We’re all most there.” Holly said.

“Excuse me!” A voice rang out. None of them turned around, they just held their breaths, waiting.

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