Captive Heart

Chapter 19

Holly woke up and scanned the room. Amanda was still asleep in her cot. Holly yawned and got up. She grabbed her shoes and put them on and sat back down on the cot. She looked back down at her feet and sighed. What was the point of putting her shoes on? What was the point of even getting up? She couldn’t even get up to get some food. She couldn’t leave the room. She was so disgusted. She imagined that Phyllis and Taylor felt it ten times as hard as herself and the rest of the hostages. At least they could get up and go for breakfast when they were let up or given showers or even converse with other people. She wanted so desperately to get out.
“Hol?” Amanda called.
“Oh…hey.” Holly said, smiling awkwardly.
“When did you get up?” Amanda asked, rubbing her eyes.
“Maybe, 10 minutes ago, something like that.” Holly answered.
“Why do you have your shoes on?” Amanda questioned.
“Who knows.” Holly sighed.
“Well, they should be coming in to take you to breakfast.” Amanda added and shifted a little, to get her leg in a more comfortable spot.
“Maybe they’ll let you come with me.” Holly said, turning around to look at her.
“I don’t know…”
“Hey, it couldn’t hurt.” Holly smiled.

“Hello ladies.” Owen smiled, opened the door. Holly grimaced at first but smiled afterwards.
“Breakfast.” Owen said.
“Can Amanda come with me?” Holly asked. Owen looked at her with a shocked expression on his face.
“Because it might be nice for to eat with some people.” Holly said, raising her voice a little.
“Please.” Holly pleaded.
“I guess.” Owen answered.
“Are you sure you feel up to it?” He asked.
“Yeah, looking forward to seeing some other human beings.” Amanda smiled. Owen walked over to her cot and picked her up.
“Holly, go in my left pocket and get my keys to open the door.” Owen said.
“All right.” Holly said. She reached in his pocket and searched around.
“I can’t find them!” Holly said in a distressed voice.
“I know, there in the other pocket.” He smiled slyly. Holly gritted her teeth and had the urge to smack him but looked at Amanda’s pleading face and decided not to. She went in the other pocket and got the keys out. She opened the door then looked at the keys. She thought about it then quickly pulled the key along with another one off the ring while Owen wasn’t looking and pocketed them.
“Here’s your keys.” She said, putting them back in his pocket. They left the room and Owen carried Amanda down the hallway with Holly following. Amanda looked over Owen’s shoulder at Holly suspiciously. Holly smiled then pulled the key out of her pocket and let Amanda see it. Amanda just smiled and turned her face. They reached the eating hall and Owen put Amanda down on a seat.
“Go get her a tray.” Owen ordered one of the guards. The guard nodded and did as he was told.
“Where is everyone else?” Holly asked.
“They’ll be coming shortly. I saw your friends earlier this morning.” Owen smiled.
“Zac and Isaac?” Amanda questioned.
“No, Taylor and Phyllis. Poor Taylor…” Owen began.
“What do you mean poor Taylor?” Holly said angrily.
“It seems that Phyllis got him over his head. Randolph had to punish him.” Owen said, starting to leave the area.
“WAIT A MINUTE!” Holly yelled. Owen turned back around and stared at her.
“What happened to them?!” Holly said angrily.
“Ask Randolph.” Owen smiled and left.
“Ohhh!” Holly said, shaking with anger.
“GOD HE PISSES ME OFF!” She yelled.
Amanda put her hand up when she noticed Isaac and Zac coming down the hallway.
“Amanda!” Zac said happily. He walked over and hugged her again.
“Uh…” Amanda said again. Holly just chuckled to herself.
“How are you doing?” Ike asked, sitting down next to her.
“I’m all right. Leg hurts like hell but that’s to be expected.”
“um…about your brother…” Holly interrupted. Zac and Ike immediately looked up.
“Owen said something about seeing them this morning…”
“He did!” Zac said, wide eyed with anticipation.
“He said that he got in trouble and had to be punished. I don’t exactly know what he means by that but…”
“THEY BETTER NOT HAVE HURT MY BROTHER!” Ike yelled, jumping up.
“Calm down.” Amanda said, startling him.
“Listen…I didn’t tell you this Holly, but, I have a plan. I think that tonight we should think about escaping.” Amanda whispered.
“Not without Phyllis…” Holly began.
“Or Taylor!” Ike announced.
“Shhh. I think what we should do is have two of us leave first, you know, make sure we’ll be able to get out and the other two of us should get them out.” Amanda explained.
“But how are we going to do it. We tried before and look what happened. And what about the other hostages?” Zac asked.
“Well, Holly got keys from Owen.”
“Got keys?” Ike asked, narrowing his eyes.
“More like stole his keys but that’s not the point. I have a feeling that the one key is for every cell.” Amanda answered.
“Whose going to leave first?” Zac asked.
“Well…I don’t know.” Amanda said, puzzled.
“Amanda, you should go considering the problem with your leg. I think that Ike should go with her just in case. Zac and I can handle getting them out.” Holly said boldly.
“Are you sure?” Amanda asked.
“Positive.” Holly said.
“Either that or you three leave and I’ll get them out myself.” Holly said confidently.
“No, Ike and I will leave first and you and Zac get them out. While your getting them out, Ike and I will get some help to get the other hostages out.” Amanda said.
“Plan.” They all said in unison.

The door opened to the cell. Phyllis jumped up as the stocky man with the glasses came in. She recognized him from when he had brought in food to them. Taylor was still asleep and she figured she wouldn’t wake him until the doctor felt it necessary.
“Where’s the doctor?” Phyllis asked.
“Doc-to-r?” The man questioned with a funny look on his face. Phyllis threw her hands up in the air.
“Yeah. Doc-tor! Where is he!” Phyllis said in a disgusted tone.
“uh…doc-to-r…uh…me!” He smiled.
“You?” Phyllis said in shock. He pulled out a stethoscope and put it around his neck.
“Oh god!” She said, putting her hand to her forehead. The man walked in and closed the door behind him. He looked all around and spotted Taylor lying on the floor, asleep.
“Uh…pay-pay-paychunt?” He said, trying to think of the words as he pointed to Taylor.
“Yes, patient.” Phyllis said annoyed. He bent down and cocked his head to look at him. He reached into his pocket and took out a penlight. He reached over and lifted Taylor’s right eyelid and flicked the pen light on.
“AGHHH!” Taylor screamed.
“HE’S NOT DEAD YOU IDIOT!” Phyllis yelled. The man started laughing.
“What is he doing to me?” Taylor said in a panic as he was struggling to catch his breath.
“This is the doctor.” Phyllis said and sighed.
“He’s the doctor?” Taylor said with a shocked expression on his face.
“Yeah.” Phyllis said, walking over and sitting on the floor next to him.
“What’s your name?” Phyllis asked him.
“Na-ame?” The man questioned.
“Yeah, I’m Phyllis and that’s Taylor.” Phyllis said, pointing to herself and Taylor.
“Oh. Hadrien.” The man smiled.
“Hadrien.” Taylor repeated. The man took out his penlight again.
“Aghhh.” He said, opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue to show Taylor. Taylor laughed to himself then did what he was shown. The man put the penlight away then took his stethoscope and put it to Taylor’s bare chest.
“AGHHHH! It’s cold.” Taylor yelled, jumping. The man smiled at him again and proceeded with his examination. He finished what he was doing and stood up, putting the stethoscope away and penlight.
“Is he all right?” Phyllis asked.
“Uh…you say…uh…O-ka-ay.” The man said, trying to pronounce it.
“But…He’s all beat up.” Phyllis questioned.
“Uh…2…uh…2 day.” The man said, putting up two fingers.
“2 days and he’ll be all right?” Phyllis asked.
“YES!” He said confidently then left. Phyllis looked over at Taylor who had a grin on his face.
“What are you smiling about?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.
“You have to learn to have more patience.” He smiled.
“Oh shut up.” She smiled and playfully pushed him in the shoulder.
“Ow.” He said, wincing.
“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Phyllis said, putting her hand on his shoulder.
“I didn’t mean to.” She added.
“It’s all right.” He smiled and put his hand on hers. He held his hand on hers and she looked at him suspiciously. She pulled her hand away from him and moved to the other side of the room.
“Something I did?” He asked, concerned. He didn’t mean to do it. She just looked at him funny.
“uh…no…uh.” She stammered.
“Are you sure?” He asked.
“Yeah.” She said, smiling.
“Okay, scared me there. I thought I did something wrong.” He smiled.

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