Captive Heart

Chapter 18

Owen walked down the hallway, swinging his keys and whistling to himself. He stopped just before the door and put the key in the lock. He stopped before opening the door and looked down at his watch, noticing it was around 8 at night. He opened the door slowly and looked in.
“Come with me.” He said, pointing to Zac. Zac looked up startled. Ike began to raise from his spot when Owen put his hand up to stop him.
“No, just him.” Owen said. Zac looked over at Ike hesitantly and got up. Owen ushered him out and closed the door.
“Um…can I ask where I’m going?” Zac asked, swallowing hard.
“To see someone.” Owen said, looking straight ahead.
“You’ll see.” Owen said. He took him along then stopped. The area looked extremely similar to his own hallway that his cell was apart of. Owen moved to a door and knocked on it lightly. He opened the door and led Zac in.
“Hello?” Zac called, not being able to see through the darkness. Owen flicked on a switch and Zac gasped.
“Amanda!” He said excitedly. He ran over and sat down on the cot. He stared at her.
“Hey!” She smiled. He looked at her again then fell in her arms, embracing her. Amanda sat rigid, not knowing what to do.
“I’m so glad your all right.” He said, releasing his grip.
“Uh…okay.” Amanda said, still a little shocked.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, puzzled.
“Wasn’t quite expecting that sort of reaction.” She smiled.
“I feel so guilty.” He said, changing his expression.
“It wasn’t your fault Zac.” Amanda explained.
“What’s going on?” Holly’s groggy voice interrupted. She looked up from her cot and blinked.
“Oh, how’d you get in?” She asked, yawning.
“Owen.” Amanda pointed.
“Oh, you!” Holly said in a scornful voice.
“It’s nice to see you too.” He laughed.
“Oh bite me!” She said angrily.
“Don’t mind if I do…” He began, walking towards the cot.
“Touch me and DIE!” She yelled, sitting up in the cot again, holding her hand out. Amanda and Zac giggled to themselves.
“SHUT UP!” Holly yelled.
“Is your little love fest over?” She added.
“HOLLY!” Amanda said angrily. Zac just blushed and looked towards Owen.
“Actually, they have about 2 minutes remember.” Owen said, looking back down at his watch.
“Okay.” Zac smiled.
“I feel so much better knowing that you’re all right.” Zac smiled.
“Hey, you cheered me up. Look how long I’ve been cramped up with her.” Amanda laughed and pointed to Holly.
“I resent that! Your no peach either!” Holly said in a disgusted tone and laid back down on the cot.
“Well, I think it’s time to take you back.” Owen said. Zac turned to Amanda and Amanda put her hand on his shoulder.
“See you when I’m better.” Amanda smiled.
“Say hello to your brother for me too.” She added. Zac nodded then leaned in and hugged her again. Amanda looked at Holly with a funny look on her face and Holly laughed to herself.
“Bye!” He smiled and let go. He followed out with Owen and waved goodbye.

“I take it you were a little creeped out.” Holly smiled.
“He’s a sweet kid…” Amanda said and settled in her cot.
“Just can’t get used to that huggin’ stuff.” She added.

Taylor woke up and managed to open his eyes. He looked around and noticed Phyllis was still asleep and had her head against the wall and her hand still on his. He smiled to himself but felt the urge to cough. He managed to keep it in and attempted to move to sit up. He winced, feeling the muscles in his stomach aching. He sat up in spite of them and looked at her. He put his hand on his stomach and lifted his shirt to inspect the damage.
“Jeez.” He said to himself, noticing the bruises. His head was swimming and he felt like he was going to be sick. He couldn’t believe that he actually survived that beating. He knew he had to do it though. He couldn’t let them do anything to her even though it seemed apparent she wanted them to. She wanted to get at them and it seemed she would do anything in her power to do it. He inched his way over to her and looked at her while she slept soundly. He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.
“Taylor?” She said, waking up suddenly. He still had his face to hers.
“I…uh…” He stammered. He smiled hesitantly and inched his way away. She gave him a funny look and stared at him, narrowing her eyes.
“I…I…” He stuttered.
“Why did you do that?” She questioned.
“Well…why did you kiss me?” She asked, waiting for an answer.
“I just did. Trying to show a little gratitude I guess.” He said harshly.
“Sorry, just asked.” She said defensively and sighed.
“How you feeling?” She asked, looking at him.
“Feel awful.”
“Why aren’t you laying down then?”
“Because I don’t want to.” He said angrily.
“Okay then, don’t be so damn defensive.” She said, rolling her eyes.
“Sorry. Thank you.” He said, letting his guard down.
“For what?” She asked.
“For trying to take care of me last night.”
“No problem. You were the one that took the beating for me. I had to make sure you were still in existence when they brought you back.” She smiled.
“Well, by the time he was done, I was wondering that myself.” He smiled.
“So that kiss was a thank you.” She said, raising an eyebrow.
“I’ll take it.” She smiled. She stretched her arms over her head and yawned. She stopped suddenly when her stomach growled.
“’Scuse me.” She said blushing.
“I’m hungry too.” Taylor laughed.
“I think that they’re trying to starve us or something.” She said, getting up and walking to the door.
“I guess that’s the plan, you know, punishment and everything.” Said Taylor.
“Actually, I just think it’s more convenient for them to forget we exist.” She said with distaste. Taylor attempted to move his body to get in a more comfortable position but found it increasingly harder to move so that he wasn’t in constant pain.
“Here.” Phyllis said, bending down to help him.
“Thanks.” He smiled.
“It’s really hot in here.” She said, wiping the sweat that had beaded on her forehead. She took an elastic band off her wrist and tied her hair back in a messy bun.
“Good thing I decided to wear a tank top instead of a long sleeve shirt like I originally planned.” She laughed.
“Speak for yourself, I have a tee shirt on and I feel like I’m on fire.” Taylor complained.
“Take it off.” She said non-chalantly.
“I…I don’t think so.” Taylor said, blushing uncontrollably.
“Doesn’t bother me.” Phyllis said, looking towards the window.
“Yeah…but…you know…uh…” Taylor stammered.
“Are you comfortable sweating like that?” She asked seriously.
“Well…no.” He answered.
“Then strip.” She smiled.
“The way you put it, it sounds so vulgar.” He laughed then winced as he held his stomach.
“I’ll help you.” She said, bending down.
“NO! NO! I’ll do it myself.” He said, putting his hands up to ward her away. He crossed his arms and attempted to pull his shirt up but couldn’t stand the pain in his muscles.
“Here.” She said, helping to lift his shirt off. She threw it over to the other side of the cell.
“Feel better?”
“Lots.” He smiled.
“My muscles are so sore.” He said, looking down at his stomach.
“That bastard…”
“Don’t start in.” He said.
“I mean, why would he try and beat you to death.” She said angrily. She shoved her hands in her pockets and looked across the room.
“He didn’t though. I’m still alive…”
“Barely.” She interrupted.

* Knock *

Phyllis and Taylor both looked up at the same time. The door opened and a man came in. It was the same man from the beginning that Taylor had recognized. The one with the cowboy hat. He smiled as he peeked his head in.
“And how are we this morning?” Owen smiled.
“It’s morning?” Taylor questioned.
“You didn’t think it was night did you?” Owen laughed.
“How could we tell when you keep us in this little hole!” Phyllis said angrily.
“Now, now Phyllis…” Owen began.
“How the hell do you know my name!” Phyllis said, staring at him coldly.
“Your friends.” Owen smiled.
“I especially like that feisty friend of yours, Holly…”
“Don’t even go near her, you hear me!” Phyllis hissed.
“Phyl, calm down.” Taylor pleaded.
“No, now, I see why they’re friends.” Owen laughed to himself.
“Look what you and your guards have done. Do you enjoy hurting people!” Phyllis said, moving so close to Owen that he moved away out of fear as Phyllis was pointing to Taylor.
“That’s the consequences.” Owen said, standing taller.
“Consequences my ASS!” Phyllis yelled.
“PHYLLIS!” Taylor yelled. Phyllis turned fast and looked at him. Taylor had a look of pleading on his face.
“At least get him some medical attention or are you going to leave him hear to die!”
“No, of course not. I’ll send for our physician.” Owen answered.
“And when are we getting out of here?” Phyllis said, putting her hands on her hips.
“She never lets you speak now does she?” Owen chuckled and looked at Taylor. Taylor just stared at him with a harsh glare.
“We haven’t seen our friends, we don’t know where we are and you don’t even feed us!” Phyllis said, feeling the anger raise in her own voice.
“I understand that. I’m fully aware of what goes on around here. You’ll be out of here when I feel you have learned to behave in a civilized manner. Actually, I think Taylor will be out before you with the rate your going at.” Owen said sharply.
“NO!” Taylor said, letting his anger out.
“I will feed you. I don’t want any corpses, not right yet anyway.” Owen laughed.
“Why are you being like this. Are you even human? Can’t you see what you’re doing to people? It’s not right!” Phyllis said, moving towards him again.
“I suggest you stay where you are or I won’t send for that physician at all.” Said Owen. Phyllis backed away and sat on the floor.
“Just tell me one thing…”
“What?” Owen sighed.
“How are my friends doing and Taylor’s brothers?” Phyllis questioned.
“Holly is doing well, as you already might have guessed. Taylor’s brothers are mischievous, especially the younger one.”
“And Amanda?” Phyllis said, looking straight in his face.
“Well, I guess you’ll just have to behave to find that out now won’t you.” Owen smiled and walked to the door.
“The physician will be here in five minutes. DON’T give him any trouble!” Owen said lastly and closed the door. Phyllis looked over at Taylor.
“Phyllis…” Taylor began. Phyllis eyes seemed to gloss over and she lowered her head and started to cry. She buried her face in her hands and sobbed. Taylor crawled over in spite of his pain and put his arms around her.
“I think she’s all right.” Taylor said, trying to console her.
“They better not have done anything to her! I’ll kill them!” Phyllis said angrily.

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