Captive Heart

Chapter 17

Holly looked around to see if she could find Isaac and Zac. She spotted the two of them on line, getting their trays. She walked over and tapped Zac on the shoulder.
“Hey!” Zac smiled.
“Hey!” Holly said, as she looked around, making sure that no one saw her.
“How’s Amanda?” Ike asked.
“She’s in our room. She’s doing all right.” Holly said, grabbing a tray.
“I feel really bad about it.” Zac said, lowering his head.
“Why?” Holly asked him.
“It was my fault. If I had warned her sooner…”
“Zac, it’s not your fault. It’s that guard’s fault.” Holly said with a reassuring smile and put her hand gently on his shoulder.
“Are you sure?” Zac asked, looking up in her eyes.
“I’m positive.” She smiled.
“I still feel bad about it. You know…I feel responsible.” He said as he left the line after getting his food and headed towards the table with Holly and Ike following behind. They sat down and Zac immediately started eating. Holly looked down at her food then looked around towards the guards.
“Aren’t you hungry?” Ike asked as he picked at some unknown piece of food.
“I think I’ll save it.” She said, taking a piece of bread and covering it with a napkin.
“Why?” Zac asked, letting food particles come out of his mouth while he talked.
“Because I imagine they haven’t fed Phyllis or Taylor.” She answered.
“Good point.” Ike said and looked back down at his food.
“I really wish they would let them out.” Zac said, as he put his bread down.
“I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon…” Holly began.

“What do you want!” Holly said angrily as Owen made his way over to the table.
“I was wondering if you would like to go and bring some breakfast to Amanda.” Owen smiled.
“Fine.” She said and stood up.
“I’ll get you a tray.” He said and left the table.
“What was that all about?” Ike asked.
“He’s just a jerk.”
“He’s feeding Amanda isn’t he?” Zac asked.
“That’s besides the point.” Holly answered. Owen came back and handed her the tray.
“Let’s go.” He said, putting his hand on her shoulder. Holly shook his hand loose and walked back to her room.

“Man, I brought breakfast.” Holly said as Owen opened the door.
“Thanks.” Amanda smiled as Holly set it down in front of her. Owen looked at them and left.
“How’s Zac and Isaac?” Amanda asked as she started to eat.
“Zac feels really bad?” Holly said, sitting down on her cot.
“Why?” Amanda asked.
“He feel’s responsible for last night.”
“It wasn’t his fault.” Amanda answered.
“I tried telling him that.” Holly answered.
“I wish that I could talk to him.” Amanda said, shifting on her cot.
“Maybe I can smuggle him in.” Holly smiled.
“I don’t think so.” Amanda said.
“Well, I’ll talk to him when I can finally get up on my own.” She added.

Phyllis paced the cell. All she kept thinking about was whether Taylor was all right. She felt horrible for him taking the blame. She shouldn’t have been so defiant. She was cut off when the door handle started to turn. She walked over towards the door and put her hands in her pockets as she waited patiently for the door to open. The door opened and Randolph’s smiling face peeked through. Phyllis gritted her teeth until she could see he was carrying Taylor loosely by the arms. He threw him in carelessly. Phyllis caught him as he began to fall and Randolph slammed the door.
“TAYLOR!” Phyllis screamed. He was limp and she couldn’t hold him up much longer. She fell to her knees, holding him. She turned him to look at his face. His eye was bruised to a purple-black color, he had a cut on his bottom lip, his arms were bruised and he looked like he was on the verge of death.
“OH GOD!” Phyllis screamed. Taylor opened his eyes slowly and looked up at her.
“Taylor!” She said.
“Phyllis?” He asked, reaching his hand for her.
“I’m right here.” She said, letting a tear roll down her cheek. She grabbed his hand and held it.
“I told you not to.” Phyllis said, cradling him.
“I’m all right.” He said, coughing slightly. His coughing suddenly turned violent and he turned his head to the side.
“OH MY GOD! You’re coughing up blood!” Phyllis said, trying to help him.
“I’m okay!” He said in an angry tone. He kept his face away from her.
“LOOK AT ME!” Phyllis commanded. She turned his face towards her. She bit her lip as he winced a little.
“Where did he hit you?” Phyllis asked. Taylor just looked at her. He moved his hand towards his shirt and lifted it up slowly, revealing bruises all along his stomach.
“Oh my…” Phyllis gasped, covering her mouth with her hand. Taylor put the shirt down and looked over to the side.
“You really shouldn’t have taken the blame.” Phyllis said, letting her voice crack.
“I had to.” Taylor answered. Phyllis leaned against the wall and put his head in her lap. She looked up at the ceiling.
“What are you thinking about?” He asked.
“Nothing.” She said, sniffling.
“I’ll be all right.” He said, smiling in spite of the pain.
“I know.” She smiled. She looked back down at him and placed her hand on top of his.
“Why don’t you get some rest.” She said.
“No.” Taylor simply said.
“Why?” Phyllis questioned.
“You know, just in case they let us out.” He smiled.
“Nothing like joking.” She laughed.
“Hey, it gets you through the day right?” He smiled.
“If he hadn’t of caught me off guard, I could have gotten a real good punch in.” He said, coughing again.
“I don’t think so.”
“Are you trying to say I’m a weakling?” He asked, raising his eyebrow.
“No…you just have more brains than that.” Phyllis laughed.
“Well, I would have at least liked to have been able to have the chance to defend myself.” He said, letting his voice come to a whisper. Phyllis bent down to listen closer.
“Can you just do me a favor and get some rest.” She said, putting her finger to his lips.
“But…” Taylor protested.
“Rest.” She said, changing the expression on her face.

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