Captive Heart

Chapter 16

* Knock *

“Huh?” Amanda said groggily. She looked towards the door as the handle slowly started to turn.
“HOL!” Amanda yelled, throwing her shoe at her.
“What?” Holly asked, rolling over on her side. Amanda pointed to the door.
“Good morning ladies.” Owen smiled and tipped his hat.
“What do you want!” Holly said angrily.
“I came to see how Amanda’s leg is doing. I brought the physician to take a look at it. Then I’m going to take you down for some breakfast.” Owen smiled warmly.
“NO THANKS!” Holly said, sitting up on the cot and stared at him coldly. Amanda shot her a look than waited for Owen to usher the physician in. It was the same man from the night before. He smiled at them and walked over to Amanda’s cot. Amanda leaned over and moved her pant leg up carefully to reveal her wound. Owen stood in the doorway and watched. The man turned back to Owen and said something.
“Thank you Hadrien.“ The man nodded and left the room.
“So, time for some breakfast.” Owen smiled and walked towards Amanda’s cot.
“I DON’T THINK SO!” Holly yelled, as she quickly moved in front of him.
“Hol!” Amanda said.
“You don’t trust me do you?” Owen smiled.
“Why should I!” Holly said angrily as she put her hands on her hips.
“Because, I wouldn’t hurt you. Randolph unfortunately made a mistake.” Owen said, trying to push past her.
“How do we know that you didn’t order him to do it!”
“I would never…”
“You ordered for Phyllis and Taylor to be put in solitary!” She shouted. Owen stopped and looked right in her face.
“So they have names.” He grinned.
“YOU BASTARD!” Holly screamed and raised her hand to punch him.
“Ugh ugh ugh. I don’t think so.” Owen smiled as he grabbed her hand.
“Now, if I were you, I would just go down to breakfast with me, cooperatively.” He added, as he hardened his expression. He turned and looked back down at Amanda who was wide eyed.
“I will have one of my guards bring you your breakfast. I will be back later, and maybe if your friend behaves, I might just bring Felicia and…”
“HER NAME’S PHYLLIS!” Holly yelled.
“Oh yes, Phyllis and Taylor out of solitary. But only if I have her full cooperation.” Owen smiled.
“Come on Hol, it’s important.” Amanda pleaded. Holly looked down and looked at Amanda.
“All right.” Holly sighed and followed Owen out of the room.

“Phyllis…Phyllis…” Taylor called. He walked over to the opposite wall where Phyllis was curled up next to.
“Phyllis…” He called again and put his hand gently on her shoulder.
“Huh…What?” She said and blinked as she looked up at him. She searched the floor on her right for her glasses. She found them and put them on.
“How are ya?” Taylor smiled.
“Hurting.” She said and rubbed her shoulder.
“Don’t say it!” She said angrily and stumbled to get on her feet.
“Why are you so angry?” Taylor asked concerned.
“Just am.” She said and moved away from him.
“No…listen! I want out! I want to make sure that Amanda’s all right…”
“PHYLLIS!” Taylor shouted.
“I want out of here too. I want to see my brothers too. But it seems that’s not going to happen any time soon.” He shouted. Phyllis shrunk back and stared at him wide eyed.
“Oh and yeah, I’m angry too!” He added. He gritted his teeth then looked away from her.
“What!” Taylor said in a harsh tone.
“I apologize.” Phyllis said in a meek voice. Taylor turned his head fast and looked at her. She had tears rolling down her cheeks and she looked down at the floor.
“I…I…” Taylor stammered.

“HEY! You two!” A voice interrupted him. They both looked up fast and Phyllis quickly wiped the tears from her face with her hand. Randolph stood there, gun in hand and looking intensely at them.
“Time for bathing. We don’t want you two smelling rancid.” He smiled as he narrowed his eyes.
“WHAT HAPPPENED TO AMANDA!” Phyllis said as she walked up confidently towards him.
“Amanda? I know of no Amanda.” Randolph answered.
“Don’t act dumb!”
“No more talking! Follow me!” He commanded. He motioned with his gun to the open door. They both filed out obediently. Taylor walked behind Phyllis and wondered if they were going to be allowed to join the rest of the hostages afterwards.

“You, go in here, you go in there. No funny business. Here’s your soap.” Randolph said as he led them to two doors.
“What about towels?” Taylor asked.
“Towels? What are towels?” Randolph questioned.
“Yeah, towels, clothe that you dry yourself off with after bathing!” Phyllis said loudly.
“Oh, we don’t have any of those.” Randolph said and handed them the soap.
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T HAVE ANY?!” Phyllis said angrily.
“Phyllis calm down.” Taylor said, trying to quiet her.
“THERE IS NO WAY I’M BATHING WITH OUT HAVING A TOWEL!” She shouted. Randolph just gave a stern look then shoved her in the room.
“DO AS I SAY!” Randolph shouted then shut the door.
“Do I have to do the same to you?” He announced, pointing the gun at Taylor.
“No, I’ll be just fine.” Taylor smiled reluctantly and made his way in the room.

“OH MY GOD!” Phyllis screamed. Taylor turned fast and looked.
“I thought they had individual showers!” Taylor said and walked towards the door.
“THIS IS RIDICULOUS!” Phyllis shouted and threw the soap at the door as hard as she could.
“HEY!” Randolph yelled and opened up the door and peeked in. Phyllis ran over to Taylor and grabbed the soap from his hand and hurled it towards Randolph’s head. Randolph ran in, grabbed her by the back of the hair and dragged her out with her screaming on top of her lungs. Taylor just stood there in fear, not knowing what to do.

“YOU SON OF A…” Phyllis started to scream as Randolph dragged her into an office. He threw her in a seat and stared down at her, keeping his finger on the trigger of the gun.
“GO A HEAD!” She yelled, looking down at the gun and motioning with her hand. Randolph didn’t say anything. He rose his hand high in the air to strike her.
“DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!” Taylor yelled as he rushed into the room. Randolph turned fast, pointing the gun towards him.
“GET OUT OF HERE!” Randolph yelled.
“It was my idea! I told her to do it!” Taylor announced.
“No! He didn’t…” Phyllis said, trying to save him from getting in any trouble.
“Be quiet Phyllis.” Taylor said sternly.
“Oh, is that so!” Randolph said.
“YOU! Over there!” he yelled and pointed for Taylor to move towards the wall. Randolph moved towards the door and locked out. He shouted something that neither of them could understand and another guard made his way in.
“Take her to solitary!” Randolph announced.
“NO!” Phyllis screamed.
“JUST GO!” Taylor yelled at her. The guard grabbed her roughly and dragged her out of the room. Randolph moved towards the door and locked it.
“You better not be covering for her!” He said, gritting his teeth.
“I’m not! It was my idea.” Taylor said, standing more up straight and sucked in a deep breath. Randolph moved towards him slowly. With one swift move, Taylor was on the ground, holding his stomach after Randolph had struck him with the but of his gun.

“NO!” Phyllis screamed as the guard threw her in.
“LET ME OUT!” She screamed, pounding her fists against the door. She hit them so hard, she couldn’t feel her fingers any longer. She slid down the door, crying.

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