Captive Heart

Chapter 15

Taylor put his hands on Phyllis’ shoulders and looked straight in her face.
“You have to stop!” He said in a forceful voice. Phyllis just looked past him. She looked at his hands and shook them loose. She moved to the other side of the room and sat against the wall, rubbing her shoulder. Taylor turned and looked at her.
“Did you hurt yourself?” He asked concerned. Phyllis just ignored him and kept rubbing her shoulder.
“Let me look at it.” He said, moving closer.
“Just leave me alone.” She said and moved closer to the wall. She winced and let a tear fall from her eye. Taylor walked over anyway and sat down next to her.
“Come here.” He commanded. She just looked at him then turned away.
“COME HERE!” He said angrily. She looked back up at him with wide eyes. She moved towards him as he had said.
“Let me see your arm.” He said. She lifted her arm then cried out in pain.
“You really did a number.” He said, looking at it.
“Please, don’t touch it, it hurts.” She said.
“Just let me take care of it.” He said and stared into her eyes.

Owen put Amanda down on one of the tables. The stocky man came over, wiping his glasses with the tail of his shirt. He put them on and looked down.
“She was shot in the leg. You have to help her.” Owen said in a commanding voice. The man nodded and moved towards Amanda. He smiled down at her and brushed his hand against her forehead. He said something to Owen and pointed to Holly.
“Take her hand.” Owen ordered her. Holly nodded. Amanda grabbed her hand violently.
“He has to take the bullet out so try to keep calm.” Owen informed her. Amanda nodded through gritted teeth. The stocky man put on a pair of rubber gloves and a mask. Owen moved towards the door and had his face away from them.
“AGHHHH!” Amanda screamed in pain.
“Hold on Man, he’s almost finished.” Holly said, rubbing Amanda’s hand.
“STOP! IT HURTS! AGHHH!” Amanda screamed. She pounded her other hand into the table.

“Oh god!” Ike said, shaking his head as he sat down on his cot.
“I hope she’s all right.” Zac said, as he sat down next to his brother and put his hand on his shoulder.
“I should have warned her earlier.” Zac said, hanging his head.
“It’s not your fault Zac.”
“I know but…she’s in such pain.” Zac said pitifully.
“Maybe…maybe we should go and see if we can find them.” He added.
“NO! We can’t do that.” Ike said in a stern voice.
“Let’s just get some sleep. We’ll go and try and see her tomorrow.” He added, then layed down on his cot.
“All right.” Zac said, getting up and settling in his own cot.

“I’m so sorry Amanda.” Zac whispered then shut his eyes.

“STOP! PLEASE!” Amanda screamed.
“Man, just hold on a couple more seconds.” Holly pleaded. Amanda squeezed Holly’s hand hard as the man finished up on her leg. He finished and smiled down at her as she opened her eyes. He turned to Owen and said something to him in his own language.
“He says that you should stay off your leg. That means, staying in your room for awhile.” Owen stated then nodded to the man. The man nodded back and left the room.
“Here Man, let me help you up.” Holly said, putting Amanda’s arm around her shoulder.
“No, I’ll take her to her room.” Owen said boldly and took Amanda’s arm off of Holly’s shoulder. He picked Amanda up, handed Holly his hat and left the room. Amanda looked over his shoulder at Holly who seemed extremely irritated.
They walked to the room and Owen put Amanda down gently on her cot.
“Tomorrow, I’ll have the physician come in and look at your leg again.” He said than took the hat from Holly. He stopped, looked at Holly and smiled, tipping his hat at her and left.
“OH!” Holly said angrily.
“Hol, what’s the problem?” Amanda asked, trying to lift her leg to get more comfortable.
“He’s so damn irritating!”
“He’s trying to be human, give him that at least.” Amanda laughed in spite of the pain.
“If he was human, he would let us go.”
“That’s not going to happen and you know it.”
“Well…you know.” Holly said, sitting on her cot.
“We can dream.” She added and laid down on the cot.
“Let’s get some sleep.” Amanda said.
“I think that’s a good idea.”

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