Captive Heart

Chapter 14

“Uh…uh…what’s your name again?” Holly asked.
“Owen. Don’t forget it.” He smiled and moved in closer to her.
“Uh…yeah…uh…where’s that bathroom?” Holly asked and moved away, trying to get him away.
“Over there.” He pointed.
“Thanks.” She said and hurried in.
“Don’t take to long.” He called from his chambers.
“Yeah.” Holly called. She closed the door and locked it.

“Oh god I got to get out of here. He’s such a creep.” Holly said quietly to herself.
“How the hell am I gonna get out of this one?”

“I think it’s down this way.” Amanda said, turning back to look at Ike and Zac.
“Are you sure?” Ike asked apprehensively.
“Yeah, pretty sure.” Amanda said. She walked down the dark corridor quietly with the brothers not far behind.
“Zac, you stay there and keep look out. We can’t get caught. I’m going to try and pick the lock.” Amanda said.
“Sure, no problem.” Zac answered. Amanda and Ike walked to the door.

* Knock Knock *

“Taylor, Phyllis, can you hear me?” Amanda called through the door.

“What was that?” Taylor said, opening his eyes wide.
“Did you hear something?” Taylor asked.

“Phyl? Taylor? Can you hear me?” Amanda called again.

“I think I hear someone!” Phyllis said, scrambling to her feet. She ran to the door and put her ear to it.

“Phyl? Taylor?” Amanda repeated.

“MANDA!” Phyllis yelled.
“I think I hear Amanda!” Phyllis called over to Taylor. Taylor got on his feet and ran over. Phyllis pounded her hand against the door.
“MAN!” Phyllis yelled.

“I think I hear them guys!” Amanda called.
“If you two can hear me, hold on!” Amanda called.

“ALL RIGHT!” Taylor yelled.

Amanda furiously dug through her Adidas wind pants pockets for the hairpin. She stuck it in the lock and attempted to pick it.
“COME ON! GOD DAMN IT!” Amanda said angrily as she struggled with the lock.
“GUYS! GUARD!” Zac yelled and ran for them.

“OH GOD! I just heard Zac yell, “guard”. What are we going to do?” Taylor said frantically.
“I…I don’t know.” Phyllis stammered.
“COME ON MAN! OPEN THE DOOR!” Phyllis pleaded.

“I’M TRYING!” Amanda yelled again.

“WHAT’S GOING ON HERE!” yelled the guard. Taylor could hear through the door that familiar accented voice of Randolph.
“GUYS! GET OUT OF THERE!” Phyllis yelled.

Cracking sounds filled the air. Then screams.

“OH GOD!” Phyllis screamed and sank to the floor.
“OH GOD!” She screamed between sobs. Taylor wrapped his arms around her as she cried on his shoulder.
“Phyllis! It’s all right.” Taylor tried to comfort her but could feel himself start to cry
“GOD!” She screamed so loud that her voice became hoarse. Taylor held her tight in spite of her violent shaking.
“It’s all right.” He said, rocking her in his arms. Phyllis kept crying. She then pulled away from him, her eyes filled with pain and jumped to her feet. She looked at the door and ran as fast as she could, hitting her body against the door with as much force as she could. She kept doing it, frantically screaming as she rammed her body harder and harder against the door.
“STOP!” Taylor yelled, running to her, trying to make her stop.


“What was that?” Holly called as she ran out of the bathroom. Owen was sitting on the bed, with his face towards the door.
“I don’t know.” He said. He got up and Holly was soon to follow. They ran out of the room, down the hallway towards the solitary holding cell. Owen stopped dead in his tracks when he could see Randolph standing there, holding Ike and Zac by gunpoint. Holly shrieked. Her eyes lay upon Amanda, on the ground.
“AMANDA!” Holly screamed. She ran over, holding Amanda’s limp body in her arms. Amanda opened her eyes and looked up at Holly.
“Hol, I couldn’t get them out.” She said in a whisper.
“WHAT DID YOU DO!” She screamed, turning her face towards the guard.
“Hol, I’m all right. He just got me in the leg.” Amanda said, trying to keep Holly quiet. Holly looked down and noticed Amanda had her hand on her left leg and it was covered in blood.
“RANDOLPH!” Owen said angrily.
“She was trying to release the…” Randolph said in his own defense.
“We need to get her taken care of.” Owen said, pushing past Randolph and the boys.
“Take them to their rooms.” Owen added, and looked back over at Randolph. Randolph nodded and led Ike and Zac away. Owen pushed Holly away and picked Amanda up.
“GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!” Holly screamed.
“WOULD YOU JUST GET OUT OF MY WAY!” Owen said angrily and pushed her. Owen carried Amanda and Holly followed.

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