Captive Heart

Chapter 12

Zac shifted on the cot uneasily. He opened one eye then the other and peered through the darkness.
“Zac, you awake?” Ike called.
“I can’t get any sleep. I’m really worried about Taylor.”
“I think he’s fine. I wonder what they did with Phyllis though.” Zac said, resting his head on his hand.
“Well, she seems to be someone that can handle this sort of situation.” Ike laughed.
“Who would ever expect her to stomp on that guard’s foot like that. I would never have the guts to do something like that.” Zac said, getting up. He walked over to Ike’s cot and sat on the side of it, leaning against the wall.

“Hol? HOL?” Amanda called.
“Eh? What do you want Man, I’m trying to sleep.” Holly said angrily.
“I have an idea.”
“Not another one.” Holly said disgusted and rolled over so as to turn away from Amanda’s voice.
“Do you have any hairpins?”
“Yeah, why?” Holly asked, turning her face.
“I think maybe we can pick the lock.”
“Man, there’s a guard right outside our door…”
“We’ll just have to take that chance.” Said Amanda, getting up.
“Man, we can’t even see, how are we supposed to pick the lock?” Holly asked.
“Come on, just give me one of your hair pins.”
“Forget it, I’ll do it.” Holly said and got up.
“Now where’s the door?” Holly added, searching the wall with her hand.
“Never mind, found it.” Holly said. She searched through her hair and found one of her hairpins.
“You have to be quiet, we can’t let them hear us…”
“Manda, I know, do you think I’m an idiot?”
“Oh shut up!”
* Click *
“Got it.” Holly said, slowly opening the door. She peered out and didn’t see anything.
“Coast is clear.” She said, waving her hand to Amanda.

They crept through the corridor, making sure not to make any noise.
“Do you see anyone coming?”
“No, you?” Holly asked.
“No, we’re sa…” Amanda shut her mouth when she saw a guard coming down the corridor.
“Quick, in here!” Amanda whispered, dragging Holly and herself into a storage closet.

“Is he gone?” Holly whispered.
“Yeah, I think so.” Amanda said, opening the door a crack and looked out.
“We’re okay.” They headed out of the storage closet and kept close to the wall.

“Excuse me ladies? What are you doing out of your cell?” A voice echoed. Amanda and Holly caught their breath and stood rigid in their places. Out from the shadows stood Owen with his cowboy hat. He put his hands on his hips and stared at them with a smile spreading over his lips.
“Uh…Uh…” Amanda stammered.
“We had to use the bathroom.” Holly said boldly and stood taller.
“You do realize there is a toilet in your cell.” Owen said, looking at them both.
“THAT’S NASTY! I’m not going in front of her!” Holly said in a disgusted tone.
“You two could be in real big trouble you know.” Owen said, leaning against the wall.
“What’s your point?” Holly said angrily.
“My word and you two could be spending the night in solitary as we speak.” Owen smiled.
“Go ahead!” Holly said, raising her voice.
“Now Hol…”
“Well, if you want…”
“Would you just play along!” Amanda whispered to Holly.
“Huh?” Holly whispered again.
“Just play along!” Amanda said, gritting her teeth.
“If you want, you can use my private bathroom.” Owen smiled.
“Huh? Your private bathroom?” Holly questioned.
“I am in charge.” Owen smiled.
“Hol…” Amanda said, grabbing Holly by the arm.
“Meet me in an hour near the storage closet. I’m getting Isaac and Zac.” Amanda whispered.
“So?” Owen asked.
“Uh…yeah.” Holly said, suddenly changing to a smile.
“Well, I should go to bed…you know…got to get some sleep.” Amanda said, waving.
“Follow me.” Owen smiled at Holly.
“But…But…” Holly stammered. Owen stopped and looked at her suspiciously.
“Never mind.” She smiled and gritted her teeth.

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