Captive Heart

Chapter 11

Amanda and Holly walked to their living space along with all the other women.
“I hope Phyl’s okay.” Holly said, sitting on the cot and taking off her shoes.
“Why did she have to do something so stupid?” Amanda said in disgust.
“You know Phyl.” Holly chuckled.
“We have to get out of here.” Amanda said.
“Man, there are machine guns and guards that are definitely willing to use them outside our doors. There is no way in hell we’re getting out of here.” Holly said and leaned back on her cot.
“Not necessarily…” Amanda smiled and looked up.
“Man? What are you planning?” Holly questioned.
“Do you see what I see Hol?” Amanda smiled.
“No, should I?”
“Well I spy with my little eye a lovely little air vent.”
“Man, there is no way that we can get up there and go through that.”
“Boost me up there.”
“Manda, Your too damn heavy!” Holly complained and sat up in the cot.
“Just get your ass off the floor and help me up there!” Amanda said angrily.
“What you get me into!” Holly said rolling her eyes. Holly helped to boost Amanda up.
“GOD YOUR SOOOO HEAVY!” Holly said in a muffled voice.
“SHUT UP! I almost got it off…the…AGHHH!”

“WHAT WAS THAT?!” A guard yelled, slamming the door open and peering in the tiny cell. Amanda was on the floor and Holly was still standing there.
“I…uh…rolled off my cot.” Amanda said, scrambling for an excuse.
“Oh. Be more careful.” The guard said and closed the door.

“SHUT UP!” Amanda said, pointing to the door.
“Let me try it again.” Amanda said, looking back up at the vent.
“NO! I’m going to sleep.” Holly announced and threw the cover over herself.
“GOOD NIGHT!” Holly said in a muffled voice.
“I bet if you had had your shoes on, I could have reached it.” Amanda said, lifting the cover to look at Holly.
“JUST GO TO BED!” Holly said angrily and grabbed the cover again.
“If you don’t shut up, I’m going to kick you so hard that…”
“Hol, we need to get out of here.”
“Can I just get some sleep. That’s all I ask. Just a little sleep. PLEASE!” Holly whined.
“Fine, I’ll try it again, MYSELF!” Amanda said, disgusted and pushed her cot up to below the air vent.
“You’re never going to make it.”
“Watch me!”
“Do you think your going to bounce up there or something?” Holly laughed as she moved the cover down from her face.
“Get real.” She added.
“Well, you refuse to help me!” Amanda said angrily.
“I did my duty, we failed, that’s it.”
“Don’t you have any sense of adventure?”
“Man, it’s late, why can’t we go exploring tomorrow?” Holly whined again.
“There might not BE a tomorrow!” Amanda said, jumping off the bed.

“GO TO SLEEP!” Yelled the same guard as he opened the door.
“Sorry.” Amanda said, sitting back down on the cot.

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