Captive Heart

Chapter 10

“I don’t think this is such a good idea.” Taylor said, gritting his teeth.
“Come on, just give me a boost would ya.” Phyllis said.
“Are you sure…”
“Yes. Taylor, just give me a boost.” Phyllis said, putting her hand gently on his shoulder to reassure him.
“All right.” Taylor said, shrugging. He locked his fingers together and put them down. Phyllis put her foot in his hands and her hands on his shoulders.
“1…2…3” Phyllis shot up.
“WOAH!” Phyllis said as she swayed uneasily.
“Are you all right up there?” Taylor asked, trying to look up.
“Don’t move, I’m almost there.” Phyllis said, trying to reach her hands up to the window. She grabbed the ledge.
“I need more…” Phyllis began. Taylor pushed her up and let her stand on his shoulders.
“See…anything?” Taylor said, trying to hold her up.
“Not really.”
“Could you get out?”
“The window’s too small and the bars won’t be E-E-N-D!” Phyllis lost her balance and came crashing down on top of him with a thud.

“OW!” Phyllis said as she was lying on top of Taylor with him sprawled out on the floor.
“I think I’m dead.” Taylor said in a muffled voice. Phyllis got up and moved over to give him room.
“I didn’t crush you, did I?” Phyllis said between laughter.
“I’m fine.” Taylor said.
“Could you just help me up?” He said, not attempting to move.
“Sure.” Phyllis laughed.

“Okay, that was unsuccessful.”
“Lets not try that again.” Taylor said, rubbing his sore back.
“Are you sure I didn’t hurt you?” Phyllis asked concerned.
“I’ll be fine, really.” Taylor smiled and slid towards the wall.
“Well, there’s no way to get out through that small little window.” Phyllis said looking up.
“Are you sure that the bars can’t bend?”
“I tried but they’re just too solid.” Phyllis answered.
“Hey, by the way, what time is it?” Phyllis asked.
“Hold on.” Taylor said, pressing the sides of his watch to see the time.
“Around 10 at night.” Taylor said.
“Jeez. How long have we been in here?” Phyllis asked, looking over his shoulder at his watch.
“I’ve been in here for about 5 hours and you came in…maybe…an hour later.”
“That’s too long for me. I feel sort of claustrophobic.” Phyllis said, peering through the darkness.
“It could be worse.” Taylor said, smiling a little as he pushed back his hair with his hand and crossed his arms across his chest.
“And how is that?” Phyllis said sarcastically.
“Well, we could have been beaten or something.”
“Shhh. They might be listening and getting ideas.” Phyllis chuckled. She stopped mid chuckle and started to yawn.
“Tired?” Taylor asked.
“Exhausted. It’s been quite a day.” Phyllis smiled.
“I’m tired myself.” Taylor said. Phyllis leaned her head against the wall.
“You can lean on my shoulder if you want, you know as a cushion.” Taylor said, feeling a little flush.
“Thanks.” Phyllis said, leaning her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes.

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