To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 9 - Please Hear Me - continued

Everyone in the camp was filled with anticipation. The Hansons were grouped together in a circle, as everyone else stood around them. Diana was in the center ready to read the letter that Jason Monroe wrote to the family. She cleared her throat as she lovingly gazed at her husband, who stood in front of her smiling.

"Dear Taylor's family,

Yesterday as I was walking back to my home, I heard someone cry out in the darkness and found your son by the side of a cliff very badly injured. First let me inform you that I am a doctor. He needed immediate help and since I didn't see anyone around I knew I just couldn't leave him there. So I brought him back to my cabin. When I finally examined all of Taylor's wounds, I noticed that he was bleeding internally and he needed immediate surgery or else he would die. It was very serious. I know I am not suppose to operate on a minor without the parents permission, but no one was around and I didn't know where his family was. So I made the decision to operate. The operation was a success. I set both his broken legs. The left leg was broken in several places, but is now set properly. The right leg only the tibia was broken. I am still very concerned about Taylor's hip. It was smashed up pretty bad and I don't want to move the kid for awhile till he is better stabilized. He is running a fever and a infection did develop, but everything now is under control. He is healing fine and doing well. I am sorry that it took awhile for me to inform you of where your son is, but I don't want anyone to find me. If you saw me you would understand. I will bring Taylor to you at the end of the week, when his strength returns. He is very weak and I want him to eat more to get stronger again. He yearns for his family very much. All he talks about is wanting to be with his family. Please don't look for me or him in the mean time, because you will never find us. I am a very private person and want to be left alone. My cabin is well hidden. Don't worry about Taylor. I am taking very good care of him. Please know that I would never treat anyone cruel. I am not a monster or freak that would want to hurt someone. He is safe and secure. If anything changes in his condition I will let you know. I hope this letter brings you some comfort now, knowing that Taylor is being well taken care of. He is a great kid!

Sincerely Yours, Jason Monroe"

Everyone stood in shock. Diana's eyes filled with tears as she finished reading the letter out loud. She ran over to Walker and hugged him tightly, still holding onto the letter.
"Oh thank God, he is alright!" She stated happily.
"But I still want to see him. I want to hold him." Walker said sadly clinging onto to Diana.
"I want to too, but at least we know now that he is safe!"
"This is kidnapping. He could be brought up on charges." Sam Smith stated angrily. Walker turned angrily around and stared at the police chief straight in the eyes.
"Didn't you listen to the letter? If he wouldn't have helped him when he did... Taylor would have DIED! Walker yelled angrily.
"But still..."
"Okay! Mr. Hanson I won't do anything! I promise." Sam said still thinking that Jason Monroe had no right to hold Taylor from his family like this. But he wasn't going to argue the point at this time.

Zac gave Ike a big bear hug, as the rest of the Hanson siblings were jumping up and down with happiness. Ike looked up at the sky and thanked God that Taylor was safe and that he was okay.
"Zac? Zac... are you trying to squeeze me to death?" Ike said laughing at Zac who was ecstatic with joy.
"Hey Ike... I just love you MAN!" Zac bellowed enthusiastically.
" I love you too! " Ike said feeling like the some of the burden of guilt was suddenly lifted off his shoulders. "But I still wish I could see him. I miss him so much."
"Me too! But he said he would bring him to us at the end of the week."

Everyone in the camp was relieved that Taylor was okay and safe. After a day of sadness everyone was now in high spirits. The camp buzzed with the news. The police informed the media of what was going on. Now everyone would wait till Taylor was safely returned to the arms of his loving family.

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