To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 9 - Please Hear Me - continued

Jason felt good inside as he took a round about way to get back to his cabin. Finally the guilt that he was feeling was gone. Snow intently kept pace with him as Jason walked quickly. It was starting to get dark and he wanted to get back to Taylor as soon as possible. He worried that he might have left him alone to long. As he was pondering, Snow suddenly stopped in his tracks and started to growl in a low pitch.
"What is wrong boy?" Jason asked and stopped too, when he suddenly heard voices. Jason slowly went to the edge of the forest where the road going into the town of Southfork led. He noticed there was a massive amount of people camped on the road. People with cameras were all over the place. Jason jumped back quickly not to be noticed. It looked like the press
. "Why would they be here?" He wondered.
He noticed a woman was getting ready to talk to a television camera, that was about twelve or so feet away from him. He wanted to hear what she was going to say, so he got as close as he could without being seen.

"This is Jane Goodman reporting for the channel 3 nightly news. There is still no word on Taylor Hanson, of the Musical group Hanson. His whereabouts are still unknown. There seems to be word that a letter was delivered, by a white wolf, to the base camp that is set up for the search for Taylor. Zac Hanson received the letter my sources tell me and there is excitement in the air as everyone here waits with great anticipation. Hopefully the letter is good news. When we hear something I will inform you of what the letter contains! Meanwhile the whole world prays that Taylor Hanson is alive and well. For anyone who hasn't heard the latest news, Taylor Hanson fell off a cliff in the park area and was severely injured yesterday. His older brother Isaac Hanson was with him at the time of the accident and went to get help, but when his father, Walker Hanson and his sons returned to the spot where Taylor lay wounded he was gone. It is suspected that the renowned doctor, Jason Monroe, who disappeared years ago lives in these mountains and found Taylor and is possibly helping him. Everyone suspects the letter is from him. If any further updates occur, we will break into regular programming. This is Jane Goodman reporting from Southfork, Colorado for the channel 3 nightly news."

Jason stood in shock. He turned and saw Snow waiting for him. He slowly walked back to him in a daze.
"Come on boy we have to get back to the cabin as soon as possible!"
Snow bolted to his side as Jason half ran and half walked in fear.
"The boy is famous? He and his brothers are in a musical group?! How popular are they?" He wondered with a sick feeling building up in his stomach. Anger filled up inside of him. He wondered why the kid didn't tell him this information. Now he really wished he didn't get involved. Now the media would find out the letter was from him, because he signed it.
"Why did I sign it? I should have left that blank." Jason said angrily to himself.
He started to think maybe he should bring the boy secretly to his family late tonight when everyone was sleeping and there wasn't much activity going on. He knew Taylor had a fever, but otherwise he was pretty stable. Finally he reached the cabin and looked fearfully around to make sure no one was in sight. Shaking he unlocked the door. He was angry with the kid. He lifted the door and Snow ran in as Jason followed him down the flight of stairs. The cabin was dimly lit as he looked toward the back room thinking he had to make sure the generator was working at maximum power. He heard Snow start to whimper just below him. He looked down to where Snow was and his heart fell into his stomach. There on the floor lay Taylor while Snow was gently sniffing the boy's hair. Jason bolted down the stairs and knelt down next to the boy. He noticed dried blood clung to Taylor's side and the floor.
"Why did he get out of bed?" Jason questioned sadly as he gently turned Taylor over into his arms. He gently brushed back Taylor's hair from his face and felt his forehead. He was burning with fever. He noticed his breathing was shallow and labored. Fear struck Jason.
"Taylor?! Taylor? Can you hear me? Wake up!" Jason shouted with fear as he gently tapped the side of his cheek. Relief fill him when the boy groaned and slowly opened his eyes with tears spilling down his face.
"Help me... I'm sorry... I'm sorry!" He weakly gasped.
Jason carefully lifted him up and brought him back to the bed. He laid him down noticing he was shivering from the fever and quickly covered him back up.
"Why Taylor? Why did you get out of bed?"
"Ike.... I...I heard Ike calling me. I'm.... I'm sorry. Please don't get mad!" Taylor whimpered pitifully as tears of fear rolled down the sides of his face.
"I'm not mad Taylor. But you should have stayed in bed. You opened the wound on your side. Luckily the bleeding stopped." Jason crooned in a gentle voice wanting to not scare the kid who looked at him with fearful blue eyes.
"I....I just wanted my brother! I heard him calling! Please tell him I'm here Jason! Please!" Taylor weakly moaned through his feverish haze.
"Listen to me Taylor. I wrote a letter to your family explaining everything that happened. I made Snow deliver it. A younger brother of your's took the letter. They now know what happened and that you are safe with me. Do you understand? That is why I was gone for awhile." Jason explained as he leaned close to Taylor, while petting his forehead.
Taylor started to cry blinking up at him sadly. He grabbed onto Jason's hand that was touching his arm. He squeezed it gently.
"Than...thank you!" He said through choking sobs.
Jason's earlier anger totally melted away. He knew it wasn't the boy's fault that all this happened to him. If he was famous so be it. He felt from the moment he met him that he was special. He was different. He was feeling very close to him now.
"I am going to clean you up and the wound. Okay?"
Taylor nodded his head weakly biting his bottom lip. Jason got up and came back with a pan of water and some towels. He uncovered Taylor and gently pulled off the pajama bottoms. He poured a little alcohol into the water and dipped the towel into the pan. He gently patted the area of the wound to get off the dry blood that encrusted to the spot. Taylor jumped slightly.
"Hurts.... it hurts." Taylor groaned as he licked his lips weakly.
"I know kiddo. I am trying to be gentle."
"I... I feel really funny...." Taylor rasped weakly.
"What do you mean funny?" Jason asked and felt worried noticing Taylor was turning very pale.
"Like... like I'm going to faint or somethi...." Taylor murmured as he passed out.
"Taylor? Taylor?!" Jason yelled as he grabbed him by the shoulders. He gently shook him.
"Come on Taylor? Don't do this to me! Taylor! Wake up!" He yelled again shaking him a little harder, but he still wouldn't wake up.
He bolted up and went to get his stethoscope. He put the ends into his ears and listened to Taylor's heart. His heart sounded strong. He placed it to listen to his lungs. Taylor was breathing very deep and evenly. He put down the stethoscope and raised up one of Taylor's eyelids. He noticed that his eyes were fixed.
"Oh NO! He slipped into a coma. Taylor? WAKE UP!" Jason shouted angrily.
He slowly got up and went to his dresser to find a new pair of bottoms to put on Taylor. He pulled out a brown pair and went back to the bed and gently placed them on the kid, making sure not to disturb the wound.
"Why Taylor? Why did you have to get out of bed?" Jason mumbled to himself and sat down next to him on his big chair and stared at the deeply sleeping boy. Snow slowly walked up to where Jason sat and laid down next to him by the chair. Jason sadly bent his head down and started to cry.

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