To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 8 - I Want To Go Home - continued

Jason stood behind some trees, watching the camp site about one hundred feet away. Snow sat looking up at Jason intently. He noticed a group of children that were in deep conversation around a table and the rest of the camp looked very busy with people going about their business. Suddenly he noticed a group of men come out of a tent to the right side of the camp and start to walk toward the east in the direction of the woods. He recognized the older boy in the group as Taylor's brother. The kid that was appalled and terrified of him when he and Taylor bumped into him about a week or so back. He felt some guilt knowing they were probably going out to search for Taylor again. As he was watching the group disappear in the distance, he suddenly noticed a boy and girl were walking in his direction. He quickly ducked behind a huge tree with Snow following him. His plan to get the message to Taylor's family was now going to be in easy reach. The boy looked like he could be another brother of Taylor's. He just had to get Snow to deliver the message without scaring the two children.

Zac held Amy's hand as they slowly strode towards the woods to get more privacy. Zac turned around several times, glancing back at his brother and sisters.
"So.... you like me huh?" Zac asked with a big smile on his face.
"Well ... yeah. I was glad to find out you felt the same." Amy smiled shyly casting her eyes toward the ground.
"I'm sorry my sister put you on the spot like that. Sometimes she just doesn't think."
"Well in a way I'm glad she did!" Amy laughed. Zac squeezed her hand gently.
"I guess this is far enough. They won't be able to hear us and I can still keep an eye on them from this distance. Part of me still wishes I could go out and look for Tay. I miss him so much. But I am glad that you are here. You know you made me feel a lot better this morning." Zac stated as he led Amy over by a tree. They both sat down and leaned against the tree. Zac put his arm around her shoulders as tingles went through her body. Amy couldn't believe she was sitting with Zac Hanson and he liked her. She felt like she was dreaming. She just wished the circumstances of how they met could have been different.
"Thanks Zac. I was trying to help. I hated seeing you so sad." Amy said looking into Zac's warm brown eyes.
"Well... Amy tell me a little bit about yourself."
"Like, what do you want to know?" Amy asked happily.
"Well... do you have any brothers or sisters?"
"Nope. I am an only child. My parents were killed in an auto accident when I was a baby and my grandma and grandpa are raising me. I love my grandpa very much. He is the best! My mother was his daughter. Sometimes he spoils me, because I think I remind him of my Mom so much."
"Sorry to hear that...about your parents, I mean. You're lucky to have such loving grand parents. But if your grandfather's last name is Johnson and that is your last name... I mean how could that..." Zac began.
"Oh strangely both my parents had Johnson as their last name. A lot of people get confused by that." Amy laughed and then thought she saw some movement behind a tree close by and it made her jump. Zac noticed it too.
"What ...what is that?" Zac asked in a fearful voice.
"I ...I don't know." Amy answered swallowing hard.
They both kept watching the object moving around. Slowly they both got up.
"Maybe we should head back toward the camp." Amy stated fearfully.
"Yeah.... wait it is coming around that tree!" Zac exclaimed pointing at the white wolf that was very slowly walking toward them.
"Oh NO! A WOLF!" Amy screamed and she bolted toward the direction of the camp. As she was running she thought Zac was right behind her, but when she turned to look, she saw Zac standing there as the wolf was approaching him. She couldn't understand why Zac didn't run. Feeling scared she ran back to the camp to get some help, fearfully thinking Zac was going to be attacked by the wolf.

Zac froze, entranced by the wolf. He noticed the wolf didn't appear to be threatening, but kept stopping and putting his head down in a submitting kind of way. Snow made a whimpering sound as he slowly approached Zac. Zac still a little fearful took a couple of steps back, noticing the wolf was now in a total submissive position. He laid down on his stomach looking directly into Zac's eyes.
"Wh...what do you want?" Zac asked the wolf, feeling totally dumb founded by the wolf sitting in front of him. Zac took two shaking steps towards the wolf.
"What am I doing? This is a wild animal!" Zac thought, but felt that the white wolf acted this way for a reason. Snow layed his head down on his front paws still gazing at Zac intently.
Zac slowly approached the wolf and noticed something around it's neck. Snow popped his head up as the boy finally stood in front of him. Zac jumped a little, but held his ground. He slowly reached out his hand and the wolf gently sniffed it and started to lick his finger tips. The fear Zac felt drained from his body and he bent down next to the wolf and smiled thinking how beautiful the white wolf was. He carefully petted him on the head.
"What do you want?" He asked almost whispering the words. Snow bowed his head showing him the string tied around his neck.
"You want me to take that off?" Zac asked feeling confused. He very slowly and gently untied the string and noticed an envelope fell to the ground in front of the wolf. He picked it up and turned it around in his hands and found there was writing on the back. The wolf suddenly jumped up as if responding to some sound and ran into the woods.
"WAIT... wait.. don't..." Zac yelled, but the wolf kept on running till he was out of view.
"Man...what was that all about?" Zac mumbled as he glanced down at the envelope. His heart skipped a beat when he read what was written on it. "Taylor's family. Please read immediately!" Zac bolted and ran as fast as he could toward the camp with his heart pounding in excitement. When he got to the clearing he noticed half the camp was heading in his direction, including his mother with a fearful look on her face. She ran to him and grabbed him and hugged him tightly to her chest.
"Mom... Mom I'm okay!" Zac shouted feeling breathless. She released her hold and gently put her hands on the sides of his face.
"Amy said she thought a wolf was going to attack you! I thought... I thought you were in danger!"
"At first I didn't know for sure either, but the wolf came to deliver a message. Look Mom! Who ever has Tay, wrote us something!" Zac said excitedly holding out the letter.
She quickly ripped it from his hand. Her hands shook as she opened the envelope with everyone standing around them wanting to know what the letter contained. Anticipation filled the air. Tears started to roll down Diana's face as she silently read the letter first.
"MOM!? What's wrong?! Is Tay alright?" Zac asked as he felt his heart drop into his stomach. Diana dropped to her knees grabbing onto Zac's legs. Zac started to shiver thinking it must be bad news.
"No Zac! Don't be scared! Tay is okay! The letter said Tay is doing just fine!" Diana exclaimed through her tears. Zac collapsed into her arms hugging her with joy.
"What does it say? The letter Mom? What did it say?"
"First I want to get a hold of your father and brother and get them back here. Then we will read the letter out loud." Diana said getting up and holding onto to Zac. They quickly walked back to the camp, with the crowd following them close behind.

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